‘New Girl’ Plunge: Jess And Nick’s Kiss Puts All Other TV First Kisses To Shame


It’s official: New Girl has given audiences the best TV first kiss ever. Nick and Jess finally went there on Tuesday night’s episode “Cooler” and it was more than anyone could have ever imagined. It all started with a “not like this” comment from Nick, and ended when he moved in during the last minute of the show.

The perfect was so worth the wait for these two, that money would be overflowing if there were ever a winning jar. During a Strip True American game the two were secluded and dared to kiss after losing. But before the kiss, there were three moments that made us think the writers had already given us enough.

1. Jess pressures Nick to kiss her
At any point, it could have happened. She just wanted to get it over with so they can go back to the game (yeah, okay) but his faces just didn’t make the cut.

2. “No, not like this.”
At a second try at the moment Nick finally blurted out, “no, not like this.” Clearly, he had thought about it before. He freaks out and heads out into the balcony where Schmidt then faints thinking he was actually going to jump.

3. “I’m an idiot.”
After failing to lean in, Sam comes in later with Jess and jokingly tells Nick he missed out by kissing her. He knows it.

So after all of this, were we to expect the moment we’ve been waiting for? Not really, which made it all the better. Later that night while everyone is in bed Jess calls for Nick (yes, not Sam!) to answer the door. As they head back to their rooms Nick lays it on her and explains what he was trying to say before. “I meant something like that.” And this kiss wasn’t a simple, ‘OMG, can you believe we did that last night?!’ More of a kiss where it will change everything. It will keep Jess up late at night questioning everything, and leaving us wondering what will happen next for these two.

Oh, Nick Miller, Nick Miller, thanks for shaming all the best TV first kisses that have come before. Because we’re not ashamed of repeating it over and over again.


Interview: “Friday” Star Rebecca Black Debuts “Sing It,” Dishes On Zooey Deschanel Run-In And More!


Rebecca Black is back! Remember that song “Friday” that you just couldn’t get out of your head last summer and it later got featured on an episode of Glee? Of course you do. The song came out in March 2011, instantly catapulting Black into the public and later making her a household name. Recently I chatted with the singer (who turns 15 in June!) about her music ambitions and her latest tune “Sing It” as she leaves those “Friday” days behind.

Just last week Rebecca premiered the new single and she hopes that it will become her next success. Though she’s in the industry for the long run and has appeared in Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night,” she reveals that she’ll be attending college when the time comes. What else? She also details about her favorite female band of all time, which stars have left her star struck and yes, even what day just so happens to be her favorite second to Friday!


New song “Sing It” just released. Tell me about it!

REBECCA BLACK: Basically it’s just a very carefree song. It’s all about just being and letting the music encompass you. It has a very summery vibe so I hope people would want to play it in their cars…Something to jam to at the beach or something like that.

Who would you love to collaborate with?

Oh my, gosh! I haven’t thought of who I would want to collaborate with. Right now I’m just doing solo stuff but I would love to.

Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years?

As of right now hopefully still being in the industry because this is my main passion. This is what I have to do. It’s just a part of me but I’ll probably be in college. College would be good. [Laughs] That is still the main plan.

Majoring in music?

I would think so. I mean I still have a lot of time to think about it.

Do you have a favorite artist out there right now?

I’ve really been liking Maroon 5. I love Maroon 5 and I love their new song “Payphone.” So good!

What about a favorite artist or song of all time?

Oh my, gosh. I’ve always been a huge Destiny’s Child fan. Love Destiny’s Child and I’ve always had! Even when I was like a baby and I still listen to their songs.  I listened to them last night and they’re still just as good and they’ll always be just as good!

Would you ever want to become a triple threat?

Yeah! I love acting and I actually started off first being into dance when I was a teeny little kid. I still love dancing and so I would love to use more of that in the industry as well.

You’ve worked with Katy Perry and have gone to a lot of award shows this past year. Have you ever been star struck?

I’m always star struck! I think I’ve always just been able to keep my cool I guess. I feel like I would be beyond embarrassed if I lost my cool in front of someone. Luckily it hasn’t happened yet. [Laughs] But yeah, I’m always like “Oh my God.”

See anyone in particular at the Video Music Awards?

Yes, I was doing interviews on the carpet and I look to my left and Flo Rida was there. And then it’s always the ones that I’m not planning on where I’m like, “Whoa.” I’ll be walking in and out of a room and I’ll be like, “Oh hi.”

It must be such a whirlwind since “Friday” came out last year and still going to school. How have you been able to manage?

Yes, I’m homeschooled. It’s been really hard just because I’ve made the big switch between public school and now being homeschooled. It’s had its own challenges. It’s different from the sitting in a class all day. Online, that’s what my school is now. It’s just one click away! [Laughs] It’s been fun. I like it just because I get more time to be able to go out to L.A. and be in the studio or go and do some press. I really like that about it.

It’s great you’re able to manage it all! What are three other passions besides singing you have?

I really enjoy photography. Love photography. It’s something I’d really like to explore as I grow up and I also really love psychology, which I kind of really got into this year and I really think it’s super interesting. I’m also a super huge fan of New Girl! It’s like my favorite show ever!

One of my favorites! It’s so funny.

It is so good! I love Zooey Deschanel and that is someone I definitely got star struck by when I met.

Where did you meet?

I met her on a plane. It was like a super early flight I think to New York and then all of a sudden I was just sitting there and my manager just goes, “Rebecca. Rebecca! Oh my God!”

What would be your second career choice?

I would probably say photography. Its something I love and I definitely think I’ll end up doing something photography wise.

“Sing It” is here for summer but any other projects up ahead?

I know I’ll be getting back into the studio working on an album. It’s all kinds of different things. We really have a huge variety of songs. We’ve got some ballad slow songs and we also have very fun ones to dance to.

Lastly, on to a Twitter fan question! What’s your favorite day besides Friday?

I love Saturday’s just because it’s the day after you get out of school and you still have one more day! [Laughs] It can be a lazy day. Just being completely lazy and doing nothing and just relax.