The 50 Best Episodes Of 2013 (My Picks)

At Ology, myself and other editors got together and ranked the top 50 episodes of 2013. An annual list, we watched many shows over and over again to make the best list possible, while also showcasing shows that may not get enough credit. (I know, hard work.) Check out my pieces below:

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No. 06 – “Cooler,” NEW GIRL (Episode 215, Premiered 01/29/2013, FOX)

Where The Office‘s Jim and Pam were the previous reigning champions of the twee sitcom love story, there’s no doubt that New Girl‘s Nick Miller, so excellently portrayed by the crush-worthy Jake Johnson as he’s been given phenomenal depth to play with in Season 2, making him our new Jim Halpert (yet original, of course). After chickening out during a dare to makeout with Jess (adorkable Zooey Deschanel), Nick gives himself away when he states he doesn’t want to be pressured, “not like this!” But after Schmidt fainting and a nighttime visitor at the door, the writers take us all by surprise when Nick whips Jess around and kisses her in probably the hottest, most surprising TV smooch of the year. “I meant something like that,” he explains, setting off swoon alerts worldwide. Though putting the two lead characters together was both risky and unexpected, it was everything people were talking about the next day, and repeating that final scene at an obsessive rate made you feel guilty enough to put a dollar in the douche jar. – Stephanie Webber

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No. 13 – “There’s Something I Need To Tell You,” PARENTHOOD (Episode 405, Premiered 10/09/2012, NBC)

Beautifully executed, tear-worthy, and the episode that hopefully starts to pave the way for Monica Potter winning an Emmy, Parenthood‘s “There’s Something I Need To Tell You” was as awe-inspiring as it was heartbreaking. Hank and Sarah may have kissed for the first time, Julia’s breakdown may foreshadow the future, and Victor’s homerun may be one of the best scenes all season, but Kristina and Adam telling the rest of the family about her breast cancer showed this talented ensemble at its best. It could have been an overheard discussion, it could have been in a living room, but the scene is moving simply by a cut to silence and everyone’s immediate reaction. It’s realistic, it’s raw, and it’s fantastic television. – Stephanie Webber

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No. 30 – “Take Me With You,” THE MINDY PROJECT (Episode 124, Premiered 05/14/2013, FOX)

Thank you, wunderkind Mindy Kaling, for both a brilliant rom-com series and for bringing Chris Messina’s to us on a weekly basis. In Mindy‘s season finale, she heads off to Haiti while leaving us with a set of the best one-liners and a Danny Castellano moment that yes, we are still repeating. What we learned: Anders Holm is a fantastic guest star, loving indecisive boob sizes is a thing, a penis can be big enough to knock off glasses, and eating corn after a “flossfire” in someone’s eye is actually quite hilarious. But after a season of hints thrown at Mindy with some Danny looks and subtle flirtation, the last scene with Danny and Mindy would make even New Girl‘s Jess and Nick envious. Cue up M83’s “Midnight City.” – Stephanie Webber

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No. 24 – “Happy Birthday, Mr. President,” SCANDAL (Episode 208, Premiered 12/06/2012, ABC)

A shooting episode in any series is delicate to tackle, let alone one that centers on the President of the United States. But as always, Shonda Rimes handles an attack on POTUS with ease, starting the episode in medias res and taking us through the hour with flashbacks since the Inaugural Ball to flesh out the storyline. The president is presently bleeding out and Olivia is back while we look back on the Cytron explosion and Cyrus and James’ relationship as we cling to that “I exist for you” line. And there’s no way we could forget Olivia and Fitz leaving the Oval office a bit more, uh, disheveled, after occupying it for just a brief moment. – Stephanie Webber

No. 40 – “Because You’re My Sister,” PARENTHOOD (Episode 415, Premiered 01/22/2013, NBC)

The tears are still fresh from the season finale that could have easily been its series end (though it was renewed for 22 episodes, so thank the Bravermans for that). The writers tied up each Braverman’s storylines just in case fans had seen their last dance party so that we couldn’t ask for anything more—unless, of course, Sarah just chose Mark like many were hoping for. Crosby and Jasmine have some baby news, Sarah moves on with Hank, Julia and Joel finally get their Victor adoption wish, and Kristina and Adam replace cancer with a very happy walk down the Hawaiian beach. Forever young, indeed. Next stop: restocking our tissues for next season. – Stephanie Webber

No. 36 – “White Hat’s Back On,” SCANDAL (Episode 222, Premiered 05/16/2013, ABC)

As if Shonda Rhimes’ third ABC creation Scandal couldn’t get any more explosive after the mole reveal during the previous week! David Rosen turns out to actually just be playing Billy Chambers, Cyrus has a heart attack, Baby Huck Quinn has a gruesome killing, and Olivia and Fitz call it quits once again. Why? The wine lover reveals who really comes before the president, which only leads Fitz back into Mellie’s arms. “I can’t leave them. They need me, I’m their Gladiator.” But that’s nothing compared to Olivia revealing who her dad is in the very last minute, creating the acclaimed second season’s most scandal-ous scene of all. –Stephanie Webber

No. 35 – “One Man’s Trash,” GIRLS (Episode 205, Premiered 02/10/2013, HBO)

Even diehard fans of HBO’s witty Girls were split on its second season’s most talked-about episode, and that’s exactly why it’s on this list. Season 2 was an unpredictable gamble with viewers on what they’d see next, the fifth episode producing a single story line focused just on Lena Dunham’s Hannah Horvath. The self-contained story shows Hannah admitting she’s been leaving her work’s trash in the cans of the handsome Dr. Joshua (guest star Patrick Wilson). But the confrontation soon starts a sex-filled weekend, abruptly ending when she goes on a tailspin about wanting “all the things.” She’s young and makes mistakes, he’s older and content with everything he has in life already. So with that, she literally takes the garbage out of his bin. He’s not ready to put anything else on his plate. – Stephanie Webber


10 Television Show Changes That Need To Happen In 2013


The holiday hiatus from some of your favorite television shows is finally over, and that means a lot more new episodes from here on out! With the new year comes some new beginnings, and that’s exactly what we’re hoping for. Can you blame us? After all, we are the ones who rearrange our nightly schedules just to see if so and so hookups this week, or if a certain pair of lawyers will look as dapper as always.

Though all the shows listed below are definite favorites, there’s changes that need to happen in 2013 for some. From The Office to Revenge and Suits, a change doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong. Sometimes, it’s just a storyline that we’ve been dying to see. And at other times, it’s a forbidden affair that we can’t help but root for week after week.

1. The Office 

What Needs To Happen: Michael Scott needs to stop by for one last time.
Status: The Office is finishing up its ninth season, and it looks like fans will finally have to give up on Steve Carell possibly stopping in to Dunder Mifflin before the series wraps. NBC Chairman Bob Greenblatt gave an update on the rumors recently. “I don’t think he will,” Greenblatt said at the TCA winter press tour Sunday. “There’s maybe a little Hail Mary pass on a cameo, but I think the decision is that it will go out without him sort of compromising his exit.” The creators remain “hopeful” though. Let’s hope this is just a ploy to throw off audiences, and we all get a big Michael Scott surprise during the May finale.

2. Scandal

What Needs To Happen: Fitz and Olivia need to heat up the Oval office more.
Status: [Spoil!] President Fitz is still held up in the hospital, and Olivia has put herself in charge at the White House once again. The flashback episode of their steamy moments held us fans over, but Fitz needs to get better as soon as possible in order to get scandalous with Olivia Pope once again. Those scenes are. so. hot. The shooting just better not pull the president away from the affair even more though.

3. New Girl

What Needs To Happen: Jess and Nick need to get closer.
Status: New Girl snags great actors to guest, but that doesn’t mean we like them playing the love interests of Jess and Nick. Granted, the FOX series is doing something right by not giving viewers a Jess and Nick relationship right away, but the past few episodes haven’t given us anything to hold on to. No lingering glances? No yelling at each other’s bums? No fluffer pep talks? We need more!


4. Parenthood 

What Needs To Happen: Parenthood needs to get some award recognition.
Status: How good has season 4 been so far? And finally, the critics have finally noticed! Maybe people didn’t latch on right away because they assumed it was just another family drama, but finally viewers are starting to realize how loveable, realistic, and heartwarming this series is. Peter Krause and Monica Potter knock out Emmy performances each week, and the storylines have taken audiences to an emotional level that deserves an additional tissue box every Tuesday night.

5. Suits

What Needs To Happen: Harvey and Mike’s chemistry needs to continue.
Status: If you’ve been watching USA Network’s Suits, you’ve fallen for both Harvey Specter and Mike Ross at different times for different reasons. But what’s just as good as the cases, comedic timing, and the ladies we hope they end up with (Rachel and Donna), is that we just can’t get over how good these men look. Like, all the time. Harvey with his big tie, and Mike with his skinny, you can’t help but fangirl over these two.


6. Nashville

What Needs To Happen: Drop the wedding, and get to the tour.
Status: Rayna James and Juliette Barnes bring the jealousy, love triangles, and scandals. Not to mention, the music that can make just about anyone can fall in love with country. But, do the upcoming promos deter from all of this? The Juliette wedding needs to end within one episode, and the show needs to focus on the tour now. The whole shibang. Get on the bus, play some shows, and transition the series to an on the road experience for fans. The hookups and competivieness between these two divas will surely follow.

7. Teen Wolf

What Needs To Happen: Stiles and Derek need to keep up with the bromance, and Jackson’s exit can’t be awkward. 
Status: What’s better than human Stiles throwing out the jokes every episode? Human Stiles quickly becoming Derek’s sidekick. Dylan O’Brien is flawless, but let’s hope the first episode of season 3 comes off the same way. During hiatus, fans of the MTV series found out that Colton Haynes would not be coming back. How will the show make a clean break? Will there even be any mention of Jackson? Whatever happens, let’s hope it isn’t awkward. And more importantly, let’s hope that his departure doesn’t affect how the rest of the season is supposed to play out.

8. Revenge

What Needs To Happen: Jack needs to find out that Emily is really Amanda.
Status: Up to this point, Jack and Emily have been battling completely separate storylines. Who cares if Amanda is still getting ready to wed our favorite Porter? The fact is, Emily is off with Aiden and Nolan trying to take down the Grayson’s, while Jack has been battling the two brothers (Mr. Cooper from One Tree Hill andTeen Wolf’s Mr. Argent) down by his bar. Daniel needs to get back into the picture as a love interest for Emily, and Jack needed a new storyline, but we’re still hoping that Jack and Emily will come together again soon! Not next season, and not in the final season. By the end of this season. The moment Jack finds out who Emily really is will be like the Daniel beach shooting reveal–shocking and explosive.

9. The Vampire Diaries

What Needs To Happen: Absolutely nothing. The twists are just that good.
Status: Okay, so maybe Elena could put us out of our misery, but TVD is a show that’s worth being in misery for. The choosing between Stefan and Damon will always be there, and the twists that follow have been insanely fantastic. Wait. So Elena finally chooses Damon, but now we find out that she’s been sired to him? Wait. Klause just up and drowned Tyler’s mom? Wait. Jeremy now has to be locked away so he doesn’t kill his big sis? The series is so addicting that even though it’s currently airing new episodes, you still want to go back and re-watch the other seasons over and over again.

10. Dawson’s Creek 

What Needs To Happen: A reunion, of course.
Status: Though it’s been off the air since 2003, every television year needs a memorable reunion. Right? That’s where the kids from Capeside come in. You know what’s been more annoying than hearing Joey Potter sing “On My Own” on repeat to ease the absence? Hearing for the past year that a Dawson’s Creekreunion is a possibility, yet nothing comes of it. Seriously, is Michelle Williams (the one character that died!) the only one that is up for reconnecting? James Van Der Beek is on Apt. 23, but Joshua Jackson’s stay onFringe and Katie Holmes’ broadway work is over. Let’s get a move on, because this may be the only somewhat free time these four actors will have ever again.

5 Surprising TV Show Cancellations


There have been several cancellations so far for some new television shows, with some axes more surprising than others. While we can’t help but be excited for shows getting a full-season pickup likeNashville and Arrow, we can’t help but also feel bad for other series like 666 Park Avenue and Political Animals. Some shows just didn’t seem to get the time they needed to develop a larger fan base, and that’s just frustrating.

Check out the 5 shows that we were surprised to see get cancelled:

 1. 666 Park Avenue

This is probably the biggest disappointment of them all. The ABC series 666 Park Avenue had a completely unique storyline, and had great leads in Rachael Taylor and Brothers and Sisters alum Dave Annable. It had a great time slot on Sunday, and was placed on the correct network. So, what happened? It just wasn’t given a chance. The cut was just as surprising as the twists the Drake offered to viewers.


2. Last Resort

Some related it to J.J. Abrams’ Lost at first, but unfortunately Abrams’ old Felicity pal Scott Speedman didn’t make the cut this time. Just like 666, the ABC series that was cancelled on the same day wasn’t given enough time. The concept was great, the fans seemed to love it, and hello—Scott Speedman starred in it. There may have been too many dramas out at the same time, but this was one that should have been saved.


3. Political Animals

This comes as one of the biggest shockers because to put it simply, it’s a USA Network show. Political Animals starring Sigourney Weaver was probably one of the best shows the network has done in years. Of course there’s Suits and White Collar, but freshman series had a completely unique was of filming, and had a juicy storyline that could have lasted for several seasons. Were people seriously that sick of hearing about the real election that they couldn’t fathom dealing with a political drama at the same time? The cancellation makes absolutely no sense.


4. Partners

Okay, so the cancellation of this CBS comedy came as a semi-surprise. Were we kind of okay with the decision compared to others? Yes. Did the original idea of the show have potential? Yes. The show was put on the right network and right time slot, but unfortunately the material just didn’t seem to grab audiences. It’s a shame too, because the casting was decent. Let’s just hope that Sophia Bush makes her way to our television screens again in the near future.


5. Jersey Shore

So, we all knew that Snooki’s baby would hit a snag with the MTV series, but fans were never really certain that the current season would be the very last year. The last time a little meatball would get arrested, and the last time the guys would get filmed while heading out for their GTL afternoon. It seemed like MTV could have kept it going for a bit longer, or maybe even scouted out for more tan people. But in the end, the network made the right decision. The cancellation with the originals seemed the most fitting.

5 New Shows We’re Grateful Are Sticking Around (For Now)


With every new TV season comes a slew of hits and misses, but lucky for us (ahem, me!), some of the best new shows are sticking around thanks to recent full-season pickups. For the most part, it isn’t shocking that some of these shows have done well for themselves. However, as we’ve witnessed this past weekend, anything can happen. Take for example the recent cancellations of ABC’s 666 Park Avenue, Last Resort, and even the CBS comedy Partners.

Check out our 5 favorite newcomers that will be sticking around:

1. Nashville

With sass, jealousy, love triangles, betrayal and country boots, clearly this ABC series was going to stay put. Out of all the new shows, this was the most promising from the start. Having Connie Britton in the cast must have had something to do with that.

2. The Mindy Project

With Mindy Kaling’s writing history on The Office, it wasn’t all that surprising that her first comedy would make it through the television cracks. With a perfect slot and perfect network, it may even last for a few seasons. That is, of course, if she continues to have fantastic cold openers like the one last week when the guy she’s dating put on her bigger jeans by accident.

3. Ben and Kate

Airing just before The Mindy Project on FOX, Ben and Kate was one of the many hopefuls that peaked the interest of many viewers in the beginning of the new television season. The comedy may not be filled with a ton of laugh-out-loud moments, but Nat Fox and Dakota Johnson make the perfect sibling pair.

4. The New Normal

Coming off Glee’s success, Ryan Murphy really brought over a lot of the same comedy that he’s shown on the FOX series over the years. This new NBC comedy starring Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannells is blunt, over the top, heartfelt, and complete reality. It’s wonderful to have such a show on air showing families all the new normals that are present in society today.

5. Arrow 

The CW clearly knew what it was doing with this new series starring Stephen Amell. Besides the recent episodes being ridiculously good, have you checked out Amell’s abs?

Though these have become our top picks, some other great shows that have received a pick-up includeRevolution, Chicago Fire, and Go On.

‘The Vampire Diaries’: What Does Elena And Stefan’s Breakup Mean For Damon?


It finally happened Delena fans. Elena and Stefan brokeup on Thursday night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries. Fans were warned to stay off Twitter because of huge spoilers, and now we all know that it wasn’t because of something small like Jeremy killing Tyler’s friend or Katherine returning for a bit. But does this mean that real-life couple Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder will finally get together? That would definitely seem to be the case, but for how long? Whether Elena is human or a vampire definitely seems to be key here.

As a Delena fan myself, I was surprised how bad I felt when Stelena decided to call it quits. Perhaps it’s because I’m a fan of Paul Wesley, but the moment Julie Plec created for fans in the last scene was absolutely brilliant. You didn’t necessarily expect it, but ultimately it made sense. Elena’s vampire turn has magnified her feelings for Damon, and it has been hinted for several episodes that Elena’s turn has rubbed Stefan the wrong way.

But, what does this mean for Damon? As pointed out in next week’s episode, this will probably be the happiest day of his life once he finds out they’ve split. But, will that really last? And by last, I mean both his possible future relationship with Elena as well as feeling good about the situation. After all, Damon’s bad boy image has always been combined with holding back and letting Stefan be happy with her.

Rumors over the past few weeks have finally come true, and it looks like Elena and Damon will have a chance to be together. But the way Damon revealed to Elena in “We All Go Mad A Little Sometimes” about the possible cure for vampirism is once again, perfect. Does that mean her decision choosing between Stefan and Damon will just come down to if she’s a vampire or human again by the series finale?

Here’s what it looks like if that’s the case:

Human Elena                                                    Vampire Elena
– Elena loves Stefan                                             – Elena loves Damon
– Stefan loves Elena                                             – Stefan has doubts
– Damon loves Elena                                            – Damon loves Elena

Doesn’t really seem fair to Damon. Right?

We know Stefan will always love Elena and part of the reason they had to breakup was because of her feelings for Damon becoming more magnified, but considering last night, this is how it would probably be broken down. And as suggested before, this might not look good for Damon after all.

Matthew Perry Searched For A Drama Before ‘Go On,’ Hopes To Continue His Stay On ‘The Good Wife’


Isn’t Matthew Perry just the worst? On The Good Wife, that is. The Friends alum may have a good thing going on at Go On over on NBC, but occasionally Perry has taken some time out to head on over to Lockhart & Gardner to play the ruthless and rather unbearable Mike Kresteva. Mike often goes head-to-head with Julianna Margulies’ character Alicia Florrick, and has yet to step down from making her life miserable. The legal drama is a different turn for the comedic actor, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t searched for more dramatic scripts over the past few years.

“I was looking to do a drama and had met all the networks and studios about – in the development season – about finding a drama and was sent this,” Perry recently said in a press conference discussing his new sitcom. “And it’s obviously a comedy and I could tell by, like, the amount of pages that it was a comedy and I called my manager and said why did you send me this and he said just read it. And I realized that it had, you know, all of the elements that I was looking for. It had, you know, it was definitely funny, it had a lot of funny characters in it. And also it posed a big dramatic challenge too.”

Perry admits he also thinks one is a bit more challenging. “I think doing a comedy is potentially more challenging because you’re sort of forced to do a joke a page and you’re forced to be funny at a certain rate. And I’m sure that will surprise most people because most people would think that I would say drama is harder because I’ve had so much experience in comedy. But, they’re both – they both pose their challenges. But I actually think doing a comedy is harder than doing a drama.”

Though so many have just been used to seeing Perry throw out the humor as Chandler Bing for 10 years, his dramatic role on The Good Wife definitely has left a mark too. In fact, Perry even hopes he can continue his arc on the CBS series. “I really love doing The Good Wife, I hope that I get to come back and do more. It’s really fun to play a guy who is just so evil. And, you know, I’ve been looking to do—I like to do both.” The roles have even crossed paths. “I got both jobs on the exact same day. I got Go On and The Good Wife both on the same day and it was a great day. So, I’m really happy with how Go On is going and I hope to get to do some more Good Wife in the future too.”

The 50 Best Episodes Of 2012 (My Picks)

At Ology, myself and other editors got together and ranked the top 50 episodes of 2012. An annual list, we watched many shows over and over again to make the best list possible, while also showcasing shows that may not get enough credit. (I know, hard work.) Check out my pieces below:

13. “Reckoning”, Revenge (ABC / Season 1, Episode 22 / May 23, 2012)

What the hell just happened and how could this only be the first season finale? “Reckoning” ran some very unexpected shockwaves up and down the Hamptons coast, giving viewers SIX huge game changers to mull over before season two arrives. To call this finale epic, jaw-dropping, shocking and earth-shattering is a complete understatement. Spoiler Alert: Emily and Daniel are over, Ashley may be moving in on him, Charlotte overdoses, Conrad and the white-haired man help take down a plane that Victoria and Lydia were in, Amanda returns pregnant with Jack’s baby, and Nolan reveals to Emily that her mother is still alive! Never has such an evil and twisted place been so entertaining. So much has surfaced already, and yet there’s still a lot more moments away from hitting the surface, uprooting the lives of so many. As Emily says before the credits, “Let it play.” Stephanie Webber

24. “Clear Skies From Here On Out”, Parenthood (NBC / Season 3, Episode 4 / October 4, 2011)

Oh, to be a Braverman. This show proves to have heart, give humor and leave viewers with effortless moments that feel so real week after week, and there were absolutely no clear skies by the end of this chillingly beautiful episode. Alex breaks up with Haddie and in a bittersweet scene (that had us in tears), tells Kristina how much he’ll miss the family. It’s hard to grasp what was actually more emotional: witnessing the saddest, yet best-acted scene between a mother and the man her daughter still loves, or knowing that there was a chance Michael B. Jordan wouldn’t be stepping into the Braverman household ever again. Stephanie Webber

27. “Chaos”, Revenge (ABC / Season 1, Episode 15 / February 15, 2012)

“Chaos”, the episode where the haunting series opener is finally played out, was so highly anticipated you’d think it was a series finale. WHO was murdered on the beach? The camera shots are misleading for your viewing pleasure, beautifully executed work that deserved a second glance just to appreciate how the moments fell so effortlessly together, while throwing every storyline on its heels. A shocking kidnapping, Jack running to Amanda’s side, the stunning Hamptons and the heart-stopping overture made it feel more like a film, still leaving viewers with unanswered questions, and realizing for the first time that Emily could be in way over her head. She also might not be the only one playing the game. Stephanie Webber

28. “Valentine’s Day”, New Girl (FOX / Season 1, Episode 13 / February 14, 2012)

Nick and Winston spend time with their ladies, but it’s Jess feeling “twirly” that makes the episode: Schmidt wants to help her get some, so True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten guest stars as the one-night stand (no complaints there), but Schmidt has to drive them home and won’t leave because of neighborhood “yoouuths”, and sidenote: we find out Schmidt enjoys reading first season scripts of The Vampire Diaries and Nick can’t handle cockfights. Turns out that Little Jess doesn’t get any because of a wild ex-girlfriend, she lands outsideSchmidt’s door with her box of 100 condoms. Thank God Nick catches her at the right moment, because it’s Schmidt and Cece finally taking their relationship to the next level, right on the other side. Stephanie Webber

41. “Another Ham Sandwich”, The Good Wife (CBS / Season 3, Episode 14 / January 29, 2012)

Firstly, Wendy Scott-Carr is the absolute worst. Secondly, Will’s indictment for allegedly betting with other judges finally comes to a head in front of the Grand Jury in “Another Ham Sandwich,” and what could be better than Will finally getting off the hook by duping Cary and Dana? Cary actually felt bad about the situation, Kalinda helped the case even though she got a smack for it and the jury raised questions on why Peter would have his wife put on the stand in the first place. Alicia’s testimony was the guilty pleasure viewers were unexpectedly waiting for as was the sweet ‘we can still be friends’ Kalicia moment and Will dancing to celebrate his win. Of course, Scott-Carr got fired because of her terrible prosecution but that didn’t stop her from telling Peter that she’ll move on with the case herself. See? She’s the absolute worstStephanie Webber

42. “Spooky Endings”, Happy Endings (ABC / Season 2, Episode 5 / October 26, 2011)

Out of all the costumes stocked in stores, and out of all the Halloween episodes done over the years, no other show has ever created such memorable outfits like what this Chicago gang wore for “Spooky Endings”. Max went as Penny’s ‘wing’ baby, which forced them to go back and forth between potential suitors during a party, a sick Alex went as Marilyn Monroe and later was mistaken for a man, and Dave went as his dorky self, aka, Austin Powers.  Meanwhile, a bacon-dressed Jane house sat with Brad and got involved in a battle with trick-or-treaters because they had no candy to give out. When everyone got back together in the end for the big dance off, Alex inevitably got beat by Max because he finally decided to change into Penny’s red bathing suit that she was wearing underneath their costume. He also won because he has “a big (…you know).” The storylines were odd and far-fetched, but that’s what we love about this show. Stephanie Webber

45. “Top 5 Results Show”, The X Factor (FOX / Season 1, Episode 21 / December 9, 2011)

Who knew that the first season of The X Factor could leave audiences with such a heartbreaking moment in reality TV? As the finale is fast approaching, the elimination round comes down to the very eager Rachel Crow, 13, and Marcus Canty, 20. Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul opt to save the bubbly teenager while L.A. Reid goes with Marcus. Instead of saying who she really thinks should go home Nicole takes the easy way out and asks for a deadlock to find out whom America has voted to kick off. As Rachel’s name is read it’s a quick bug-eyed shock and collapse to the floor. Heavy cries both from Rachel and Nicole ring through the small screen as Simon goes up to console the aspiring singer. The moment was so cringe-worthy yet worth a repeat (ultimately making us feel like terrible people). Stephanie Webber

46. “At My Brother’s Wedding”, Parenthood (NBC / Season 3, Episode 18 / February 28, 2012)

After a full year of emotion, arguments and heartbreak, the NBC series leaves viewers in the exact same fashion with the added bonus that the very sweet moments will effortlessly continue into its fourth season. Adam and Crosby’s disagreement about selling The Luncheonette comes to a head during the reception of Crosby and Jasmine’s beautifully lit wedding. As the two make up, the struggle Crosby has endured all season to win Jasmine back finally ends on a very happy note. As Sarah says goodbye to Mark, Amber takes the right move in staying at her job with Bob but only as friends. Meanwhile, Drew loses his virginity and Zoe shows up to apologize to Julia for keeping the baby. In a very bittersweet and uncalled for moment, Julia and Joel do receive a special surprise though. After trying all year to have another child, the two welcome a young boy into their family that ultimately was taken away from his own. As always, even through the struggles, the idea in wanting to be a Braverman never gets old. Stephanie Webber