‘Parenthood’ Interview: Max Burkholder On No Table Reads, Stocking Up On Tissues


Who knew that we would actually miss crying every week? Parenthood’s fourth season has come to a close, but thankfully the Braverman’s can pick up where they left off (with some dancing, we hope!) when its fifth season returns to NBC this fall. Max Burkholder has done a remarkable job portraying the son of Adam and Kristina who struggles with Asberger’s, and I recently chatted with the 15-year-old actor about the series that he’s basically grown up on. From favorite scenes to the most challenging, Max helped get us even more excited for the critically acclaimed series to return. He also totally agrees that stocking up on tissues is a must!


What was it like hearing about the Parenthood pickup? Did the cast celebrate?
MAX BURKHOLDER: We didn’t really get together. We all saw each other at the Television Academy Honors a week or two ago so that was where we really met and celebrated. Other than that, no I think we all just celebrated individually.

What’s it been like to start off so young and basically grow up on the show?
I think the main thing is that it’s gotten easier to play the character because in the beginning I didn’t know what I was getting into. Now I sort of found my groove I would say.

Was your character originally named Max?
It was Max already! That’s actually happened to me quite a bit—about seven or eight times. Actually once I did go in and the characters name wasn’t Max but the man who was playing my dad kept calling me Max during the scene so they eventually the director just said to change the name to Max.

What’s been your favorite scene so far playing Max?
That’s a tough one. I’d say all the scenes that I get to work with the animals. That’s a lot of fun for me. It’s not too difficult because they bring in wranglers but I love it.

There are a lot of emotional scenes in the show. What has been the most challenging for you?
The most challenging I’d say all of the scenes—like literally all of the scenes where Max has to betray something that is specific to someone with Asberger’s. Because I know I have to get it perfect or I will be misrepresenting the community.

Did you research ahead of time for such a role?
Yeah, I have done a lot of research and I just took everything from the Asberger’s community into account with what I was doing while I was developing Max as a character. I was sort of figuring out who he was. 

What scene made you laugh the most? That showering scene, for example, was absolutely hilarious.
Yeah, I was going to say! That was pretty fun to shoot. [Laughs] It took a few shots because Peter [Krause], who was directing at the time, wanted to get my feet exactly right as I was walking out. He wanted to get it in the frame perfectly.


What’s been your favorite table read?
We don’t have table reads actually.

That’s interesting! Is it because for the most part all of you just concentrate more on your individual family scenes?
That might be it. I’m not sure why we don’t usually have a table read. I really don’t actually think we’ve had any table reads. And what you said about tears before? In the Parenthood Season 4 DVD set there’s tissues included. We got a set of that at the Television Academy Honors. They gave one out to everyone. It just came with a bag of tissues in the front taped in with some cellophane. And on the front it said something like, ‘We should never be ashamed of our tears.’ [Laughs]

You and the cast must catch on how many tissues fans go through.
Yeah, by the end of every episode there’s at least two hysterical crying moments!

It’s so true!
Its like, ‘Oh my God, what’s going to happen?’ 

The writer’s know exactly what they’re doing.
You are bracing yourself because you know that’s when it’s going to come!

What did you consider the most emotional?
I think the most emotional was the Kristina cancers scenes because everyone had one. There was Adam watching the video incase she died, there’s Max dancing with her, there was the hospital scene when everyone’s there. There were a lot of emotional scenes surrounded by that story line. 

Any Max story lines you would love to see in Season 5?
I mean he doesn’t really branch out much out of his immediate family so I would just like to see him interact with Crosby and Zeek and guess more with Amber. He’s hung out with Drew in the first couple of seasons and I want to see that more. 

Maybe a possible girlfriend for Max? Adam and Kristina trying to handle that would be for a good story line. 
Maybe, yeah! 



‘The Purge’ Interview: Max Burkholder’s Transition From TV To Box Office Thriller


Playing Max Braverman on the critically acclaimed NBC series Parenthood, Max Burkholder’s performance as a teen going through Asberger’s has been nothing short of remarkable acting. But after taking up the role for the past four seasons, Burkholder decided to take on a new film project just before Season 5 heads into production. Starring alongside Ethan Hawke, the 15-year-old actor plays Charlie Sandin in the film, The Purge. We recently caught up with him to talk about his transition to the big screen, and what audiences can expect from the new thriller.

You’ve been so used to working on a television set. What was it like working on a film?
It’s a lot different because you take a lot time to do the individual scene, which on television you have more of a schedule because you need to shoot it all in 8 days. But with a movie set, you get a lot more time to kind of work it all out—to work out all the kinks. Also, it was interesting to not play a character that was Max. I’ve been playing that part for so long, for quite a few years now. So that was refreshing.

What’s the film about?
The basic gist of it is that in America in figure 2022 there is one night a year where all crime and committing murder is legal. There’s a huge war and a bunch of political and economic problems so basically the government said that if people get out all their aggression then crime would go down.

Are you a fan of thrillers?
Yeah, I do like them. It’s right up my alley!

What was the audition process like?
It wasn’t any different from any other audition process. I got the script, I read it, and I went in there and I did it and then I guess they were impressed because they hired me!

How would you describe your character Charlie?
He’s sort of different from the rest of his family throughout the movie. He sees a stranger in his house and basically it comes down to making a decision to either have the stranger die or have himself die. My character Charlie is more of the moral compass. He doesn’t want to kill him because it’s so wrong, but while the rest of his family would want him killed.

Do you have a favorite scene from the project?
I think my favorite scene has got to be—even though it’s a thriller—is just with the family sitting around the table having a nice conversation. They show the family dynamic. I always love it because it’s before everything goes bad for this perfect family. You know, ‘Oh, something is going to happen. Something is going to happen!’ [Laughs]

Was filming this an easy transition from Parenthood?
I don’t think there would be many chances for me to do this. When I’m not on hiatus I don’t think that would be really easy. I do think that it turned out really well. I actually started shooting it the day after I finishedParenthood.

The 50 Best Episodes Of 2013 (My Picks)

At Ology, myself and other editors got together and ranked the top 50 episodes of 2013. An annual list, we watched many shows over and over again to make the best list possible, while also showcasing shows that may not get enough credit. (I know, hard work.) Check out my pieces below:

 photo NEWGIRL6_zps174d2900.jpg

No. 06 – “Cooler,” NEW GIRL (Episode 215, Premiered 01/29/2013, FOX)

Where The Office‘s Jim and Pam were the previous reigning champions of the twee sitcom love story, there’s no doubt that New Girl‘s Nick Miller, so excellently portrayed by the crush-worthy Jake Johnson as he’s been given phenomenal depth to play with in Season 2, making him our new Jim Halpert (yet original, of course). After chickening out during a dare to makeout with Jess (adorkable Zooey Deschanel), Nick gives himself away when he states he doesn’t want to be pressured, “not like this!” But after Schmidt fainting and a nighttime visitor at the door, the writers take us all by surprise when Nick whips Jess around and kisses her in probably the hottest, most surprising TV smooch of the year. “I meant something like that,” he explains, setting off swoon alerts worldwide. Though putting the two lead characters together was both risky and unexpected, it was everything people were talking about the next day, and repeating that final scene at an obsessive rate made you feel guilty enough to put a dollar in the douche jar. – Stephanie Webber

 photo PHOOD13_zps158a9e30.jpg

No. 13 – “There’s Something I Need To Tell You,” PARENTHOOD (Episode 405, Premiered 10/09/2012, NBC)

Beautifully executed, tear-worthy, and the episode that hopefully starts to pave the way for Monica Potter winning an Emmy, Parenthood‘s “There’s Something I Need To Tell You” was as awe-inspiring as it was heartbreaking. Hank and Sarah may have kissed for the first time, Julia’s breakdown may foreshadow the future, and Victor’s homerun may be one of the best scenes all season, but Kristina and Adam telling the rest of the family about her breast cancer showed this talented ensemble at its best. It could have been an overheard discussion, it could have been in a living room, but the scene is moving simply by a cut to silence and everyone’s immediate reaction. It’s realistic, it’s raw, and it’s fantastic television. – Stephanie Webber

 photo MINDY30_zps75b61cec.jpg

No. 30 – “Take Me With You,” THE MINDY PROJECT (Episode 124, Premiered 05/14/2013, FOX)

Thank you, wunderkind Mindy Kaling, for both a brilliant rom-com series and for bringing Chris Messina’s to us on a weekly basis. In Mindy‘s season finale, she heads off to Haiti while leaving us with a set of the best one-liners and a Danny Castellano moment that yes, we are still repeating. What we learned: Anders Holm is a fantastic guest star, loving indecisive boob sizes is a thing, a penis can be big enough to knock off glasses, and eating corn after a “flossfire” in someone’s eye is actually quite hilarious. But after a season of hints thrown at Mindy with some Danny looks and subtle flirtation, the last scene with Danny and Mindy would make even New Girl‘s Jess and Nick envious. Cue up M83’s “Midnight City.” – Stephanie Webber

 photo SCANDAL24_zps40eb8703.jpg

No. 24 – “Happy Birthday, Mr. President,” SCANDAL (Episode 208, Premiered 12/06/2012, ABC)

A shooting episode in any series is delicate to tackle, let alone one that centers on the President of the United States. But as always, Shonda Rimes handles an attack on POTUS with ease, starting the episode in medias res and taking us through the hour with flashbacks since the Inaugural Ball to flesh out the storyline. The president is presently bleeding out and Olivia is back while we look back on the Cytron explosion and Cyrus and James’ relationship as we cling to that “I exist for you” line. And there’s no way we could forget Olivia and Fitz leaving the Oval office a bit more, uh, disheveled, after occupying it for just a brief moment. – Stephanie Webber

No. 40 – “Because You’re My Sister,” PARENTHOOD (Episode 415, Premiered 01/22/2013, NBC)

The tears are still fresh from the season finale that could have easily been its series end (though it was renewed for 22 episodes, so thank the Bravermans for that). The writers tied up each Braverman’s storylines just in case fans had seen their last dance party so that we couldn’t ask for anything more—unless, of course, Sarah just chose Mark like many were hoping for. Crosby and Jasmine have some baby news, Sarah moves on with Hank, Julia and Joel finally get their Victor adoption wish, and Kristina and Adam replace cancer with a very happy walk down the Hawaiian beach. Forever young, indeed. Next stop: restocking our tissues for next season. – Stephanie Webber

No. 36 – “White Hat’s Back On,” SCANDAL (Episode 222, Premiered 05/16/2013, ABC)

As if Shonda Rhimes’ third ABC creation Scandal couldn’t get any more explosive after the mole reveal during the previous week! David Rosen turns out to actually just be playing Billy Chambers, Cyrus has a heart attack, Baby Huck Quinn has a gruesome killing, and Olivia and Fitz call it quits once again. Why? The wine lover reveals who really comes before the president, which only leads Fitz back into Mellie’s arms. “I can’t leave them. They need me, I’m their Gladiator.” But that’s nothing compared to Olivia revealing who her dad is in the very last minute, creating the acclaimed second season’s most scandal-ous scene of all. –Stephanie Webber

No. 35 – “One Man’s Trash,” GIRLS (Episode 205, Premiered 02/10/2013, HBO)

Even diehard fans of HBO’s witty Girls were split on its second season’s most talked-about episode, and that’s exactly why it’s on this list. Season 2 was an unpredictable gamble with viewers on what they’d see next, the fifth episode producing a single story line focused just on Lena Dunham’s Hannah Horvath. The self-contained story shows Hannah admitting she’s been leaving her work’s trash in the cans of the handsome Dr. Joshua (guest star Patrick Wilson). But the confrontation soon starts a sex-filled weekend, abruptly ending when she goes on a tailspin about wanting “all the things.” She’s young and makes mistakes, he’s older and content with everything he has in life already. So with that, she literally takes the garbage out of his bin. He’s not ready to put anything else on his plate. – Stephanie Webber

‘Parenthood’ Poll: Should Sarah Choose Mark Or Hank?


Parenthood has put us through the ringer this past season, rooting for Mark and hoping that Sarah Braverman just makes a decision already. Kristina and Adam have had their struggles, and Julia and Joel have had a hard time with Victor, but Sarah (Lauren Graham) has brought us the big love triangle between Mark (Jason Ritter) and Hank (Ray Romano). Who will she choose on tonight’s season 4 finale? The promos lead us to believe that tonight, Jan. 22, will definitely be when the last single Braverman finally decides.

As fans have realized, age won’t be a factor at all in this. Through Mark not fighting hard enough for her (yeah, okay) and Hank leaning in for that dark room kiss, Mark finally decided last week to confront Hank. He’s there to fight and be the classy guy that Hank wasn’t, and at least tell his plan to his face. So, will it be Mark or will it be Hank? We’d like to think Mark because this is Ritter we’re talking about and Romano is  just a guest star, but you never know with this NBC series.

Seriously though, this is how we are going to look if Sarah doesn’t choose Mark on tonight’s episode. Just saying.

‘Parenthood’ Interview: Sam Jaeger On Joel And Julia’s ‘Growing’ Experiences With Victor


It’s true: season 4 of Parenthood is coming to a close soon, and as Sam Jaeger puts it, it’s a complete “bummer!” To say there’s two tissues boxes waiting to be used for the next two episodes would be a lie too (there’s actually three). As viewers of the NBC series prepare for the season finale, the trend in rooting for the Braverman’s will surely continue. From Adam (Peter Krause) and Kristina’s (Monica Potter) cancer struggle, to Sarah’s (Lauren Graham) rocky road with Mark (Jason Ritter), the Braverman’s have dealt with a lot of heartbreak recently. But the story line that’s had it’s hurdles since the start belongs to Julia (Erika Christensen) and Joel (Jaeger) and their difficulty on trying to expand their family.

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What will come of Victor’s (Xolo Mariduena) hopeful adoption after Julia’s shocking response now? According to Jagear, the way the season wrapped will hopefully be rewarding for viewers that have been watching the family’s journey. Plus, what’s it like to play Joel to Christensen’s Julia? Jaeger’s fantastic acting and chemistry with Christensen is more than just award-worthy. It’s a relationship most fans of the show would like to mirror themselves in their own lives.

Just in time for the finale, Jaeger also talked to me about being a part of the Braverman clan (we consider him one!), if he’ll be directing another episode soon, and yes, his thoughts on the show possibly getting nominated for their work in the future.

And bonus: does he seriously know that we cry during every episode? His run-in with a certain fan made that answer pretty obvious.

Have you and the rest of the cast caught on that viewers basically cry during every episode?
Yeah, I was at Costco the other day and one of the guys that works there was handing out samples and he gave me a fist pump [Laughs], and said, ‘Dude, I cry every time!’ So if I can affect the sample givers at Costco you know you’re doing something good.

Julia and Joel have been through a lot over the years. What’s your take on their experiences?
I really feel like the show keeps growing every year and I think our story line and our relationship within our family is no exception. We have a really complex subject matter, but like all the subject matters onParenthood, we try to show it with enough realism as possible. So it’s pretty exciting to just go into a character—I’ve never played a character for this long—to just enjoy all the avenues we’ve gone down with this show. It’s just such a rare opportunity for me. So, I love the family that Joel and Julia have created. I think they stumble like all parents, but they’re trying their best.

Being that this has been the longest role you’ve ever played, can you relate to Joel? Relate to being a somewhat calm stay-at-home dad for a bit?
Yeah! Well, it’s funny because of this job I am in a way a stay-at-home dad. We have to set up days because our show there are so many actors shooting we have a lot of time off. So, I get to spend time with my son and really enjoy watching him grow up. And at the same time, between myself and Joel, I realized last year that it did me no good to try to—I think if you play a character this long you start to defend what you would or wouldn’t do as a parent. And sometimes that can be a disservice to the story itself. And so, this last season I just decided that I’m just going to not take what Joel is going through so personally because I have to separate myself. Sometimes it’s hard as a parent and you make mistakes. In many ways it’s interesting because when you do a show for this long you have a lot of directors come in, and some of them really understand the whole scene and how the show feels and how its run. And sometimes a director will have ambition that’s doesn’t quite hold up who the characters are. After four years, you end up being, ‘Well, I’m the ambassador for Joel.’ [Laughs] So if there’s something that just doesn’t make sense because it contradicts something that may have happened the day before, I have to defend what his story arc is, but at the same time that’s difficult. It’s difficult not to attach yourself to a character personally and make their mistakes.

Did you ever expect that Joel and Julia’s relationship with Victor would once again turn for the worse?
Yeah, I hoped it would happen again. If things were resolved after five episodes on the show something’s off at this stage of the show. He has distinct memories with his mother and if we didn’t we would be doing Victor’s character a disservice. I think it’s up to us to try to show an example of just how complex, and ultimately what a rewarding character he is. Especially with these parents who’ve adopted, they have a difficult struggle and feelings of detachment, while he’s trying to figure out where he fits in the world. So I’d like to go deeper into that story line.

What’s it been like being the Joel to Erika Christensen’s Julia?
We introduce ourselves at parties like, ‘Oh hi, this is my TV wife.’ [Laughs] And I think that says something. I get to take what I’ve experienced in my relationship with my wife and I bring it up in rehearsals and I think like in any relationship, we just trust each other a lot. And I love being around her. We just lucked out. I couldn’t think of a better person to kind of go through this long journey with. She is so talented and so giving. And on another level, it’s kind of exciting to see just how she treats people in general, and how she treats the crew. She’s just someone that I respect and admire, and I think that shows in the work we do.

You’ve directed the episode “Everything Is Not Okay” and Peter Krause and Dax Shepard have also worked behind the camera. What’s it like directing your co-stars?
I think what’s great is that I have insight into how all of these people operate. It’s funny because Dax and I have had conversations over the years about directors that we’ve enjoyed and directors we’ve had issues with, and so I knew going in what to do as a director. Kind of understanding how they work and I think directing is one of the hardest jobs in television. You have to come into this well-oiled machine and try not to break it. So, it’s a real advantage coming into the well-oiled machine that I’m already a part of operating.

One of the things, I loved not having to worry about was when the caterer was going to show up. [Laughs] Things like that like, do I have all the props? There’s a whole department for that so I got to just concentrate on this thing called directing! To make sure the actors are there and the crew is doing the best job possible.

Is there a chance you’ll be directing again in an upcoming episode?
I think Parenthood is a show everyone would love to direct. I’m hoping to direct again next season.

Viewers love to root for the Braverman’s. What’s been one of your favorite Braverman moments?
Man, there’s a lot! Oh, you know what—one of my favorite scenes from the entire series was I think after season 2 when Amber got into the car wreck and Zeek takes her to the junk yard and just really lays into her about how important his family is to him and don’t ever do something as stupid as that again. I think that really encapsulated the love and hardships that’s seen every week. As far as my story lines, I think a pretty sweet one was when our daughter asked about death when the bird comes and crashes into our window and dies. It was kind of a first glimpse into Joel’s background and how he lost his mother. It has a lot to do with faith and how we communicate faith to our children.

What can we expect to happen for Julia and Joel in the last two episodes?
I think the end of this season is really—I think they do a nice job wrapping up this season. It’s always tough when you’re trying to bottle up a whole season, but we knew that we’ve had this number of episodes this season to finish up this story line the way it does I think it’s really going to be rewarding for audiences.

To put it simply, Parenthood deserves so much recognition. What you, Erika,  Peter and Monica Potter have done this season is award-worthy.
That’s sweet. To give awards certainly helps the show and bringing more viewers to the show. But we love the viewers that we have and we love the work we do, so if you focus on getting Emmys you’re kind of living outside the work you’re doing. But yeah, if I were on the committee I would certainly put this show on the top of my list!

10 Television Show Changes That Need To Happen In 2013


The holiday hiatus from some of your favorite television shows is finally over, and that means a lot more new episodes from here on out! With the new year comes some new beginnings, and that’s exactly what we’re hoping for. Can you blame us? After all, we are the ones who rearrange our nightly schedules just to see if so and so hookups this week, or if a certain pair of lawyers will look as dapper as always.

Though all the shows listed below are definite favorites, there’s changes that need to happen in 2013 for some. From The Office to Revenge and Suits, a change doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong. Sometimes, it’s just a storyline that we’ve been dying to see. And at other times, it’s a forbidden affair that we can’t help but root for week after week.

1. The Office 

What Needs To Happen: Michael Scott needs to stop by for one last time.
Status: The Office is finishing up its ninth season, and it looks like fans will finally have to give up on Steve Carell possibly stopping in to Dunder Mifflin before the series wraps. NBC Chairman Bob Greenblatt gave an update on the rumors recently. “I don’t think he will,” Greenblatt said at the TCA winter press tour Sunday. “There’s maybe a little Hail Mary pass on a cameo, but I think the decision is that it will go out without him sort of compromising his exit.” The creators remain “hopeful” though. Let’s hope this is just a ploy to throw off audiences, and we all get a big Michael Scott surprise during the May finale.

2. Scandal

What Needs To Happen: Fitz and Olivia need to heat up the Oval office more.
Status: [Spoil!] President Fitz is still held up in the hospital, and Olivia has put herself in charge at the White House once again. The flashback episode of their steamy moments held us fans over, but Fitz needs to get better as soon as possible in order to get scandalous with Olivia Pope once again. Those scenes are. so. hot. The shooting just better not pull the president away from the affair even more though.

3. New Girl

What Needs To Happen: Jess and Nick need to get closer.
Status: New Girl snags great actors to guest, but that doesn’t mean we like them playing the love interests of Jess and Nick. Granted, the FOX series is doing something right by not giving viewers a Jess and Nick relationship right away, but the past few episodes haven’t given us anything to hold on to. No lingering glances? No yelling at each other’s bums? No fluffer pep talks? We need more!


4. Parenthood 

What Needs To Happen: Parenthood needs to get some award recognition.
Status: How good has season 4 been so far? And finally, the critics have finally noticed! Maybe people didn’t latch on right away because they assumed it was just another family drama, but finally viewers are starting to realize how loveable, realistic, and heartwarming this series is. Peter Krause and Monica Potter knock out Emmy performances each week, and the storylines have taken audiences to an emotional level that deserves an additional tissue box every Tuesday night.

5. Suits

What Needs To Happen: Harvey and Mike’s chemistry needs to continue.
Status: If you’ve been watching USA Network’s Suits, you’ve fallen for both Harvey Specter and Mike Ross at different times for different reasons. But what’s just as good as the cases, comedic timing, and the ladies we hope they end up with (Rachel and Donna), is that we just can’t get over how good these men look. Like, all the time. Harvey with his big tie, and Mike with his skinny, you can’t help but fangirl over these two.


6. Nashville

What Needs To Happen: Drop the wedding, and get to the tour.
Status: Rayna James and Juliette Barnes bring the jealousy, love triangles, and scandals. Not to mention, the music that can make just about anyone can fall in love with country. But, do the upcoming promos deter from all of this? The Juliette wedding needs to end within one episode, and the show needs to focus on the tour now. The whole shibang. Get on the bus, play some shows, and transition the series to an on the road experience for fans. The hookups and competivieness between these two divas will surely follow.

7. Teen Wolf

What Needs To Happen: Stiles and Derek need to keep up with the bromance, and Jackson’s exit can’t be awkward. 
Status: What’s better than human Stiles throwing out the jokes every episode? Human Stiles quickly becoming Derek’s sidekick. Dylan O’Brien is flawless, but let’s hope the first episode of season 3 comes off the same way. During hiatus, fans of the MTV series found out that Colton Haynes would not be coming back. How will the show make a clean break? Will there even be any mention of Jackson? Whatever happens, let’s hope it isn’t awkward. And more importantly, let’s hope that his departure doesn’t affect how the rest of the season is supposed to play out.

8. Revenge

What Needs To Happen: Jack needs to find out that Emily is really Amanda.
Status: Up to this point, Jack and Emily have been battling completely separate storylines. Who cares if Amanda is still getting ready to wed our favorite Porter? The fact is, Emily is off with Aiden and Nolan trying to take down the Grayson’s, while Jack has been battling the two brothers (Mr. Cooper from One Tree Hill andTeen Wolf’s Mr. Argent) down by his bar. Daniel needs to get back into the picture as a love interest for Emily, and Jack needed a new storyline, but we’re still hoping that Jack and Emily will come together again soon! Not next season, and not in the final season. By the end of this season. The moment Jack finds out who Emily really is will be like the Daniel beach shooting reveal–shocking and explosive.

9. The Vampire Diaries

What Needs To Happen: Absolutely nothing. The twists are just that good.
Status: Okay, so maybe Elena could put us out of our misery, but TVD is a show that’s worth being in misery for. The choosing between Stefan and Damon will always be there, and the twists that follow have been insanely fantastic. Wait. So Elena finally chooses Damon, but now we find out that she’s been sired to him? Wait. Klause just up and drowned Tyler’s mom? Wait. Jeremy now has to be locked away so he doesn’t kill his big sis? The series is so addicting that even though it’s currently airing new episodes, you still want to go back and re-watch the other seasons over and over again.

10. Dawson’s Creek 

What Needs To Happen: A reunion, of course.
Status: Though it’s been off the air since 2003, every television year needs a memorable reunion. Right? That’s where the kids from Capeside come in. You know what’s been more annoying than hearing Joey Potter sing “On My Own” on repeat to ease the absence? Hearing for the past year that a Dawson’s Creekreunion is a possibility, yet nothing comes of it. Seriously, is Michelle Williams (the one character that died!) the only one that is up for reconnecting? James Van Der Beek is on Apt. 23, but Joshua Jackson’s stay onFringe and Katie Holmes’ broadway work is over. Let’s get a move on, because this may be the only somewhat free time these four actors will have ever again.

‘Parenthood’ Preview: Would Showrunners Really Kill Off Kristina?


Without a doubt, Parenthood will leave you in tears just about every Tuesday night. (Who are we kidding?Every Tuesday.) It also never disappoints with the incredibly talented acting and relationships. Just like every other season, the fourth has shown fantastic storylines as well. This is evident when viewers experience Adam and Kristina Braverman’s hardship with Kristina’s battle with breast cancer and now chemotherapy week after week. Peter Krause and Monica Potter have blown us away with this new challenge, but would showrunners go as far as killing Kristina off? Next week’s promo for “What to My Wondering Eyes” shows that Kristina’s health has taken a turn for the worse.

First off, hopefully this doesn’t happen, and it would be pretty shocking if it did, but, what Parenthood has done so well over the past four years is keeping the NBC hit realistic. Looking at the all the Braverman families, there would definitely be a huge gap if Kristina’s character were to ever be written off. To top it off, Monica Potter is Emmy-worthy. But at the same time, it would be a shocking and gutsy move that would show just how dedicated and daring the writers are. And as we know, they are currently some of the best in television.

Check out the preview for next week’s “What to My Wondering Eyes” below: