How Did ‘American Dreams’ Really End?


So many television reunions took place at the ATX Television Festival over the weekend, with a very special one coming from the cast of American Dreams! The series abruptly ended back in 2005, but luckily fans got the chance to see the cast reunite during their panel. Not to mention, the audience finally got to check out (for the first time ever!) the ending of the series! In a huge surprise, fans got the extra treat in watching how Meg and the rest of the Pryor family turned out with the never-before-seen 10-minute footage.

So, what would the finale have looked like? Taking place three years later, Meg (Brittany Snow) returns after running off with Chris (Milo Ventimiglia) and reveals she’ll be attending Woodstock with Sam (Arlen Escarpeta) and (Roxanne (Vanessa Lengies), who just so happens to be married to Luke (Jamie Elman) with a kid in New York.

But the tears come a bit later.

Meg eventually ends up back at her childhood home to see JJ (Will Estes) and Beth’s (Rachel Boston) child, Trip, playing in the backyard. Her dad Jack (Tom Verica) comes out and after some hesitation asks if she’s hungry. She  walks in to hug her mother with the radio blaring in the background. A clip from Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon can be heard before the credits roll.

With an ending like that, fans will probably question all over again why such a show had to say such a premature goodbye.



Tyler Hoechlin Quietly Calls Brittany Snow His Girlfriend On MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet


It looks like Brittany Snow and Tyler Hoechlin have something in common besides those beautiful blues! The two, who are reportedly dating since February, decided to pass up several outlets on the red carpet for the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night at the Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City.

Snow, 26, and Hoechlin, 25, kept their distance from one another, but for good reason. The couple probably didn’t want the cameras to catch them together and for the press to ask questions. But, what did Ology spy? While speaking to an old friend on the red carpet, Hoechlin spotted Snow coming down and watched her the whole way until they met up. They quietly squeezed hands and Hoechlin seemed to mouth “this is my girlfriend” while introducing her.

The Pitch Perfect and Teen Wolf actors seemed very close, and they later were spotted sitting together during the show.