Interview: ‘Revenge’ Star Ashley Madekwe Dishes On Her Fashion Blog ‘Ring My Bell’


There’s no question about it. Revenge actress Ashley Madekwe is absolutely stunning on and off the set. With just one episode left before the explosive finale, we felt it necessary to chat all about Ashley’s eye-catching style. Many may not know but Ashley has her own fashion blog named Ring My Bell that features her day-to-day wardrobe and is photographed by fiancé Iddo Goldberg. By a look at the page, it’s no wonder why she was invited on for an episode of E! Fashion Police to comment on the several looks those in Hollywood have to offer. Her photographs on her blog are to die for. Though it’s obvious that her character on the ABC series has great taste, she herself is very fashion forward in her own right.

“I’ve always loved fashion blogs and have always loved reading them and have always been inspired by them so I figured maybe I could do this too,” she tells me. “I don’t put anything about my acting on there because I don’t know—I don’t want to use anything about my acting to make my blog successful. I guess eventually they’ll mold into two but I just loving doing it.” Her looks vary on the site with our personal favorites that include neon heels, vintage, jumpers, lace shorts and mint and coral jeans and features retailers like Steve Madden, Michael Kors and J. Crew.

[Her beautiful vintage engagement ring]

“The problem with me is I’m uncommitted. I love it all. I always want to try new things and I’m really inspired by all the women just walking down the street or fashion blogs or magazines. I’m always looking at things going, ‘How can I recreate it? What do I have that looks like that?’ I enjoy doing it. I like doing different things.”

Though she keeps her Hamptons style semi-away from the real one, asking if she has any say in her wardrobe for Ms. Davenport was a must. “It’s really collaborative,” she begins. “I don’t use my own clothes but Jill [Ohannesson], the costume designer, brings in loads of options and the original fitting we had–the first fitting is kind of finding out what you both like, how everything’s felt, how you see the character. You try on absolutely everything and try to put the character together. We originally came up with this character we’re both pretty happy with…she’ll buy it in a size and alter it to fit and I put together, I pick the dress or shoes or cardigan. She’s really good about letting me have a lot of options in my trailer in the morning so I’ll have the outfit and then my shoes and my jewelry and then my belts in the trailer so I can put my outfit together and then she’ll take it.” Ashley tries to style her the way she would but doesn’t try to make Davenport exactly like herself.

Madekwe keeps busy with the addicting series and definitely seems to love having her blog as a second creative outlet too. But what’s been on her mind first and foremost recently? Her wedding! She and fiancé Goldberg are set to marry this June and the two actually just touched down in London Tuesday to continue the planning. “I hate to do a ‘weather’ tweet but…This is NOT going to be good enough for my wedding. Sunshine by June please London!!!” she tweets.

With Ashley’s gorgeous fashion sense, her wedding dress is sure to be memorable. We also have a sneaky suspicion that some of her co-stars will join in on the celebration. Will we be seeing some wedding pictures on her blog? Let’s hope so! As you head on over to her site Ring My Bell, just think: When Ashley returns for season two of Revenge on Sunday’s next year she’ll be coming back to the Hamptons a married gal!

[Photography: Iddo Goldberg]


‘Revenge’ Interview: Ashley Madekwe Teases New Romance And Victoria Bond, Opens Up About Co-Stars


So much has happened since the Revenge beach shooting. Daniel is close to escaping prosecution, Nolan’s been one step ahead while Jack tries to find Amanda, Victoria’s affair has surfaced and Charlotte and Declan are over. What’s been two of the biggest shockers overall though? Emily recently finding out that the Grayson’s actually murdered her father David Clarke and that Ashley is on her way out the door.

Don’t worry though, not like that. Based on the newest clip for tonight’s “Absolution” Ashley gives Victoria her two weeks notice. Why condone to what those in the Grayson Manor have to say anymore when she can move up in the Hamptons world?

But something just doesn’t feel right. How will this change the dynamic between Ashley and the other characters? Will she step away from the friendship she’s built with Emily? The winter chill is brewing and we’re hoping that Ashley is just in the middle of it! Think about it. The mysterious beauty was the one to secretly reveal the bloody Daniel shots. She’s the one that has taken control of the Grayson affairs in front of the press. She’s the one we still don’t know much about. Where’s her family? Does she have a hand in all of this? A plan of her own?

Getting to speak with Ashley Madekwe for the second time was an absolute pleasure. This time around she teased her character’s storyline with Victoria, what’s the biggest inside joke she shares with co-star and friend Emily VanCamp and even gushes about the rest of the cast.

The beach shooting was clearly just the beginning. Last we spoke you were hoping for a darker side and looks like you may be getting it! What are you hoping for now?

ASHLEY MADEKWE: I really enjoyed it and happy with it and really hope that we follow up with the scenes that we got to play. Like kind of going over the line with Conrad. And I’m also still really gunning for some backstory with her. Just something. It’s not real until we have it on the show.

What are your thoughts on Ashley’s relationship with Victoria?

I’m not really quite sure about it and I think there’s definitely [something] between the two of them for whatever reason. I think it may have to do with Victoria’s backstory and that she didn’t always come to money and she’s worked to the top while being a professional mother. I think that maybe Ashley admires that. I guess you can say. I don’t think that ambition is an unattractive quality to Victoria and I think Victoria and her have that in common. Whenever we are in scenes together we are careful to make sure that Victoria doesn’t talk down to Ashley or one hundred percent rude to her because there have been some cutting lines in the past that she’s fought hard to change.

Of course since the pilot Ashley and Emily’s dynamic has changed a bit. Are you hoping Ashley finds out more about Emily’s plans?

Nothing would make me happier than that! I mean I love working with Emily and the scenes working together are just some of my favorite times at work. [Laughs] I was so used to it for a while.

It would be great to see Ashley learn more. Every character seems to have their own motives. There’s no telling on what’s to come in season two!

Well…because there’s so many characters and because the time of events is so broad—I really think it could go on forever. We can say that Emily’s revenge is this season and we could continue to think that she’s the revenge mastermind until we find out that somebody else is puppeteering. I mean nobody wants a show to go on forever because they get boring but I definitely think there’s more than enough material for season two.

Exactly! Anything can happen. For instance, Jack definitely has shown a different side. Could we expect other characters to get fleshed out a bit?

Everyone has those preservations instincts in life and I kind of agree to give it, I know I’ve been showing that side to people. I don’t think that Jack changed. I think he just reacted to the situation he was in. I think if you put any of these characters in a stressful situation, they’re going to go off.

Could we be expecting a new romance soon?

I don’t have one. All season I’ve been blunted. With Tyler and at the birthday party there was a moment between Nolan and Ashley, which Gabe [Mann] and I really enjoy playing and we just kind of hope for more of that! Yeah we hope for it, but it just never turns out with so many unlikely alliances in this show. I really would love a juicy love story in this show and drama.

Winter is definitely making a scene in the Hamptons. Will there be new locations or a different mood that will come with the new season chill?

Well, I don’t want to ruin it for you, but I don’t think we’ll being going anywhere anytime soon. I think it was like episode 13 where there was a hurricane or a storm brewing and they really played off on that and it was windy and gray. I thought that looked really good and I hope we do more things like that.

Revenge is dramatic but what’s it like when the camera is off? Is there any inside jokes on set?

Well Emily and I, my character always has an iPad and it works so I use it to play Apps between takes and Emily gets really upset and says when I have the iPad I don’t pay enough attention to her. There have been a couple episodes where I don’t have it and we have this joke where Emily had some words about taking my iPad out of the show so I would pay more attention to her. We joke about that all the time. And if I get the iPad out, she kind of looks at me disapprovingly like I’m a selfish girl.

That’s hilarious. All of you are obviously so close. How would you describe each actor?

Emily, I’ll say is—this is a quote from her. She’ll say, “I’ll take care of business.” That’s what she says. If we need to organize a trip somewhere, like we went to Las Vegas for my birthday and it’s really hard organizing such a big group of people. I found it really hard to organize it. She came in one day and she was like, “You know what, I’ll take care of it.” And she did. Literally by the end of the day, everyone had booked his or her hotel room.

Gabe is a lover. He comes in every morning, no matter how early, and has a hug and a kiss for everybody.

And Christa’s [Allen] like a little girly girl and we really love talking about clothes and fashion.

What about some of the other guys like Nick [Wechsler] and Connor [Paolo]?

I see them outside of work. We never have any scenes together. All the other ones get to interact.

That really needs to happen. Ashley and the Porter boys in more scenes together would be great.

I know, right?

The cast is extremely sweet and the writing is just amazing. It must feel like a dream come true to be a part of it.

I mean, I’m so psyched to be a part of it. It’s a dream job to me. To be here shooting a show in L.A. with people that I love. It’s such a gift. There are TV shows that you work on and even though you’re working on and it’s a professional relationship, you become friends with them and it’s amazing and we’re all hanging out.

I know where I want Ashley to go but it’s not up to me and I know we’re going to flesh out the storyline of Victoria and Emily. I know that’s the main storyline and we’re going to flesh that out. And maybe we’ll hear anything more about us for season two.

Midseason Rush: ‘Revenge’s’ Ashley Madekwe Teases Daniel’s Shooting, Hopes For Darker Side


Revenge has come a long way since Ashley Davenport first did the go around by introducing Emily Thorne to the few and fortunate in the Hampton’s circle. There’s been deaths, love triangles and an Amanda Clarke addition that no one saw coming. Now the series returns for its eleventh episode this coming Wednesday with anticipation and pleasure. No guilt needed. It leads off with Tyler Barrol coming out with a vengeance and literally pointing the gun at everyone in his path. Check out the ten minute promo for “Duress” here. 

Another exclusive with Ashley: Previous Tyler spoilers

Ashley Madekwe has talked with Ology before about her character’s tumultuous relationship with Tyler, and now details even more about the cast and behind the scenes moments. Not to mention reasons why any fanatic would want to read on–she delves into Daniel’s shooting and a possible darker side to her role. Remember, viewers should know by now to never expect the obvious. The body pinned head first to the sand may not be Victoria and Conrad’s son.

Did you ever think that the show was going to get so big?

No! I guess you don’t ever think that. I realize now—I’ve done three pilots—two of which have been picked up. I don’t think you can ever count on knowing what people want to watch and what people will enjoy. I mean all of the jobs that I’ve done I honestly have thought that they’re good but sometimes, for whatever reason, things just don’t click. But with this one, everything just fell into place at the right time! The stars were aligned.

Well so happy it did! It’s so addicting because you never know what will happen next. Are you one to snoop around and try to find out from the writers? 

Yeah! And I think anyone on a network television show probably do because you really don’t know what’s coming from one episode to the next. So sometimes you’ll be playing one thing and then in the next episode you realize that they actually changed their minds. Yeah, we always know. We get really excited about it! We love hearing what the new relationships will be and whom we’ll be able to work with after. For example, like I hardly have any scenes with Nick [Wechsler].  So I would be so psyched if our characters sort of started a friendship.

Ashley and Jack together more would be interesting. You both have close but very different bonds with Emily. Who are you the closest to on set?

Well first of all, all of us as a group are really tight. Which most casts probably say they do, but we really are! We spend weekends together and we spent Halloween together. I’m not from here so I love hanging out with them. I would say I spend the most time with Emily [VanCamp] and Ashton [Holmes].

That sounds so fun. What’s something all of you have done together?

We went to a haunted hayride and Emily and I knew we would be really scared so we surrounded ourselves by the men of the group. Emily was so terrorized being picked on by these clowns that I just kept slapping them to get them out of my face. Emily did the same thing. I have an image of Emily going, “That’s enough! That’s enough,” [Laughs] while the clowns were covered with blood. But then Ashton calmed us down.

[Laughs] Downtime with your co-stars must be nice. Is it weird being so far from London?

I spent a lot of time here, basically me and my other half, going back and forth for three years now…and we were already considering moving here. Now don’t get me wrong, I really miss London. That’s where all my friends and family are, but I really have a great time in L.A…the sun is shining right now. And in London right now it’s probably dark. It’s always dark in London and always cold. [Laughs]

What’s been your favorite episode so far that viewers have seen?

Ooh, that’s a hard one! There’s parts in every episode I love doing. I think episode seven [“Charade”] for me because that’s when my character gets another layer added to her.

What’s been your favorite storyline?

I loved it when Frank threw Lydia off the building and she lived. [Laughs] I love that kind of thing. I loved that. I have more but I can’t tell you!

That was so unexpected. Surprise kill offs must be on every one’s mind! Is it for you?

Of course! There’s a body on the beach. It could be anyone. It basically could be anyone.

It really could be anyone at this point because Mike Kelley’s is just so good. There are rumors that a person who supposedly was killed is really alive. Are you aware as a cast who that may be?

All we know is that when we shot the pilot there was a body on the beach and we never saw who the body on the beach was. Mike Kelley knows and the writers always knew for sure but we don’t know for sure. They won’t tell us…It is probably going to be the 15th episode where we find out. You can’t believe bet on anything.

So the body on the beach might not be Daniel?

No, you can’t bet on anything with Mike. I think it’s really great to be free with it and giving it a chance to see the responses as well and see what the audiences are enjoying.

So there’s people getting shot and vengeance all around at the Hampton’s. But then there’s your character. Ashley Davenport doesn’t seem to have a dirty past. Will we get to see more of her background soon?

I hope so. I really hope so! With the characters you get to learn a little bit more about them. It’s quite unusual for a girl to come from England to live in the Hampton’s and show so little about her.

Where would you like to see your character go in the series?

I love when characters go a little bad because there’s always layers to everyone. So I hope we get to see maybe a dark side to Ashley. Yeah. I’d love to see her go all bad. [Laughs] She’s quite curt with people most of the time.

There’s so much more to be revealed. Is there talk about a definite second season? A third?

We definitely know that Mike has stories that can go on for awhile. He definitely doesn’t see it as a one season show but we just don’t know! We have no idea what we’re going to get into. We all just hope so. We were so excited when we got the back order of more episodes. It was literally like the President came to set that day. [Laughs] The whole week everyone–the air was filled with joy. Everyone. The hair, the crew, hair and makeup. It was really exciting.

Exclusive: ‘Revenge’s’ Ashley Madekwe Talks Tonight’s ‘Treachery’ Episode


Revenge is back! It’s only been a week but for those hardcore fans out there, it probably felt more like that time when the show was leading up to Jack Porter confessing his feelings to Emily Thorne. Or that time when it was unclear if Lydia was going to survive that horrific throw off the balcony. Or—well, really, after every episode it felt extremely long until the next Wednesday night showing. This ABC series is just so juicy and enticing and enthralling to watch. When has there ever been another time when audiences are actually cheering on a person seeking to ruin someone else’s life all the while being torn on wanting her real identity revealed to some and still concealed for others?

Revenge is heading back to air tonight after a one-week break and its like Christmas has come early with the arrival of the ‘Treachery’ episode. Recently Ology got to chat with Ashley Madekwe who plays Ashley Davenport on the hit show. She’s one of Emily’s closest allies that’s never heard of the name Amanda Clarke. Or at least, that’s what audiences are continued to believe. She’s also dating a psycho by the name of Tyler that has moved on to Nolan.

The super sweet Ashley let us in on tonight’s episode and what to expect. It’s just a sneak peek, so stay tuned for a more in depth interview with the actress on all things Revenge.

First off, what is going on with your boyfriend Tyler? Did the cast know he would eventually be hooking up with Nolan?

ASHLEY MADEKWE: No! We always knew that we were going to get the character Tyler on set and we heard he was going to be shady but we didn’t know how shady he’d be. I don’t want to ruin it for you but I’ll tell you—how far it goes in the season with the relationship—the secret might have to come out eventually.

What could we expect from tonight’s episode?

I can’t remember that much because they all start to blend in to me! [Laughs] I don’t think Lydia wakes up but there are definitely a lot of people in this episode. Lydia’s in this episode–I’m not sure if this is the one she wakes up in. Lydia’s around though, the real Emily’s around and Tyler’s still around. We have great guest stars by the way. Its amazing the guest stars we end up having. We got so lucky. We keep getting good people.

We have to get to the latest kill off! Will we find out sooner rather than later that the real Emily Thorne is the one that killed him?

I don’t know when we find that out with Emily. Yea, I don’t know when we find that out. With television I think again that’s a secret that will come out eventually but I don’t know if we know it yet.

This show is just so insane! Even when the truth comes out in an episode viewers don’t know if they are getting fed the right information or leading to the real conclusion. Will Ashley learn about what kind of person Tyler is in an upcoming episode?

Yeah, I would hope that she does find out. I think she will. Those kinds of secrets can’t be hidden forever. Even if she never found out this season, you know hands down she would have to find out eventually. Its just to good for her not to find out.