Interview: Rachael Taylor Looks Back On Her Acting Start, Foreshadows What May Be Next After ‘666 Park Avenue’


If there’s one cancellation to be most upset about this season, it’s most definitely the one of ABC’s 666 Park Avenue. The news of the Drake officially closing its doors came as a surprise Friday, but ABC confirmed that the series would be airing all 13 episodes. The actors still have two more episodes to film, but we’re sure to see more of Rachael Taylor once it ends. She recently spoke to me about getting into the business, her (surprise!) Australian accent, and what other projects she may work on in the future.

“I’ve always been drawn to movies and television as a person, but I feel like I also kind of got lucky – I moved to the city when I was 16 – this was in Australia – just because I lived in a really small town and I kind of wanted to try my hand at life in the big world,” Taylor explains of her start in performing. “Acting was the same world as anything else, but I found it the easiest, in a way. Not easiest in terms of the work, but just it was the thing that got me working as a young person. It’s the path that I stayed on. I never really had much of a plan, and I still kind of don’t. It’s something that inspires me and challenges me. I would describe myself as a reasonably pragmatic, sensible person, and it kind of gives me a place to use my imagination and ask myself questions about my own emotional state, which is kind of why I like doing it so much.”

Playing Jane on 666 and working in New York has been something Taylor is very grateful for, but to many viewers it may come as a surprise that off set she sports a very different accent. (Even though you probably wouldn’t tell the difference with all that screaming every Sunday night.) “I actually have a really strong Australian accent. It’s just something I’ve kind of gotten used to slipping in and out of. It’s more oral than pathological at this point. I can be sitting at a restaurant and there can be an American sitting across from me and I’ll be using an American accent, and then I’ll turn around to an Australian or English person sitting next to me and suddenly I’ll be back in the Australian accent. It’s kind of bizarre,” she jokes. “But it’s something I really enjoy because I actually do see accents as a really fun thing, and they’re really important in terms of character. I’m a different person in an Australian accent and an American accent. It’s kind of hard to explain, but it’s something that I’ve found is a very useful tool for exploring the character.”

Whether working with Dave Annable or looking ahead to the next project, Taylor has a great outlook on just working hard. “I keep learning,” she says of acting. Adding prior to the cancellation, “It’s been an amazing rollercoaster ride: you work, and then you don’t work, and then you work, and then you don’t work. I like the challenge of not just the work, but the industry itself.”


So what could be next up for the stunning Australian actress? Whatever it may be, viewers have no need to worry. “I do really like to write. I’m not likely to write a screenplay any time soon because that’s not the kind of writing that I do, but I actually tinker around with writing a bunch of poetry, and essays, and little articles,” she admits. “Should I get behind the camera?” she asks herself. “I have a very visual brain in a way. I’m not sure where that leads, but I’m really enjoying at the moment playing around with writing, and learning about the camera. I think storytelling is what motivates me, and I’m not sure I’ll end up in terms of that, but it’s something I really enjoy. I’m always pulling images out of magazines and story articles that I like. I’m not sure where that interest is leading but I’m sure it will lead somewhere.”



‘Parenthood’ Exclusive: Matt Lauria Comments On Those Amber And Ryan Make-Out Pictures, Working With Mae Whitman


Parenthood is finally returning tonight on NBC, and with none other than a new romance that viewers have been patiently waiting on for weeks! Amber Braverman and Ryan York’s relationship continues to grow, and we can’t help but be extremely excited about the new romance. After all, Matt Lauria’s role as an Afghanistan veteran hooked us immediately at the baseball game, with his “No, I’m interested in you” line and how he handled Amber’s breakdown on the first date.

Mae Whitman and Lauria have been having a fantastic time on set together, and that’s not only obvious from their Twitter feeds. I spoke with the Friday Night Lights alum recently about his new role on the critically acclaimed series and he revealed how many episodes he’ll probably be staying on for. Plus, I’d like to think he was blushing when he broke down that whole ocean making out scene during our conversation!

“I just think she’s fantastic. We’ve developed a really awesome bond personally. I think that the two of us can’t help but feel energized and just excited about the opportunity that sort of has been put in front of us, and that sort of has bonded us. We just get along really well,” Lauria said about the very talented Whitman. “I think that both of us feel a lot of gratitude, and we’re just feeling really fired up about the story that we get to tell. It’s really beautiful, and it’s really important in terms of what many young Americans are facing getting back from over there.”

Compared to Amber’s wild past of dad issues and her Bob campaign days, it seems as though this new relationship with Ryan will become a fan favorite. All the while showing how much Whitman’s character has grown since season one. “She’s just a really cool chick, and she’s really smart, and obviously extraordinarily talented. Early on – she’s a smart actress – and she was able to pinpoint a couple of things early on with the dynamic between these two characters,” Lauria tells of Whitman’s work ethic. “Without being too spoiler-y, she was able to identify ways in which they are really good for each other and helping each other grow personally. I can’t say enough good things about her.”

But speaking of spoilers, hello ocean make-out session! Oh yes, that happened and Lauria revealed how he himself found out about the pictures showing up online for the first time. “Oh, God,” he laughed. “A friend of mine texted me, who I’ve known her for years, and she’s like, ‘I was looking [online] or something like that, and then I see pictures of you emerging from the ocean. Now I know you’ve really made it!’ he laughed. “The funny thing about that is it was early on. I think those pictures are from when it was still lighter out, and we were still figuring out the basic choreography of everything. It was one of the first times we went into the ocean. We did it tons and tons of times. The ones that they have are with us standing in water that is really shallow, but we weren’t aware how deep we had to go in. The water was waist-high or higher, but then when it withdrew back into the ocean, we didn’t realize how shallow it was. So, there she is, like, straddling me and I’m holding her up. It looks very risqué. I don’t think that will end up looking like that when it all comes down to it.”

The scene may be edited differently, but the moment will surely have viewers waiting in anticipation. It all starts tonight in “Together” on NBC. And stay tuned for more Parenthood and Friday Night Lights talk with Matt Lauria!

Haylie Duff: Hilary’s Baby Boy Luca Cruz Is “Growing So Fast Its Crazy!” (Exclusive)


Hard to believe, but Hilary Duff’s baby boy is almost 8 months already! The actress hasn’t been shy on Twitter from sharing the cutest pictures of Luca Cruz, and now his aunt can’t stop gushing too! Ology recently caught up with Hilary’s big sister Haylie Duff to find out what its been like for the entire family since the new addition.

“Oh my Gosh! He is just the most wonderful, scrumptious little nugget!” she exclaimed. “He’s really enhanced our family in so many ways I just couldn’t imagine.”

The two sisters are especially busy in the industry these days, but Haylie definitely spends as much time as possible with her adorable nephew. “He’s growing so fast its crazy. I’ve been having to travel for quite a bit for my book and so I’ll leave and I’ll come back two weeks later and I’ll just see him and he’ll be like double the size since I left. It’s so crazy how fast they grow. But he’s smart and wonderful. We’re so lucky, so lucky.”

Hilary first announced she was pregnant in August 2011 with hubby Mike Comrie, and later gave birth March 20.

‘Vampire Diaries’ Exclusive: Is Lexi Making A Return To Mystic Falls?


Stefan’s old vamp friend Lexi may have gotten killed off, but Vampire Diaries fans know that anything and anyone can return to Mystic Falls in a surprise twist. The fourth season of the CW series is only a few episodes in, and anything can happen. Arielle Kebbel’s reveal to me about her character’s future proves just that.

“I hope you were pissed when she died,” she joked. “I’m honored to be a part of the show. I told Julie Plec, I was like, ‘Honestly, Lexi lives on forever through the fans.’ And I just feel like I’m constantly shocked and humbled at the people that will stop me. I’ll have like a grandmother stop me about Damon and what’s next [all the way] to little kids. And so for me just to have that kind of interaction about the character Lexi I’ve been lucky to portray from the books now to the series affect that wide range of people across the country, and even the world, is just completely shocking.”

Wait for it…

“I mean any time that I get the call that there’s another secret trip to Atlanta I’m stoked. And I know the fans are always asking if I’ll come back and I always tell them that so far the record is I tend to come back once this season and anything can happen. So stay tuned.”

Get ready TVD fans. The season has just begun.

‘Vampire Diaries’ Exclusive: Don’t Expect Kat Graham’s Music To Be Featured In Mystic Falls


Sorry Kat Graham music lovers. The actress isn’t planning on having any of her own material appear on the fourth season of the Vampire Diaries. Granted, her songs may have only worked during electrifying vamp biting scenes and high school dances, but when we last chatted with Kat about the series we just couldn’t resist asking just in case.

“I hope not unless Kat Graham, quote on quote, visits the Vampire Diaries.” she reveals. “I don’t think Bonnie could sing my music. I like scoring music for the actual soundtrack, which I’ve done in the past. I’m not really interested in singing my songs other than for myself, if that makes any sense, other than the character of Bonnie.”

But don’t be a witch about it fans. The series has already introduced us to some of the most repeat-worthy tunes:

– Jason Walker, “Down”
– Sanders Bohlke, “The Weight of Us”
– Barcelona, “Come Back When You Come”
– Placebo, “Running Up That Hill”
– Ed Sheeran, “Give Me Love”

Though her music won’t be appearing, Kat and the cast are severely missed (ahem, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley) as they continue to film the show’s fourth season.

The actors are so talented, and their hardwork must have something to do with how they are behind the scenes. “I am very to myself before a scene. I don’t joke around,” Kat admits. “We have the set super quiet all the time. You can hear a pin drop on set. Other than that, I’m not much fun!”

Though she says she’s not, we couldn’t disagree more!

Kat Graham Interview: ‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Lands New YouTube Music Show


Despite having a killer acting gig on the CW’s Vampire Diaries alongside Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev, actress Kat Graham has also been keeping busy with her budding music career. The actress just premiered her very first single “Put Your Graffiti On Me” a few months back, and is now being featured in the new show AwesomenessTV. “Road To…” is a behind the scenes YouTube experience for fans to see what tour life is currently like for Graham when it comes to her journey into the music industry.

“My style is a little crazy,” Kat admits to Ology. “I’ve always trying to like—I think I’m toning it down, but then I always wind up just kind of doing my own thing. My biggest style inspirations come from the 90s. I’m really inspired by TLC and I’m inspired by Janet Jackson and different designers like Jeremy Scott. I’m inspired by the drag queen scene, by the combat boots, the torn up jeans and baggy skirts. I love that look. I guess that’s kind of where I lie in terms of my own personal style.”

Kat’s fierce attitude certainly doesn’t go unnoticed when she takes the stage. Neither do her outfits that clearly show her creativity. “I love Kanye West and I’m really inspired by him a lot,” she adds. “He does something with men’s fashion, which rappers have done. Very few, like Pharrell, he’s done a lot. And MIA is huge too. People US Weekly just puts on their Fashion Police, but like not always on their cover.”

Filming for season four of TVD is underway and singing has become a huge priority in Kat’s life. But what else is she passionate about? She loves animals, art and spirituality. “I’m passionate about animals. I could be a bit obsessive about art and artists. Like Renaissance artists, most particularly Leonardo da Vinci and the history of things; the background of them and the story behind it. I’m very passionate about the Renaissance era.”

Exclusive: ‘One Tree Hill’ Alum Kelsey Chow Reveals How Josh Hutcherson’s ‘Punk’d’ Episode Really Went Down

MTV’s Punk’d went after some big names this past season, including Hunger Games actors Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson in its latest schemes. Though his reaction was a bit underwhelming, Hutcherson’s prank was particularly intriguing. The actors were able to make him think he was being followed within a couple of seconds after stopping at a nearby coffee shop. Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale hosted, but it was his other friend waiting at the fake rest stop that really surprised us. Look again: that’s One Tree Hill alum Kelsey Chow standing to his right before the credits roll.

Luckily, Kelsey let us in on that day and how she got involved with the prank. Who knew the two were even friends? “You win that bet. I was!” she laughed when I said people didn’t believe me when I said it was her. “My roommate, the other girl, she did an independent with him and Josh is a friend of mine and so we Punk’d him together and had the opportunity to do that, which was great. I was a thrilled to be a part of it because I watched Punk’d growing up and I got to see how elaborate the show is and what length they go to punk these people. It was a little nerve-racking but it was very exciting.”

The boy with the bread must have had his radar on still since leaving District 12 too, because he immediately figured out he was being trailed due to a “bugged” cup of coffee. “He really stood up,” Chow said. “He was being a tough guy to the cops, to the CIA, whoever they were. So, he kind of came off as a hero, but I think it was such a relief that it all went well. We were just really happy.”


So, does this mean she’s Team Peeta? Obviously.