‘Doctor Who’ Interview: Three Scenes With Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, And Steven Moffat


Here at Ology, we love to get inside the heads of our favorite actors and figure out just what went into making our favorite moments of our favorite shows. It’s a game we like to play called Three Scenes, where the people behind the characters explain–in their own words–the story behind some of their biggest moments on the show. Here, Doctor Who’s Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, and Executive Producer Steven Moffat share their favorite scenes from the past season.

While getting recognized for their Doctor Who work at the Peabody Awards in New York City Monday, May 20, we caught up with the cast of the BBC series to discuss their favorite moments. It’s since been announced that Smith will be leaving the show after the 50th anniversary airs Saturday, November 23, 2013.

Favorite Scene This Season
JENNA COLEMAN: I think Asylum [of the Daleks] probably for me.
MATT SMITH: Yeah, yeah, yeah—I think Asylum and I think the finale was pretty great. In this season I thought Episode 1 was pretty strong.

Best Table Read
SMITH: The 50th was pretty fun!
COLEMAN: Yeah, the 50th was really great.

Most Challenging Scene
MOFFAT: Every single thing. [Laughs]
COLEMAN: Yeah, the 3D. The cameras that were 3D, it was very slow.
SMITH: It changes the pace in how you can work. When you are making Doctor Who you’ve got to work quick because there’s a lot to pack in in two weeks worth of shooting. But I think if any show is made for 3D then Doctor Who kind of is. It really works.


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