The 50 Best Episodes Of 2013 (My Picks)

At Ology, myself and other editors got together and ranked the top 50 episodes of 2013. An annual list, we watched many shows over and over again to make the best list possible, while also showcasing shows that may not get enough credit. (I know, hard work.) Check out my pieces below:

 photo NEWGIRL6_zps174d2900.jpg

No. 06 – “Cooler,” NEW GIRL (Episode 215, Premiered 01/29/2013, FOX)

Where The Office‘s Jim and Pam were the previous reigning champions of the twee sitcom love story, there’s no doubt that New Girl‘s Nick Miller, so excellently portrayed by the crush-worthy Jake Johnson as he’s been given phenomenal depth to play with in Season 2, making him our new Jim Halpert (yet original, of course). After chickening out during a dare to makeout with Jess (adorkable Zooey Deschanel), Nick gives himself away when he states he doesn’t want to be pressured, “not like this!” But after Schmidt fainting and a nighttime visitor at the door, the writers take us all by surprise when Nick whips Jess around and kisses her in probably the hottest, most surprising TV smooch of the year. “I meant something like that,” he explains, setting off swoon alerts worldwide. Though putting the two lead characters together was both risky and unexpected, it was everything people were talking about the next day, and repeating that final scene at an obsessive rate made you feel guilty enough to put a dollar in the douche jar. – Stephanie Webber

 photo PHOOD13_zps158a9e30.jpg

No. 13 – “There’s Something I Need To Tell You,” PARENTHOOD (Episode 405, Premiered 10/09/2012, NBC)

Beautifully executed, tear-worthy, and the episode that hopefully starts to pave the way for Monica Potter winning an Emmy, Parenthood‘s “There’s Something I Need To Tell You” was as awe-inspiring as it was heartbreaking. Hank and Sarah may have kissed for the first time, Julia’s breakdown may foreshadow the future, and Victor’s homerun may be one of the best scenes all season, but Kristina and Adam telling the rest of the family about her breast cancer showed this talented ensemble at its best. It could have been an overheard discussion, it could have been in a living room, but the scene is moving simply by a cut to silence and everyone’s immediate reaction. It’s realistic, it’s raw, and it’s fantastic television. – Stephanie Webber

 photo MINDY30_zps75b61cec.jpg

No. 30 – “Take Me With You,” THE MINDY PROJECT (Episode 124, Premiered 05/14/2013, FOX)

Thank you, wunderkind Mindy Kaling, for both a brilliant rom-com series and for bringing Chris Messina’s to us on a weekly basis. In Mindy‘s season finale, she heads off to Haiti while leaving us with a set of the best one-liners and a Danny Castellano moment that yes, we are still repeating. What we learned: Anders Holm is a fantastic guest star, loving indecisive boob sizes is a thing, a penis can be big enough to knock off glasses, and eating corn after a “flossfire” in someone’s eye is actually quite hilarious. But after a season of hints thrown at Mindy with some Danny looks and subtle flirtation, the last scene with Danny and Mindy would make even New Girl‘s Jess and Nick envious. Cue up M83’s “Midnight City.” – Stephanie Webber

 photo SCANDAL24_zps40eb8703.jpg

No. 24 – “Happy Birthday, Mr. President,” SCANDAL (Episode 208, Premiered 12/06/2012, ABC)

A shooting episode in any series is delicate to tackle, let alone one that centers on the President of the United States. But as always, Shonda Rimes handles an attack on POTUS with ease, starting the episode in medias res and taking us through the hour with flashbacks since the Inaugural Ball to flesh out the storyline. The president is presently bleeding out and Olivia is back while we look back on the Cytron explosion and Cyrus and James’ relationship as we cling to that “I exist for you” line. And there’s no way we could forget Olivia and Fitz leaving the Oval office a bit more, uh, disheveled, after occupying it for just a brief moment. – Stephanie Webber

No. 40 – “Because You’re My Sister,” PARENTHOOD (Episode 415, Premiered 01/22/2013, NBC)

The tears are still fresh from the season finale that could have easily been its series end (though it was renewed for 22 episodes, so thank the Bravermans for that). The writers tied up each Braverman’s storylines just in case fans had seen their last dance party so that we couldn’t ask for anything more—unless, of course, Sarah just chose Mark like many were hoping for. Crosby and Jasmine have some baby news, Sarah moves on with Hank, Julia and Joel finally get their Victor adoption wish, and Kristina and Adam replace cancer with a very happy walk down the Hawaiian beach. Forever young, indeed. Next stop: restocking our tissues for next season. – Stephanie Webber

No. 36 – “White Hat’s Back On,” SCANDAL (Episode 222, Premiered 05/16/2013, ABC)

As if Shonda Rhimes’ third ABC creation Scandal couldn’t get any more explosive after the mole reveal during the previous week! David Rosen turns out to actually just be playing Billy Chambers, Cyrus has a heart attack, Baby Huck Quinn has a gruesome killing, and Olivia and Fitz call it quits once again. Why? The wine lover reveals who really comes before the president, which only leads Fitz back into Mellie’s arms. “I can’t leave them. They need me, I’m their Gladiator.” But that’s nothing compared to Olivia revealing who her dad is in the very last minute, creating the acclaimed second season’s most scandal-ous scene of all. –Stephanie Webber

No. 35 – “One Man’s Trash,” GIRLS (Episode 205, Premiered 02/10/2013, HBO)

Even diehard fans of HBO’s witty Girls were split on its second season’s most talked-about episode, and that’s exactly why it’s on this list. Season 2 was an unpredictable gamble with viewers on what they’d see next, the fifth episode producing a single story line focused just on Lena Dunham’s Hannah Horvath. The self-contained story shows Hannah admitting she’s been leaving her work’s trash in the cans of the handsome Dr. Joshua (guest star Patrick Wilson). But the confrontation soon starts a sex-filled weekend, abruptly ending when she goes on a tailspin about wanting “all the things.” She’s young and makes mistakes, he’s older and content with everything he has in life already. So with that, she literally takes the garbage out of his bin. He’s not ready to put anything else on his plate. – Stephanie Webber


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