‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Interview: Three Scenes With Chris O’Donnell


Here at Ology, we love to get inside the heads of our favorite actors and figure out just what went into making our favorite moments of our favorite shows. It’s a game we like to play called Three Scenes, where the people behind the characters explain–in their own words–the story behind some of their biggest moments on the show. Here, NCIS: Los Angeles star Chris O’Donnell shares about the upcoming season, and what scenes tend to be his favorite on the CBS series. 

Upcoming Scene Most Excited About
“In episode 100, viewers find out information about my character’s life and history. Also, I will direct again.”

Favorite Scene So Far
“I love any time Callen and Sam are giving each other a hard time. Also, I love my scenes with ‘Hetty.'”

Most Challenging Scene
“Any time I am running through explosions and fireballs, I take the stuntman’s advice very seriously. Also, any scene I am in where L.L. [Cool J] is driving – he is a native New Yorker.”


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