72nd Annual Peabody Awards: ‘Girls’ And ‘Southland’ Get Honored


The Peabody Awards had its 72nd annual ceremony in New York City on Monday, May 20, honoring 39 winners for their continued excellence in 2012. Taking place at the Waldorf Astoria, some well-deserved recognition went to the newly cancelled Southland, the Doctor Who cast, and Lorne Michaels, who received a rare individual Peabody Award.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally be among serious people. I truly appreciate this…” Michaels said. The television producer was joined by friend Amy Poehler.

Robin Roberts was also awarded on behalf of the ABC News Special, Robins Journey. The Good Morning America co-host was joined by her colleagues on stage. “We never thought that my journey would have such a reaction, and are so grateful that it has lead to action in saving other people’s lives…”

Other recipients included Louis C.K. for his hit Louie, D.L. Hughley for Comedy Central’s D.L. Hughley: The Endangered List, Bryant Gumbel for Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, Executive Producers of HBO’s Game Change, Jay Roach and Danny Strong, and Judd Apatow for Girls, who was joined by actors Allison Williams and Alex Karpovsky. “Thank you to the Peabody people for all of the Coke Zero and an enormous amount of beef…that was a lot of beef,” the producer joked. “It is an honor to be among you, I just peed next to Dr. Who and I’m very excited right now.”


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