‘Veep’ Star Anna Chlumsky On Pregnancy: “Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is Always Checking In



Anna Chlumsky may have been able to hide her baby bump for the most part while filming Veep, but the actress revealed to me that she did pop right before the last episode. 

“We wrapped in March. We were really fortunate in the beginning. I didn’t really pop—well, I didn’t really pop, pop until after we wrapped, which that’s great. But we started to have to get a little creative in maybe the last episode. But the nice time is it took place in the winter so everyone’s wearing jackets anyway,” she told me at a recent event in New York City. “I was really fortunate. I didn’t get morning sickness at all. I did get fatigued, but you know everyone’s tired when you do a 20-hour day!”

The hilarious HBO cast couldn’t be more supportive during the process too. “I keep on saying I have a built in village. This baby has a built in village,” she laughed. “They are so supportive. I always cry when I think about it. They are so supportive and they are just—Tony’s [Hale] like, ‘I can’t wait to hold the baby!’ And Julia [Louis-Dreyfus] is always checking in. She’s always asking me on a Saturday how many more weeks. It’s just amazing.”

The 32-year-old announced she was first expecting with husband Shaun So in 2008. 


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