Interview: Fifth Harmony On New Album, Working With Emblem 3



Getting labeled as the female version of One Direction, the ladies of Fifth Harmony have been keeping busy since coming in third place on The X Factor last season. They’ve been working on their new record, and couldn’t be more excited about its debut. I recently caught up with the group (Lauren Jauregui, Camila Cabello, Dinah Jane Hansen, Normani Hamilton, and Ally Brooke Hernandez), and we chatted about their most challenging and favorite cover songs they performed on the FOX series, and if they would ever collaborate with the other group that got noticed–the boys of Emblem 3!

What was the most challenging cover song you did while on the X Factor?
: I think, “Let It Be.” We had a story behind it too because that was the week the kids passed away at school and we dedicated it to them. That was a hard moment.
LAUREN: Yeah, and in difficult as in terms of hard to do, I think “I’ll Stand By You” was the most difficult to put together and figure what to do with it to make it special.
NORMANI: I think “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”
I actually think, “Let It Be” because it’s a Beatles song and it’s so hard—I don’t think we made it as good as the original but it was a challenge even considering to do it.

What was your favorite song that you were the most proud of?
DINAH: Probably “Anything Can Happen.”
CAMILA: Yes, “Anything Can Happen.”

What advice did you take away from the show?
ALLY: I think it was to take ownership of us and of the group and really know who we are because in the end we’re the ones that are going out there and have to have a certain image and a certain presentation that we want to present to the world. So I think its really great to take initiative to our own group and our own image.

Crazy how your very first album will be out soon!
ALLY: We are super excited on it and have been working really hard on it.
DINAH: The albums almost finished. We wrote so many songs for it.
NORMANI: It should be out really soon.

What can fans expect?
ALLY: Pop pop!
DINAH: Let’s say pop with a little bit of R&B!
CAMILA: Little.
DINAH: Its like pop retro. It’s like Madonna…
CAMILA: and a Whitney Houston throwback.

Would you ever consider working with Emblem 3?
NORMANI: That would be kind of awesome to do a collaboration with our brothers.
CAMILA: Emblem 3 is awesome and we formed a great relationship on the show so I think it would be awesome to.
NORMANI: Yeah, and two bands collaborating would be cool.
DINAH: Plus, it would be two different genres so that would be cool.  

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