‘The Wire’ Interview: Three Scenes With Jamie Hector


Here at Ology, we love to get inside the heads of our favorite actors and figure out just what went into making our favorite moments of our favorite shows. It’s a game we like to play called Three Scenes, where the people behind the characters explain–in their own words–the story behind some of their biggest moments on the show. Here, The Wire star Jamie Hector recalls some of the most memorable scenes he had playing Marlo Stanfield from 2004 to 2008.

Most Challenging Scene
“One of the most challenging was myself with “Stringer” Bell because we knew that was the end of the show for him [Idris Elba] and he’s been a part of the show since day one.

Favorite Scene
“One of my favorite scenes—that’s even more difficult to choose because I’ve loved the show from beginning to end. But for myself, my favorite scene is actually when possibly myself is trying to get The Greek to accept the money from me.”

Most Memorable Table Read 
“My first table read because that was the only table read I had, which was the first table read!”  


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