Troian Bellisario Previews ‘Lauren’ Season 2


Troian Bellisario may be most known for her role as Specer Hastings on the popular ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars, but its her leading role in the WIGS show Lauren that has shown fans how much range she really has. Now in its second season, the 27-year-old recently shared what it’s been like to work with co-star Jennifer Beals, and the difficulty it was to re-create some dark and emotional moments, including a military rape. 

How did you get involved in Lauren?
TROIAN BELLISARIO: I was offered the job two days before we started shooting, which was insane.  And I basically showed up and Jennifer was amazing, she just handed me this incredible book and kind of told me all the things that she was looking at and researching with documentaries, and I just went home and I tried to just be a sponge. I just flipped through passages of the book and I tried to put on The InvisibleWar, and I watched that while I was reading the script, and I guess I just tried to take on as much of the experience that Lauren could be going through and what her days might be like.  And then I just walked in and, honestly, I just responded to Jennifer, which is exactly what Lauren’s doing. 

Is it hard to get into character for such a dark story line?
I think it’s definitely very difficult, especially because you know you’re spending whole days, and now when we were expanding, doing more episodes, weeks in these situations and going through these really terrible conversations and events kind of over and over and over again as you’re getting coverage of this kind of awful thing. And so I think actually for me it becomes you actually want to dive in to be as truthful and honor the story as much as possible, because you don’t ever want to become desensitized to it I think. 

What’s Lauren and Major Stone’s dynamic like now in Season 2?
I guess the evolution of the two women is kind of beautiful.  It’s not exactly parallel, but you get to see a bit more, I felt, of Jo Stone’s character and therefore got a lot of insight into Lauren and perhaps what might be lying ahead in her future.  And then as far as their dynamic, I think with all of that history and that background exposed, it becomes more of an important storyline whether these two were ever going to help each other, or how much they’re going to open up to each other.

What’s it been like for you to be a part of this series?
I think what is such an honor and what I love the most about being a storyteller is the ability to step into somebody else’s shoes. When all goes well and you get a wonderful project like Lauren and you get these amazing characters like with Lauren and with Jo Stone, your whole vision of the world expands. And for me, my father served in the military, but I really knew nothing.  I wasn’t born while he was serving, so I knew nothing of that lifestyle. And to get to step into that world and to get to understand and do research and hear stories and watch film about people’s experience and lives serving their country, which is something so completely different from what I do every day, but to stand in their shoes and fight for what they believe in, you just get a richer experience of life because you understand one more thing from somebody else’s point of view. 

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