‘Awkward.’ Interview: Nolan Gerard Funk On Being The New Kid In School


It may get Awkward. watching Tamara and Matty watch Jenna and Jake reliving the past in a game of charades, but could you imagine being the new kid? As Season 2 begins, fans were briefly introduced to Nolan Gerard Funk’s new character Collin, but as you’ve probably figured out already–there’s a lot more to him than just being the pretty face newbie in class. Nolan recently let me in on what to expect in on what his audition process was like, and what characters he’ll be interacting with the most. According to the 27-year-oldGlee alum, he’ll be quite the “challenge to many of the other students.”

What was the audition process like?
NOLAN GERARD FUNK: I was just so excited because I’m a fan of the show too. I went in once and I tested for Collin.

Did you test with any of the other actors?
No, I think the casting director had seem me on Glee and brought me in and after that I just got to meet Lauren Iungerich and showed my take on the character and luckily it worked!

What’s Collin like?
Collin is very intellectual and he comes from money and has a very different point of view on things. He’ll definitely provide as a challenge to many of the other students.

What characters does he interact with the most?
I would say Sadie, Jenna, Matty and a little bit of Tamara.

Is a romance in the cards for him?
You have to watch to see!

What’s the No. 1 thing fans could definitely find in your dressing room?
I definitely—there’s always food! So yes, definitely food.

What was the first day on set like?
My first memory of the show was actually at the table read. Ashley [Rickards] came right up to me and was just so nice. She and everyone were just so welcoming. I knew Brett [Davern] because we did this movie called Triple Dog so it was just awesome.

I hope he and Beau let you get in on their bromance sometimes!
I try to get in on their romance, and sometimes they do let me in! [Laughs]

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