The ‘Awkward.’ Bromance: Brett Davern Makes It Official


Jake Rosati and Matty McKibben may have started off in an Awkward. bromance on the MTV series hit, but that relationship doesn’t even come close to what Brett Davern and Beau Mirchoff have off set. The Awkward.stars are best buds when not filming–as this should come as no surprise to fans of the show–and we recently caught up with Davern to talk about the friendship, and what comes next for Jake in Season 3. 

We have to get right to it. Let’s talk about your bromance with Beau. 
BRETT DAVERN: I hope that I can speak for him saying that I want to make it official and announce that we are officially in a bromance. In a full-on bromance.

They should make a status like that on Facebook!
You know what, why don’t they? You know, you spell ours breaumance. Breaumance.

You came up with that yourself?
Well, last year the creator of our show Lauren Iungerich made a special director’s chair for us with no—so it was two director’s chairs but they cut off the arms in the middle and they had the name spelled like that on the back. I think we might have put a photo of it on Instagram at one time last year. Yeah, so they came up with that. I didn’t come up with that! The writers, they are brilliant.

What’s your favorite thing in your dressing room?
Wow, the number one thing. I don’t know!

Besides Beau.
[Laughs] I was going to say, every time Beau drops by for a visit, and then he becomes my favorite object in there—especially if he’s doing some pushups, something to pump up. Wow, was that too much? [Laughs] Man, my favorite thing in my dressing room—I don’t keep a lot in there honestly! Maybe my laptop? Tweeting out to some fans while on the set. I don’t know. These girls all have these scented candles.

Yeah, oh my God! [Laughs] Theirs is all decorated up. Mine’s like nothing. There’s nothing in it but my backpack and me.

Jake has a new relationship this season. What can fans expect?
I think Jake and Tamara’s relationship is really real. Hopefully it comes off that’s why, because that’s how we intended it. They’re trying to make this thing work. They were friends before obviously. They had kind of this impulsive moment and I think they are trying to figure out if its lust or is there this real relationship behind it. I think for Jake he’s finally happy to be in this relationship where there’s no secrets. Or at least, he hopes there are no secrets! Dun. Dun. Dun!

It’s cool for him! I mean that’s there big thing. They share everything with each other, so it’s cool to have him experience that.

What would be your second career choice besides having this awesome bromance?
This year I’m really getting the chance to skim the pro-celebrity Toyota—hold on, I got to get it right. Toyota Pro-Celebrity Grand of Long Beach. It’s all for charity and it goes to children’s hospitals. Beau and I actually did a racecar movie together called Fast Track on the off time this year. I got bit by the racing bug. I’m doing this through this charity event and I really want to be a racecar driver. So if there’s any race teams out there or just anyone with a lot of money [laughs].

Patrick Dempsey from Grey’s Anatomy does this too, right?
Patrick, give me a call. 


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