‘Awkward.’ Interview: Molly Tarlov’s Favorite Scene And “You’re Welcome” Moment


Molly Tarlov may have hated Ricky Schwartz, but fans of Awkward. have nothing for love for the actress. We recently caught up with Tarlov, who plays Sadie Saxton on the MTV series, about her favorite scene of all-time and more importantly: what’s her very favorite “you’re welcome” moment?

“I think in the first season in Episode 6. There was a scene between Sadie and her mom where she really broke down and that’s—I can’t pick a favorite scene but that’s definitely one of my absolute favorites because it shaded in the first season a lot more of my character and what’s kind of going on underneath,” she revealed. “Since then we’ve been able to see more and more in every episode instead of just concentrated in one, but that was one of my favorite scenes. It was also one of the scenes I did for the audition so it was extra special.”

And as it turns out, her favorite “you’re welcome” line wasn’t too far from it. “Actually, that was in the same episode! In Episode 6 there was a three-part “You’re welcome” sequence that came and that really is still to this day my favorite because I love the different quick pops of the ‘you’re welcomes.'”

Sadie may be starting off Season 3 in a rough spot, but it’s only the beginning for probably one of the best high school characters on television today.

And hey, at least we got some scoop before it all begins.

You’re welcome.


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