‘Pitch Perfect’ Star Kelley Jakle Reveals Favorite Scene, Talks Sequel


Pitch Perfect is finally getting a sequel, and the news couldn’t be more aca-mazing! Just one day before the announcement, we caught up with Kelley Jakle, who played Jessica in the musical comedy. She dished on what it’s like working with Rebel Wilson, and what scene made a lasting impression once the project wrapped.

“It was so fun! I mean you never know what will come out of her mouth, which is an adventure really to work with her,” she said of Wilson. “People used to ask me who’s Rebel Wilson. They’ll ask, ‘Who’s that?’ and I say, ‘She’s the girl from Bridesmaids!’ And they’ll say, ‘Ohh! My God. She’s amazing. She’s hilarious.’ And now she’s such a superstar! It was so fun to see the transition from Bridesmaids until now.”

The cast, including Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Alexis Knapp, and Anna Camp clearly are still close. Jakle admits they all had great chemistry with one another. “A really special scene was when we sang the mash-up for “Just The Way You Are” and “Just the Dream” in the empty pool. For some reason—the 10 of us girls worked so hard together and I felt like that was such a meaningful scene because in the movie we finally came together as a group and really had one mind as an acapella group. I feel it’s a really meaningful scene in a movie that’s entirely comedy based but it’s a very touching moment that we felt while filming it.”

The Pitch Perfect sequel is set for 2015, and Jakle is ready just like the rest of us. “I think Kay [Cannon] signed on to write it. She’s brilliant and I trust her!”


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