‘Awkward.’ Interview: Desi Lydic And Greer Grammer Give A Behind-The-Scenes Look


Awkward is hilarious, whacky, and well, awkward. And that’s just describing characters Valerie Marks and Lissa from the MTV series. Played by Desi Lydic and Greer Grammer, I chatted with the fun ladies recently about the show that is now on its third season! Besides finding out if they are Team Matty or Team Jake, we also went behind-the-scenes to discuss their favorite scene and favorite object in their dressing room. Hint: the “object” actually turned out to be a certain blonde that made his way into the interview!

What’s been your favorite scene so far on Awkward?
Greer Grammer: My favorite scenes kind of both consist of the same thing. First season it was when I got to slap Jenna for making out with my boyfriend, and the second time was in the season premiere of the second season when Ashley [Rickards] got to slap Lissa. I just thought they were both really, really funny. I loved it.

Desi Lydic: The Valentine’s Day one! Yes, yes, that was a fun one. And any time I get to work with Nicki [Deloach], because she is such a whacky character and its like you get the two of them together. I think probably my favorite that we’ve filmed so far is in the restaurant last season. We get to drinking a little bit. And then there’s a really, really fun one this season where we wear leotards are will be doing very inappropriate things.

What’s your favorite thing in your dressing room?
Desi: This guy!

Brett Davern: Anytime Brett stops by for a visit!

Desi: That’s always good. Pretty much. He’s always hiding in the closet!

Important Question: Team Matty or Team Jake?
Desi: Team Matty all the way! Completely.

Greer: I’m biased though, Jake cheated on me. But I love both of the boys, but I have to say I was always kind of the girl who would go for the class president—like the good guy, so I’d probably be Team Jake.

And how awkward was high school for you?
Desi: Totally, completely awkward!

Greer: I was a good student, definitely did more extracurriculars than academics—like theater and dance, which has led me to where I am today. Okay in school, my mom always called me a gifted underachiever. I just did as much as I could to get by even though I could have done so much better. I got good grades, but didn’t try. So if I tried I probably would have been class president or whatever.

Desi: I would say I was probably the opposite. I was probably the ungifted overachiever in school. Like tried too hard and just couldn’t quite get there. I was on the dance team in high school, but I was the alternate. So I didn’t really get to perform at all. [Laughs] When the games would come around they would be like, “Sit this one out Desi. Maybe next year!” Like, okay! Most improved! [Laughs]

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