Tom Hiddleston On ‘The Avengers’: “We Are Enormously Proud Of It”


The Avengers racked up some of the biggest awards at the MTV Movie Awards–including Movie of the Year and Best Villian–and actor Tom Hiddleston couldn’t help but share the moment with the fans. Though the film came out back in April 2012, the 32-year-old shared how much the project still means to him Sunday night in Culver City, California. 

“I just want to say—I, and I know I speak for the three of us and anyone who’s not here—are so proud of this film because it’s really good. And it’s all because of this man [Joss Whedon] because he wrote it and he directed it and the screenplay was tight,” he told the press room backstage. “It feels like The Avengers was a while ago now, but audiences really took it to their hearts and they really loved it. And to receive an award like this that’s voted for by people who shell out every Friday weekend and Saturday night and Sunday just to go see movies because they love them—to receive that is the highest compliment as you can be paid as a filmmaker in any capacity. So we are enormously proud of it.”

Hiddleton, who played Loki in the film, was also joined by co-stars Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson and Joss Whedon.


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