Rebel Wilson On Reuniting With Her ‘Pitch Perfect’ Cast


Rebel Wilson gave us some raunchy jokes, and the Pitch Perfect reunion we’ve all been waiting for Sunday night! At the MTV Movie Awards in Culver City, Calif., the comedian and her co-stars opened up with hits like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” and Alicia Keys’ “Fire” but its what happened behind-the-scenes that will probably be what Wilson remembers most.

After the event, the 27-year-old came backstage and let me in on what she thought about the Pitch Perfectreunion just one day before Universal confirmed that the film would be getting a sequel.

I have to say, you were aca-mazing as host. 
REBEL WILSON: Aw, thank you! I was packing it because at the top of the show I had to sing live and I knew that I had a four-minute dance routine [laughs] and the thing with the bicycle I had to actually fall up on the dudes and if I fall I knew its not going to be good. But once that whole routine was out of the way I was like, ‘Ohh! Thank God.’

How was it reuniting with the Pitch Perfect like and what the scheduling like for rehearsing the opening number?
It was so great. We only started rehearsing Thursday as a full cast. I did a few numchuck rehearsals before then [laughs], but I just love those guys and girls so much. Like, Ben [Platt] flew in from Chicago to do it because he’s in Book of Mormon there. And just the girls they’re just so awesome and cool. I just felt really supported and we had our little earpieces in so we could hear the track. Before we went on everyone’s like, “Go Rebel!” And I was like, “Good luck you guys. Sing well.” So it’s really good to have that in your ear because I was packing it before I went on. It’s pretty nerve-racking being in that whole and having to climb up. 


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