‘Awkward.’ Interview: Three Scenes With Brett Davern


Here at Ology, we love to get inside the heads of our favorite actors and figure out just what went into making our favorite moments of our favorite shows. It’s a game we like to play called Three Scenes, where the people behind the characters explain–in their own words–the story behind some of their biggest moments on the show. Here, Awkward. star Brett Davern shares about his upcoming bromance scenes, and that time his co-stars kept breaking while filming because of a certain practical joke. 

Scene That Was The Most Fun
“Well, you know, for season three there’s a lot of bromance scenes. There’s a lot of Jake and Matty one-on-one and it was a lot of fun. I don’t want to give anything away but I will say that there is dancing in one of them. So if anyone has ever seen Footloose, get ready for that. They aren’t alone in a bar or anything like that dancing around, but there is some dancing!”

The Time You Couldn’t Stay In Character
“This year there’s a scene with Beau [Mirchoff], Jillian [Rose Reed], and myself. So the three of us were in a scene together and Jillian and Beau—well, let me set the scene for you—I was in the middle of my line, took a little pause, and heard a noise coming from underneath the couch cushion—or maybe on top of the couch cushion—it was coming from where like I was sitting. It sounded like a fart. And I was like really scared because I was like; “I don’t think that was me, but maybe that was me? But I don’t think it was me?” And they had hidden a fart machine speaker under my cushion. Beau and Jillian had, and they were pressing the button and dying laughing. And then of course after that we couldn’t get it together and do the scene.”

Favorite Read-Through
“Oh, man. Anytime Desi Lydic, who plays Valerie, is doing her stuff. She’s hilarious. She’s so funny, and I don’t get too many scenes with her so I don’t actually get to see her do her stuff, so in the table read she’s hilarious.”


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