MTV Movie Awards 2013: The Live Blog


Welcome to Rebel Wilson’s night! Ology is (was) live at the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles just moments ago, and is now giving you the latest news on the big night right here in the press room! We saw the kids ofTeen Wolf and Awkward on the carpet, and will be giving you much more exclusives later this week about one of the biggest fan favorite award shows of the year! Stay tuned for some very cool interviews, and a behind-the-scenes look at what you may have missed while watching.

But for now–check out our live blog! Get the popcorn and wine ready, and refresh often.

9:00- Rebel Wilson comes out blazing with the cast of Pitch Perfect! She also did a Lena Dunham joke. 

9:15- Bradley Cooper wins for Best Male Performance for Silver Linings Playbook. The ladies and gents all swoon.

9:21- Adam Sandler comes out (because he comes out to every show) with Chris Rock. And then–oh snap!–live curse word.

9:24- Jamie Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson win for Best WTF Moment for Django Unchained.

9:32- The Avengers team wins for Best Fight. Samuel L. Jackson talks again AND EVERYONE JUST WANTS CHRIS PINE TO SAY SOMETHING. 

9:33- And the show wastes no time bringing out Emma Watson for her “Trailblazer Award” recognition. Les Miserables’ Eddie Redmayne introduces the Harry Potter alum

9:35- Logan Lerman comes on to talk Perks of Being a Wallflower and Watson too. Jonah Hill also gives a special before taped video and announces the biggest reveal ever: the two will be starring in Fifty Shades of Grey together.


9:38- “I was the girl in front of the class who was the first person to put her hand up…Often I’ve gotten teased mericilessly but I’ve found ultimately if you truly pour your heart into something–amazing things will happen.” -Watson 

9:47- Is this show going extremely fast for anyone else?

9:48- That time Rebel Wilson made Anna Hathaway cry. Sort of.

9:48- WHERE IS EMMA WATSON? No one in the press room yet, folks. 

9:50- Dude, why is Brokeback Mountain’s song playing during Best Kiss category?

9:51- Best Kiss goes to Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook! “Jen’s not here, sorry. But she was great to kiss!” 

9:53- Snoop Dogg and Ke$ha being Snoop Dogg and Ke$ha. 

9:54- Thoughts on the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis performance? 

10:00- Flavor Flav is in the press room. Yea, we don’t know why either. 

10:09- Completely missing the Will Ferrell speech BECAUSE WE ARE CURRENTLY BREATHING THE SAME AIR AS EMMA WATSON. Hermione Granger is in the press room. 

10:14- Wait, nevermind. He’s still talking. 

10:21- Will Ferrell makes a brief appearance in the press room for photos.

10:22- Rebel Wilson wins Breakthrough Performance! (Shocker?) Well-deserved, nonetheless.

10:23- Rebel Wilson basically just asked Zac Efron to kiss her. Like, kiss her. 

10:25- Seth Rogen and Danny McBride get  the show a bit more raunchy.

10:28- Taylor Lautner wins Best Shirtless Performance. Don’t worry, he’s not pregnant you guys. He just gained a little weight. 

10:37- Best Villain Performance goes to Tom Hiddleston for The Avengers. And according to many friends he is very dreamy. And I would say those friends are correct. 

10:45- Sorry, just got distracted from ZAC EFRON coming backstage. He was joined by Seth Rogen and Danny McBride. Tom Hiddleston was right behind them.

10:53- Kerry Washington introduces and presents Jamie Foxx with the Generation award. 

11:06- Aca-awesome! Best Musical Performance goes to Pitch Perfect! Who else is just paying attention to that cigarette hat though?

11ish- Brad Pitt made an appearance. But Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx came back stage so no one really paid attention to it.

After Party- Thanks for joining in! Rebel is backstage now! Told her she was aca-mazing. Come on back this week to hear what she had to say about her Pitch Perfect reunion!

Goodnight, LA. 

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