‘The Mindy Project’: Mindy And Danny Are Playing The Will They Or Won’t They Game


You’d think Tuesday would be only a little less worse than waking up on a Monday morning heading off to work, but it actually is the best day of the week. And that’s all thanks to FOX. The network has made television fun again, and that also means a big thanks to Zooey Deschanel and Mindy Kaling too. New Girl and The Mindy Project is probably the best lineup of the week, and not just because of the Jake Johnson and Chris Messina eye candy. Jess and Nick may not be playing the will they or won’t they game any more, but Mindy and Danny sure are, and we can’t get enough of it.

WARNING: This isn’t a comparision of the two relationships. That would just take away from each set-up. We love Jess and Nick for their huge kiss moment and quirky behavior, but there is just something about Mr. Castellano. Did you not catch the airplane scene this week? Obsessed. His little glances and boyfriend comments are the most subtle will they or won’t they signs a series has probably ever done.

Maybe its because it is happening in an office instead of an apartment (okay, maybe one comparison), but Kaling’s show really adds a different element that makes it not as much of a big deal. (Which makes it an even bigger deal!) Messina plays the perfect Danny, mainly because you don’t know how he would truly react if they ever did hookup. It could be a big mistake, it could linger and eventually get found out by Morgan, or it could be a simple story line that Kaling decides to drop once it happens. Whatever it may be, we trust Kaling’s judgement. (I mean, you’ve read her book. Right?) So until then (or not), we will just sit back and enjoy repeating the airplane scene.


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