Ian Somerhalder’s Next Step: What Comes After ‘The Vampire Diaries’


Though we would kill to watch Ian Somerhalder every week as Damon, and even though as a vampire he can technically (depending on how the series finale goes) live forever, what crazed fans of The Vampire Diaries have to face is that The CW series will eventually end. So because of the cure probably not helping out the cast with that one, I recently asked Somerhalder what his plans are for the future. Paul Wesley let me in on his future before, so it was now Ian’s turn!

“Movies, movies, movies, movies!” the 34-year-old exclaimed. “We’re actively looking and I’m finding stuff Ireally want to do as well and its all coming together!”

Does that mean a Mr. Christian Grey may be in the cards then? We hope his sly laugh and hesistant response points to a yes!


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