Ian Somerhalder Would Rather Be Hanging With ‘The Originals’


The Originals have just wrapped filming their pilot in New Orleans, and it seems like Ian Somerhalder couldn’t be more envious! During a recent interview with the handsome Salvatore brother, Ian talked about the Vampire Diaries spin-off and wanting to go hang with Joseph Morgan and the rest of the gang. But as he points out–there was also something good that came out of not returning to his home Louisiania while Klaus and Rebecca set up shop.

“Well, I do know that they’re shooting and partying their butts off down in New Orleans right now shooting. And I’m thinking, ‘what the hell man?’ I’m from there and I’m the only actor not shooting there,” he laughed. “But what’s really cool about it is that I got a week off. Truthfully, it’s a real rarity for me to be able to come and do that. Otherwise, you and I wouldn’t even get the chance to talk! I’m finding the value and the good stuff in it you know what I mean?”


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