‘Awkward.’ Interview: Nolan Gerard Funk On Being The New Kid In School


It may get Awkward. watching Tamara and Matty watch Jenna and Jake reliving the past in a game of charades, but could you imagine being the new kid? As Season 2 begins, fans were briefly introduced to Nolan Gerard Funk’s new character Collin, but as you’ve probably figured out already–there’s a lot more to him than just being the pretty face newbie in class. Nolan recently let me in on what to expect in on what his audition process was like, and what characters he’ll be interacting with the most. According to the 27-year-oldGlee alum, he’ll be quite the “challenge to many of the other students.”

What was the audition process like?
NOLAN GERARD FUNK: I was just so excited because I’m a fan of the show too. I went in once and I tested for Collin.

Did you test with any of the other actors?
No, I think the casting director had seem me on Glee and brought me in and after that I just got to meet Lauren Iungerich and showed my take on the character and luckily it worked!

What’s Collin like?
Collin is very intellectual and he comes from money and has a very different point of view on things. He’ll definitely provide as a challenge to many of the other students.

What characters does he interact with the most?
I would say Sadie, Jenna, Matty and a little bit of Tamara.

Is a romance in the cards for him?
You have to watch to see!

What’s the No. 1 thing fans could definitely find in your dressing room?
I definitely—there’s always food! So yes, definitely food.

What was the first day on set like?
My first memory of the show was actually at the table read. Ashley [Rickards] came right up to me and was just so nice. She and everyone were just so welcoming. I knew Brett [Davern] because we did this movie called Triple Dog so it was just awesome.

I hope he and Beau let you get in on their bromance sometimes!
I try to get in on their romance, and sometimes they do let me in! [Laughs]


Taylor Hanson Talks “MMMBop” History, His No. 1 Tour Bus Necessity (Interview)


It’s hard to write about or even interview a member from Hanson without thinking of the still very catchy tune “MMMBop” that was released back on April 17 1997. So—because of the difficulty—it was included in part of the chat I recently had with Taylor Hanson, which just so happened to take place one day before the 16thanniversary of when the titled album was first released. During our chat, the 30-year-old gave me a behind-the-scenes look on what he always needs while out on tour, his favorite songs the group has created, and what he and his brothers Zac and Isaac like to do when they aren’t in the studio or on the road.

Hanson heads out on a world tour for their latest Anthem album in June.

You are headed on tour soon! How’s it been managing all of your schedules?
It’s great! We are just getting off the ground with a new album. The new single just came out and on we go. It’s like a military operation! [Laughs]

You’ve been in the music industry for over 20 years. What’s the No. 1 favorite item you need on your tour bus?
I’m kind of a coffee obsessed person. So like getting the right coffee in each city. I will venture out. I’m a big foodie too and try to check out the different foods in each town. So good coffee—anything that’s strong flavor in the food department. I like fine cheese too.

You and your brothers are clearly known for “MMMBop.” Do you ever get tired getting asked about it?
It’s the starting point. I think you always want to move forward. You always—you always want to be excited about what you’re doing. If it was ever painted as a negative it would be like, ‘Yeah, that’s not cool.’ But people are talking about it as something they love and it’s a history we’re proud of.

Do you have a favorite song?
Oh God, it’s hard to pick. I mean the last record the two last singles—”Give A Little” and “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin'”—those songs I think really resonated with us as a band. Connected it with out roots and the new single “Get the Girl Back.” You know, anything that is brand new you’re excited to share it.

Is there a certain writing process you guys go by?
It depends. I mean all of us write music and lyrics so we get to combine. It keeps it interesting, so no, there’s not just one process. I wish there was! It would make it so much easier. [Laughs]

What would be your second career choice?
I don’t know! I love to take pictures. I love to paint. I love movies and I love to write, so something creative.

Everyone is so used to you guys playing on stage. Is there a specific hobby you all like to do together?
We all—I mean I’m a fan of anything that involves adrenaline. So we just went up for my 30th birthday and we all just did dune buggies in the desert, which was just crazy and risky. But that’s part of the fun! We aren’t really too good at sports [laughs], but we try to get outside and play sports in between to keep things moving. And also, huge movie fans! We are always gathering around watching movies.

What’s your favorite film?
Of all-time? Oh God. Somewhere in between The Godfather and The Goonies.

Those are good choices!
[Laughs] It’s all in the G’s.

The ‘Awkward.’ Bromance: Brett Davern Makes It Official


Jake Rosati and Matty McKibben may have started off in an Awkward. bromance on the MTV series hit, but that relationship doesn’t even come close to what Brett Davern and Beau Mirchoff have off set. The Awkward.stars are best buds when not filming–as this should come as no surprise to fans of the show–and we recently caught up with Davern to talk about the friendship, and what comes next for Jake in Season 3. 

We have to get right to it. Let’s talk about your bromance with Beau. 
BRETT DAVERN: I hope that I can speak for him saying that I want to make it official and announce that we are officially in a bromance. In a full-on bromance.

They should make a status like that on Facebook!
You know what, why don’t they? You know, you spell ours breaumance. Breaumance.

You came up with that yourself?
Well, last year the creator of our show Lauren Iungerich made a special director’s chair for us with no—so it was two director’s chairs but they cut off the arms in the middle and they had the name spelled like that on the back. I think we might have put a photo of it on Instagram at one time last year. Yeah, so they came up with that. I didn’t come up with that! The writers, they are brilliant.

What’s your favorite thing in your dressing room?
Wow, the number one thing. I don’t know!

Besides Beau.
[Laughs] I was going to say, every time Beau drops by for a visit, and then he becomes my favorite object in there—especially if he’s doing some pushups, something to pump up. Wow, was that too much? [Laughs] Man, my favorite thing in my dressing room—I don’t keep a lot in there honestly! Maybe my laptop? Tweeting out to some fans while on the set. I don’t know. These girls all have these scented candles.

Yeah, oh my God! [Laughs] Theirs is all decorated up. Mine’s like nothing. There’s nothing in it but my backpack and me.

Jake has a new relationship this season. What can fans expect?
I think Jake and Tamara’s relationship is really real. Hopefully it comes off that’s why, because that’s how we intended it. They’re trying to make this thing work. They were friends before obviously. They had kind of this impulsive moment and I think they are trying to figure out if its lust or is there this real relationship behind it. I think for Jake he’s finally happy to be in this relationship where there’s no secrets. Or at least, he hopes there are no secrets! Dun. Dun. Dun!

It’s cool for him! I mean that’s there big thing. They share everything with each other, so it’s cool to have him experience that.

What would be your second career choice besides having this awesome bromance?
This year I’m really getting the chance to skim the pro-celebrity Toyota—hold on, I got to get it right. Toyota Pro-Celebrity Grand of Long Beach. It’s all for charity and it goes to children’s hospitals. Beau and I actually did a racecar movie together called Fast Track on the off time this year. I got bit by the racing bug. I’m doing this through this charity event and I really want to be a racecar driver. So if there’s any race teams out there or just anyone with a lot of money [laughs].

Patrick Dempsey from Grey’s Anatomy does this too, right?
Patrick, give me a call. 

‘Awkward.’ Interview: Molly Tarlov’s Favorite Scene And “You’re Welcome” Moment


Molly Tarlov may have hated Ricky Schwartz, but fans of Awkward. have nothing for love for the actress. We recently caught up with Tarlov, who plays Sadie Saxton on the MTV series, about her favorite scene of all-time and more importantly: what’s her very favorite “you’re welcome” moment?

“I think in the first season in Episode 6. There was a scene between Sadie and her mom where she really broke down and that’s—I can’t pick a favorite scene but that’s definitely one of my absolute favorites because it shaded in the first season a lot more of my character and what’s kind of going on underneath,” she revealed. “Since then we’ve been able to see more and more in every episode instead of just concentrated in one, but that was one of my favorite scenes. It was also one of the scenes I did for the audition so it was extra special.”

And as it turns out, her favorite “you’re welcome” line wasn’t too far from it. “Actually, that was in the same episode! In Episode 6 there was a three-part “You’re welcome” sequence that came and that really is still to this day my favorite because I love the different quick pops of the ‘you’re welcomes.'”

Sadie may be starting off Season 3 in a rough spot, but it’s only the beginning for probably one of the best high school characters on television today.

And hey, at least we got some scoop before it all begins.

You’re welcome.

‘Pitch Perfect’ Star Kelley Jakle Reveals Favorite Scene, Talks Sequel


Pitch Perfect is finally getting a sequel, and the news couldn’t be more aca-mazing! Just one day before the announcement, we caught up with Kelley Jakle, who played Jessica in the musical comedy. She dished on what it’s like working with Rebel Wilson, and what scene made a lasting impression once the project wrapped.

“It was so fun! I mean you never know what will come out of her mouth, which is an adventure really to work with her,” she said of Wilson. “People used to ask me who’s Rebel Wilson. They’ll ask, ‘Who’s that?’ and I say, ‘She’s the girl from Bridesmaids!’ And they’ll say, ‘Ohh! My God. She’s amazing. She’s hilarious.’ And now she’s such a superstar! It was so fun to see the transition from Bridesmaids until now.”

The cast, including Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Alexis Knapp, and Anna Camp clearly are still close. Jakle admits they all had great chemistry with one another. “A really special scene was when we sang the mash-up for “Just The Way You Are” and “Just the Dream” in the empty pool. For some reason—the 10 of us girls worked so hard together and I felt like that was such a meaningful scene because in the movie we finally came together as a group and really had one mind as an acapella group. I feel it’s a really meaningful scene in a movie that’s entirely comedy based but it’s a very touching moment that we felt while filming it.”

The Pitch Perfect sequel is set for 2015, and Jakle is ready just like the rest of us. “I think Kay [Cannon] signed on to write it. She’s brilliant and I trust her!”

‘Awkward.’ Interview: Desi Lydic And Greer Grammer Give A Behind-The-Scenes Look


Awkward is hilarious, whacky, and well, awkward. And that’s just describing characters Valerie Marks and Lissa from the MTV series. Played by Desi Lydic and Greer Grammer, I chatted with the fun ladies recently about the show that is now on its third season! Besides finding out if they are Team Matty or Team Jake, we also went behind-the-scenes to discuss their favorite scene and favorite object in their dressing room. Hint: the “object” actually turned out to be a certain blonde that made his way into the interview!

What’s been your favorite scene so far on Awkward?
Greer Grammer: My favorite scenes kind of both consist of the same thing. First season it was when I got to slap Jenna for making out with my boyfriend, and the second time was in the season premiere of the second season when Ashley [Rickards] got to slap Lissa. I just thought they were both really, really funny. I loved it.

Desi Lydic: The Valentine’s Day one! Yes, yes, that was a fun one. And any time I get to work with Nicki [Deloach], because she is such a whacky character and its like you get the two of them together. I think probably my favorite that we’ve filmed so far is in the restaurant last season. We get to drinking a little bit. And then there’s a really, really fun one this season where we wear leotards are will be doing very inappropriate things.

What’s your favorite thing in your dressing room?
Desi: This guy!

Brett Davern: Anytime Brett stops by for a visit!

Desi: That’s always good. Pretty much. He’s always hiding in the closet!

Important Question: Team Matty or Team Jake?
Desi: Team Matty all the way! Completely.

Greer: I’m biased though, Jake cheated on me. But I love both of the boys, but I have to say I was always kind of the girl who would go for the class president—like the good guy, so I’d probably be Team Jake.

And how awkward was high school for you?
Desi: Totally, completely awkward!

Greer: I was a good student, definitely did more extracurriculars than academics—like theater and dance, which has led me to where I am today. Okay in school, my mom always called me a gifted underachiever. I just did as much as I could to get by even though I could have done so much better. I got good grades, but didn’t try. So if I tried I probably would have been class president or whatever.

Desi: I would say I was probably the opposite. I was probably the ungifted overachiever in school. Like tried too hard and just couldn’t quite get there. I was on the dance team in high school, but I was the alternate. So I didn’t really get to perform at all. [Laughs] When the games would come around they would be like, “Sit this one out Desi. Maybe next year!” Like, okay! Most improved! [Laughs]

‘Awkward.’ Interview: Three Scenes With Brett Davern


Here at Ology, we love to get inside the heads of our favorite actors and figure out just what went into making our favorite moments of our favorite shows. It’s a game we like to play called Three Scenes, where the people behind the characters explain–in their own words–the story behind some of their biggest moments on the show. Here, Awkward. star Brett Davern shares about his upcoming bromance scenes, and that time his co-stars kept breaking while filming because of a certain practical joke. 

Scene That Was The Most Fun
“Well, you know, for season three there’s a lot of bromance scenes. There’s a lot of Jake and Matty one-on-one and it was a lot of fun. I don’t want to give anything away but I will say that there is dancing in one of them. So if anyone has ever seen Footloose, get ready for that. They aren’t alone in a bar or anything like that dancing around, but there is some dancing!”

The Time You Couldn’t Stay In Character
“This year there’s a scene with Beau [Mirchoff], Jillian [Rose Reed], and myself. So the three of us were in a scene together and Jillian and Beau—well, let me set the scene for you—I was in the middle of my line, took a little pause, and heard a noise coming from underneath the couch cushion—or maybe on top of the couch cushion—it was coming from where like I was sitting. It sounded like a fart. And I was like really scared because I was like; “I don’t think that was me, but maybe that was me? But I don’t think it was me?” And they had hidden a fart machine speaker under my cushion. Beau and Jillian had, and they were pressing the button and dying laughing. And then of course after that we couldn’t get it together and do the scene.”

Favorite Read-Through
“Oh, man. Anytime Desi Lydic, who plays Valerie, is doing her stuff. She’s hilarious. She’s so funny, and I don’t get too many scenes with her so I don’t actually get to see her do her stuff, so in the table read she’s hilarious.”