‘Carrie Diaries’ Set Visit: Stefania Owen On Playing Troublemaker Dorrit


The Carrie Diaries may portray what it was like for Carrie Bradshaw back in high school, but it also lets viewers in on what Bradshaw was like with a younger sister. Stefania Owen plays Dorrit on the favorite CW series, and we recently caught up with the 15-year-old when we visited the New York set. What did we learn from the up-and-coming actress? Not only does she love playing the troublemaker, but she actually knew AnnaSophia Robb years before the two would play sisters on television.

Check out what she had to say on playing Dorrit, what’s next for Dorrit and Carrie’s relationship, and how the show incorporated Owen and Robb’s already solid friendship.

On Comparing Herself To Dorrit
“We have a lot of differences, but there are similar aspects to Dorrit and I. We like to wear the same things. I have Doc Martens and I wear a lot of bracelets. But some differences, she’s out there smoking pot and getting drunk and that’s the opposite of me. I love school and go to the park with my friends, all those dorky things. It’s really fun to play Dorrit because I can go in and be this person that I’m totally not. It’s really fun.”

On What It’s Like Having To Be In A Mood Most Of The Time
“I’m always having a good time, but when I’m tired in the morning, it’s actually great to be Dorrit because you’re just slumping around. You’re kind of acting how you’re feeling in the morning, so it works sometimes. We’re all joking around and playing music all the time, so it’s from happy and dancing to eh. I guess that’s just part of it. But it can be really challenging.”

On Playing A Troublemaker 
“I think it’s so fun. A fun part about it is that a lot of people can relate to that trouble-making teenager because a lot of people were. They weren’t perfect. They did go out. That was their learning curves of life. It’s just great to almost experience all of those things through Dorrit, so I don’t necessarily have to go through them myself. I feel like I’ve gone through what Dorrit has and it’s so nice to have that connection.”

On Working With AnnaSophia Robb
It was funny because later (after the audition) we found out that AnnaSophia was playing Carrie, and I’ve known AnnaSophia since I was seven. She had been to our house in New Zealand. So it was really funny because we gave them pictures of when we were little and they use them for set. My older sister was inBridge to Terabithia and AnnaSophia was in that movie. So because it was filmed in New Zealand she came to our house. Our families are so close and it helped because the first scene we had for the pilot I had to bite her. So it actually helped that I knew her (laughs) and comfortable that I knew someone being so far from home too.

On Dorrit An Carrie’s Relationship 
“Dorrit and Carrie’s relationship is always up and down. It’s nice because you have those sisterly, grabbing of the hair, and hitting and biting, but you also have those moments when they’re so vulnerable. And it’s nice to see because you realize how much sisters and family need each other. It’s always up and down and I’m excited to see where it goes.”



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