‘Last Man Standing’ Reunion: Star Dishes On Jonathan Taylor Thomas Stopping By


Tonight is a ’90s throwback. Tonight is when Jonathan Taylor Thomas returns to our television screens! The ’90s hearthrob made huge buzz on the internet weeks ago when it was announced that he would be reuniting with his Home Improvement co-star Tim Allen on his latest ABC sitcom Last Man Standing, and now that day has finally come. Kaitlyn Dever, who plays Eve Baxter on the show, revealed to me what it was like to have JTT as a guest star.

“Oh my God, the live taping was just so full! Our live tapings are usually full, but there was so many people trying to get in to see JTT that we had to send people into the hallway because everyone was just so excited,” she revealed. “There was so many articles coming out, and he actually was great. He was so good.” JTT will be playing Jon, a past co-worker of Kristin’s (Amanda Fuller) who now owns a hip restaurant.

But what audiences might not know, is that JTT actually hangs out around the set quite often. “I had known him and met him even before he was even guest starring on our show. He hangs around because he knows a director and so he comes for tapings. He’s really, really nice.”

And even though Dever was a bit too young to actually watch Home Improvement herself, she could tell how close Allen and JTT stayed throughout the years. “Tim is always cracking jokes with him, so you can tell they go way back.”


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