Julia Stiles Gives A Sneak Peek Of ‘Blue’ Season 2 On WIGS


Julia Stiles is back for the second season of Blue, returning with 26 brand-new episodes for the WIGS YouTube series. On a recent conference call with the star, Stiles admitted she couldn’t be more excited for the return of the award-winning series, and gave fans a sneak peek on what’s next for her character.

“When [Executive Producer] Rodrigo [Garcia] suggested that we have Blue and her son seeing a therapist I thought that was very interesting, because obviously most people choose to go to therapy. But because Blue is forced to go to there, the idea that somebody who’s leading a double life and is trying to hide so many secrets, that she would be asked lots of questions about her past I think is a perfect set-up for tension,” she revealed about the upcoming season.

A single mother who just so happens to be an upscale escort truly doesn’t scream therapy session, but Stiles admitted that her character is one of the many reasons she signed on to the project. “What really sold me was the first scene of the first episode in Season 1. It was just such a great premise and set-up for a show, which is that this girl is leading a double life is constantly dealing with how to manage that and how to control it, and that the two worlds are going to collide,” she said. “So in Season 1 she is with a client and as things get hot and heavy she realizes that he recognizes her from high school. I just thought that the idea of having a character trying to keep something secretive and a character living with a huge secret—to me, that was worth exploring.”

Filming a series on the WIGS platform also has its perks. “One thing that’s really lovely about the WIGS channel is that it was the first time I felt like I was a part of a community.” Adding, “Doing a web series also gives you a lot of creative freedom that you sometimes don’t get when a lot more money is involved, or you’re working with a movie studio or a network.”

And though she was hesitant at first, Stiles eventually decided to join because of Garcia’s hand in it all, and because YouTube seems to be the way viewers consume entertainment today.

Season 2 of Blue debuted on the WIGS YouTube channel Friday, March 15.


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