Ian Somerhalder: Elena’s Sire Bond To Damon On ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Is “Tragic”


Whether you’re a Stelena or a Delena fan, all viewers of The Vampire Diaries have to admit by now how much pain both Salavatore brothers have gone through because of Elena’s ways. She’s back and forth with her feelings, and is currently shutting all her emotions off. Seriously, how much can a blood-sucking vamp handle, you guys? Her latest adventure is with Damon on the way to New York, so we recently asked Ian Somerhalder what viewers of the CW series can expect up ahead in their relationship.

“Well you know, I don’t know because this whole sire bond thing and now that she has no emotions with her humanity shut off, it kind of backfires this whole thing,” he admitted. “This whole plan Damon had planned really backfired in his face and now with her having no emotion and not feeling anything for anyone—it’s kind of tragic that he finally found a girl he loved. He finally got her, and now he’s realized, ‘Oh shit. She’s not reallyin love with me.'”

The love triangle’s unexpected and upsetting twists do have their moments though. “It makes for really great storytelling and a great dynamic,” he added.


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