‘Vampire Diaries’ Scoop: Ian Somerhalder Reveals How He Wants The Series To End


The Vampire Diaries may be experiencing a new Elena (Nina Dobrev) at the moment, but Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) are still holding out for the girl they once loved to return soon. The CW series may leave fans in turmoil week after week with sudden deaths like Jeremy, but one detail is always certain: the triangle will always continue and there will be a final endgame. Wesley told me his thoughts back in January, and now it’s Somerhalder’s turn.

“If Elena could choose, she should run for the freaking hills!” the 34-year-old laughed. “You know what I mean? I mean how crazy do you have to be? Like ‘Oh, fire hot. Oh, fire hot.’ These guys are troubleeee!”

Somerhalder also agreed with Wesley, that a happy ending shouldn’t be the final endgame. “I think after this amazing journey, I think there’s a chance that either—you know this is not one of those shows where you just ride out into the sunset. There’s too many things that have happened, so I think it would be interesting—you know what, I just don’t know!” he admitted. “I just want Damon to run off into the sunset and go to the Caribbean and just sort of chill out.”

The only difference? Wesley took more of the perish route for both Salvatore brothers.


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