‘Vampire Diaries’ Scoop: Ian Somerhalder Teases Jeremy’s Supposed Death


With a tear-filled breakdown and a lit match, Jeremy Gilbert (Steven McQueen) was finally killed off in the latest “Stand By Me” Vampire Diaries episode. The moment left the vamps disheveled, and a new Elena (Nina Dobrev) on the brink of heading back to her glory days as a cheerleader in Mystic Falls. Many of his family members have left before, such as Alaric (Matthew Davis) and Jenna (Sara Canning), but does that mean Jeremy and his beautiful abs are really gone for good too? Ian Somerhalder teased it a bit differently for me recently.

“Well the thing is about this show,” he begins, “I don’t think anyone ever really goes away. There’s so many ways that people come back and push that narrative storytelling going back and forth to different times.”

Does that mean flashback cameos? A future episode of him reappearing for just a scene like the tearful goodbye between Damon and Alaric? Is Jeremy seriously not dead at all?

As Somerhalder put it, “There is no death really in Vampire Diaries.


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