‘Carrie Diaries’ Set Visit: The Cast Looks Back On Their Auditions


The cast of The Carrie Diaries went through a whirlwind during pilot season (as to be expected), and during our latest visit to their New York set, they gave us a look back on what the auditions were like. Surprisingly, some didn’t even audition together, while some of the actors tried out for different roles at first. Plus, two actors actually drove together without knowing they would one day be co-stars.

Check out what they had to say below!

Austin Butler: “Surprisingly, no. I auditioned by myself every time. She actually read with a different guy, I think she told me. I’m surprised we didn’t read together.” [On not auditioning with AnnaSophia Robb]

Brendan Dooling: “Freema [Agyeman], who plays Larissa, the casting director out in L.A., she had a lot of faith in us and we actually got to work with her that morning before the studio test. So we worked with her for about a half-hour each and then Freema actually drove me to the studio test so we got to know each other. She said she was there just auditioning for pilot season, and then it just so happened that when we shot the pilot we met up and we were like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe we are here together again.’ That’s like the best happy coincidence ever.”

“I don’t have the hair for Sebastian. That’s what I keep telling people. Austin’s got the bad boy hair. He definitely knows how to make that James Dean wolf hair work. I’m happy that I’m playing Walt, definitely, that I ended up here.” [On auditioning for Sebastian]

Chloe Bridges: “I think so, yeah. Pilot seasons always a blur.” [On just auditioning for Donna LaDonna]

Stefania Owen: “I put myself on tape because it was pilot season. It was just a fun audition because I didn’t think they would cast someone from New Zealand for a Sex and the City prequel. But a couple days later, they called and it was a straight offer. I hadn’t met them or anything. It was just so fast and quick. It was funny because later we found out AnnaSophia was playing Carrie and I’ve known her since I was seven. She had been to our house in New Zealand. We gave them pictures of us when we were little and they used them for set.”

Katie Findlay: “I originally taped for it in Vancouver just as my pilot season rounds, and really liked it, and then I was in L.A. and they said they want to come see you again. I had originally taped for a different part, than they had me in a third time and said they just don’t quite—they don’t know what’s missing. And when I was in the room they said, ‘Can you actually go out with these different slides and read Maggie instead, and I hadn’t read for her at all. And I went out for 15 minutes and it just made sense. And then I went back in and we just laughed for 20 minutes. I think I was so insensed that I just starting yelling at [Josh] Schwartz aboutDownton Abbey. That was how much more relaxed it was the second time around and I was leaving the building I think my agents gave me the call that I was testing.”


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