Ang Lee Previews 3D Visual Effects For ‘Life Of Pi’ Blu-Ray Release


The Academy Awards may have happened only a few weeks ago, but Ang Lee’s Oscar-winning film Life of Piis already being released in 3D Blu-ray and DVD this Tuesday, March 12. Visually stunning and based off the book by Yann Martel, Lee and his team created a film that ultimately led to him winning an Oscar for Best Director.

“Normally when something is very expensive it’s hard to make it personal, but I had personal experiences with 100 people helping to create with me those images,” Lee said during a panel discussion in New York City March 4. “I think the movie is encouraging to watch. It gets so much better every month,” he adds about 3D and usng visual effects. “This is a new cinematic language we’re all trying out. Whether eventually people think there’s some other ways or it will take over, we don’t really know. But I know I’m just in the beginning of learning the language.”

Joined by editor Tim Squyres and screenwriter David Magee, the three took the audience through a behind-the-scenes look at featurettes and deleted scenes all while wearing 3D glasses. “This is very different on how you stage things, how you give volume, and how you deal with the things we used to compensate in our head for the audience with a lack of depth on the screen. All of that is changing and how you build the language and the trust in that media. I think it still has a way to go.”

Though he already won an Oscar for his work, he’s still excited to try out the 3D approach in future projects as well. “I know I want to try it again to know it better,” he added.

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