Ang Lee: Celebratory In-N-Out Burger For Oscar Is My “Disneyland Moment”


Nothing like ordering a big cheeseburger to celebrate an Oscar win! While many of us weren’t surprised in Ang Lee’s Best Director win for Life of Pi this past award season, we were a bit shocked on what he did afterward before the big parties began. After giving a speech and taking home the gold statue, Lee grabbed some grub at a local In-N-Out Burger, and got caught in the act! The moment was so sweet that I couldn’t help but ask him about it during a recent roundtable for the film.

“I was thinking least about myself,” he said of hearing his name after winning. “Each time we have somebody win its ‘Ahh!’ but myself–I had somehow in my head prepared a speech just in case. But not too well prepared, because I don’t really know what to expect. What really moved me was the first time I was sort of expected to win,” he said referencing back to his 2005 win for Brokeback Mountain. “In this one, maybe starting from those guys I don’t know, they all screamed. A big portion of it was a scream, and as I walked onto the stage they started to stand up. I was quite overwhelmed. I was very touched.” Joking, “So I guess I didn’t do too good in the speech.”

“I was emotional and it was totally unexpected. From my perspective, which is different from I guess on television and everyone’s view, I was standing there and they’re all looking at me like howling at me. They seemed to be quite happy. So it was quite memorable, more so than the first, I think.”

And that goes for the after party too. “During the night I just tried to enjoy, tried to be proper, and then at that time I got to the Vanity Fair party I was hungry!” he laughed. “We were all eating an In-and-Out burger. That picture reminds me of a Disneyland kind of moment.”


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