‘Carrie Diaries’ Set Visit: AnnaSophia Robb And Austin Butler Dissect Carrie And Sebastian’s Relationship


For those not watching The Carrie Diaries yet, you are missing much more than a look back at Carrie Bradshaw’s high school days. As AnnaSophia Robb effortlessly confirms that she’s the next big actress in television, and Austin Butler continues to give those repeat-worthy smirks, the two actors have managed to capture a relationship worth staying tuned for. On a recent visit to the shows New York set, Robb and Butler both broke down the Carrie and Sebastian relationship that fans have fallen for themselves.

“I think they have such a cute relationship,” Robb admits. “You wouldn’t automatically put them together. Carrie seems kind of like the wound-up, neurotic, not nerdy, but studious type. She’s very driven and Sebastian’s more that laid-back sort of bad boy. Opposites definitely do attract, but I think there’s this comfortability that both of them have with each other that they complete each other in a nice way.”  Adding, “I think one we can have a lot of fun because it’s not just a one-dimensional thing. They are able to have a bunch of different trials to work through together and you never know exactly how each one feels about the other. It changes all the time.”

That, it does. As seen on the latest “Caught” episode on the CW series, Sebastian and Carrie’s spat on the dance floor clearly showed that feelings are still there. “Right now, it’s at the point that it can get so great, they’re relationship can go so well, but then there’s so much vulnerability that comes with that so he puts up protection devices,” Butler adds. “And then it causes the relationship to not go so well. And it goes back and forth, but it doesn’t change how much they feel for each other. So it’s learning to overcome those things.”

And it looks like the two will be exploring how they feel about one another throughout the series, but not without some obstacles, like Donna LaDonna. “There are positive sides to both girls for Sebastian,” he says of Carrie and Donna [Chloe Bridges]. “Donna is very carefree, not all in his business, so it’s a very easy way to get his mind off any troubles he has. Just have fun without any thick strings attached. But Carrie, there’s a possibility of a much deeper relationship that’s much more meaningful, so I guess in the long run, from my point of view, Carrie is the better choice because I think they are a much better fit. But it also has the possibility for pain.”

So, what does this all mean for Carrie and Sebastian? Though Robb would like Carrie to date other guys still, she too understands why audiences would love for the two to end up together. “When you introduce two characters as love interests in the first episode of a show, you always kind of want them to end up together. It’s just like Gossip Girl (laughs). As soon as the idea of them together is introduced, you kind of want it. But definitely, it’s better to have the tension pulled and draw everything out.”


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