‘The Vampire Diaries’ Aftermath: Is Jeremy Really Dead?


The Vampire Diaries gave viewers two significant details this past season hinting that Jeremy would be the next to go: It was rumored that a fan-favorite would die, and Steven McQueen had been given a bigger story line than ever before. Plus, who ever said that good came with the return of Katherine? Fans of the CW series learned of Jeremy’s fate last week in the “Down The Rabbit Hole” episode, but we can’t help but wonder if Jeremy is really dead.

According to IMDB, McQueen is listed for the next four episodes. One of those being the pilot episode for The Originals. Plus, are you not listening to Elena (Nina Dobrev) in the preview for this week’s show? She may be getting a bit wired, but screaming “He’s not dead! Find me Bonnie! We need Bonnie!” to Dr. Meredith (Torrey DeVitto) makes us wonder: can’t Bonnie (Kat Graham) just save him? We would like to think that, but having a witch in Mystic Falls seems to be more important than a shirtless Jeremy at this point.

I know, ridiculous. Right?

In any case, Dobrev is just crushing our dreams of McQueen returning even more. “I think we were all shocked and surprised, but that’s the show — it’s a vampire show, people have to die all the time. And for Elena, it was very important that she lose Jeremy for what she’s about to go through. It becomes a big part of her journey. I know Steven was very bummed, but also excited because he had a lot to do leading up to it — his character grew and became so strong. It’s bittersweet but made for some amazing television,” she tellsEntertainment Tonight in a recent interview. Later adding, “Losing Jeremy really, really, really changes Elena. Sometimes people recover from tragedy and sometimes they don’t — but it’s a long journey for her.”

It seems like Jeremy may actually be gone, but we’re still holding out. Trying to wrap our heads around Elena having absolutely no family left is hard to do. The lack of buzz on his departure compared to Matt Davis’ Alaric last season may also be messing with our heads.

But hey, Katherine always messes with everyone’s head when she returns. Guess we know how it really feels now.

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