‘The Carrie Diaries’ Set Visit: The Cast Reveals 80’s Film Characters They Would Love To Play


When it was reported that Carrie Bradshaw would be returning to high school on The CW this fall, there was more than scrunchies and shoulder pads on the mind. The 80’s  meant John Hughes films, Molly Ringwald, and a leading heartthrob like Jake Ryan or a best pal named Duckie. That’s why during our recent set visit toThe Carrie Diaries in New York, we asked the cast what 80’s film they would have loved to be a part of and what character they would have wanted to play!

From AnnaSophia Robb to our new Mr. Big, Austin Butler, here’s what the young cast from Castlebury High School had to say!


AnnaSophia Robb:  “Oh, any of the John Hughes films. There are so many great films. Back to the Future, wouldn’t that be fun?” [Carrie Bradshaw]

Ellen Wong: “Ferris Buehler’s Day Off! And I would be Ferris, the female version. That would just be so cool. It would be kind of an interesting twist too to have a girl lead in a move like that. Because I feel like girls are sort of portrayed in a passive way. There are more stereotypes in the way that characters were portrayed in film and TV in that time and I think it would be interesting and kind of neat to break that.” [Jill “The Mouse” Thompson]

Austin Butler: “Oh, wow. Aw man, Footloose—I didn’t even think about that! I love John Hughes. I love The Breakfast Club. And who does Judd Nelson play? Bender. Yeah. I love Bender.” [Sebastian Kydd]

Brendan Dooling: “[Laughs] It’s after ’84 but I would definitely want to be in The Goonies and I would definitely want to be…what’s his name? Chunk! Yes! I would definitely want to be Chunk. He was always the one that made me laugh in The Goonies. He provides the best laughs in that whole film.” [Walt Reynolds]

Chloe Bridges: “I don’t know! Sixteen Candles. But is it too obvious if I say Molly Ringwald because she’s the lead of the movie? [Laughs] Should I choose like a really obscure character? Maybe like the nerdy guy that gets to drive the car for the first time. He’s cool—no Molly Ringwald. Sixteen Candles, that’s my final answer. [Donna LaDonna]

Stefania Owen: “Okay, I love The Breakfast Club. I’m so bad with names though. I would be the one—what’s her name? The one who bites her nails [Allison Reynolds], yeah I love her. [Dorrit Bradshaw]

Katie Findlay: Breakfast Club. Judd Nelson in Breakfast Club. I’ll fight him for it and win! No. 1 I’m huge and No. 2 it would be funnier because I don’t look like I could really kill anybody. I have to get that fist pump. I know I’m actually the weird girl but I have to fight for my dreams.” [Maggie Landers]



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