‘New Girl’ Plunge: Jess And Nick’s Kiss Puts All Other TV First Kisses To Shame


It’s official: New Girl has given audiences the best TV first kiss ever. Nick and Jess finally went there on Tuesday night’s episode “Cooler” and it was more than anyone could have ever imagined. It all started with a “not like this” comment from Nick, and ended when he moved in during the last minute of the show.

The perfect was so worth the wait for these two, that money would be overflowing if there were ever a winning jar. During a Strip True American game the two were secluded and dared to kiss after losing. But before the kiss, there were three moments that made us think the writers had already given us enough.

1. Jess pressures Nick to kiss her
At any point, it could have happened. She just wanted to get it over with so they can go back to the game (yeah, okay) but his faces just didn’t make the cut.

2. “No, not like this.”
At a second try at the moment Nick finally blurted out, “no, not like this.” Clearly, he had thought about it before. He freaks out and heads out into the balcony where Schmidt then faints thinking he was actually going to jump.

3. “I’m an idiot.”
After failing to lean in, Sam comes in later with Jess and jokingly tells Nick he missed out by kissing her. He knows it.

So after all of this, were we to expect the moment we’ve been waiting for? Not really, which made it all the better. Later that night while everyone is in bed Jess calls for Nick (yes, not Sam!) to answer the door. As they head back to their rooms Nick lays it on her and explains what he was trying to say before. “I meant something like that.” And this kiss wasn’t a simple, ‘OMG, can you believe we did that last night?!’ More of a kiss where it will change everything. It will keep Jess up late at night questioning everything, and leaving us wondering what will happen next for these two.

Oh, Nick Miller, Nick Miller, thanks for shaming all the best TV first kisses that have come before. Because we’re not ashamed of repeating it over and over again.


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