‘Vampire Diaries’ Scoop: Paul Wesley Reveals Which Brother Elena Should Choose, How The Series Should End


What has made The Vampire Diaries such an addicting show? It isn’t just because of the writing and a cast that includes Paul Wesley, who is by far one of the best actors in television today. The series is also extremely popular because no matter how many vamp slayings, hybrid turns, shirtless Jeremy scenes and Stelena and Delena repeat-worthy moments, there will always be two ultimate decisions that need to be made in the end. No matter what, no matter how many seasons, the series finale will have to answer two questions: What brother will Elena choose and what will the endgame be for those in Mystic Falls?

Does it make sense if Elena gets a happily ever after with either Stefan or Damon? Should the cameras zoom and cut out simply implying that everyone will just continue their vampire ways forever? Should they all turn into humans or should the love triangle crumble because of an untimely or selfless death? We’ve all got our guesses and hopes, and Paul Wesley recently revealed to me how he thinks it should all go down for the Salvatore brothers and Elena Gilbert. Get excited.

Elena has been with Stefan for the majority of the series, but recently crushed souls (more like Stelena fans) when she recently admitted to not loving him anymore. For Paul, who actually plays Stefan, you’d think his answer would be quite simple to who she should end up with. But think again.

“I think Elena should probably end up with herself,” he exclaimed. “I just really think if Elena and Damon walked off into the sunset there would be a disgruntled group of fans obviously. And then if I think Stefan and Elena walked off into the sunset there would be another group of disgruntled fans. And I’m not saying you have to please the fans because sometimes it’s nice to do things because you are just doing it for the purpose of the story. I think there are pros and cons for her being with either brother, and I think ultimately the brothers should choose themselves in a sense. Decide to sort of be selfless.”

This is the time where you breathe, because his thought on how the series should end gets even better. And surprisingly, it’s because it makes sense. What if Stefan’s hope in finding the cure for vampirism is actually how the series ends? “I don’t like that!” Paul laughed in all seriousness. “God you’re going to hate me for saying this. I think Stefan and Damon should ultimately perish in the end because they’ve just done so many bad things. I think them going on to become humans and living in a nice life and going to college is sort of weird. The story needs to end on a level of redemption for all the darkness. Otherwise, they’re all still going to be miserable. So no, I wouldn’t like it!”

So, Elena shouldn’t end up with either brother, and Stefan and Damon should perish. It comes off bittersweet, but more sweet than anything. After everything those in Mystic Falls have gone and continue to go through, Paul’s thoughts on both these answers is actually very fitting for the CW series we’ve all come to obsess over. Stefan and Damon started it together. Why not end it together?


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