‘Parenthood’ Poll: Should Sarah Choose Mark Or Hank?


Parenthood has put us through the ringer this past season, rooting for Mark and hoping that Sarah Braverman just makes a decision already. Kristina and Adam have had their struggles, and Julia and Joel have had a hard time with Victor, but Sarah (Lauren Graham) has brought us the big love triangle between Mark (Jason Ritter) and Hank (Ray Romano). Who will she choose on tonight’s season 4 finale? The promos lead us to believe that tonight, Jan. 22, will definitely be when the last single Braverman finally decides.

As fans have realized, age won’t be a factor at all in this. Through Mark not fighting hard enough for her (yeah, okay) and Hank leaning in for that dark room kiss, Mark finally decided last week to confront Hank. He’s there to fight and be the classy guy that Hank wasn’t, and at least tell his plan to his face. So, will it be Mark or will it be Hank? We’d like to think Mark because this is Ritter we’re talking about and Romano is  just a guest star, but you never know with this NBC series.

Seriously though, this is how we are going to look if Sarah doesn’t choose Mark on tonight’s episode. Just saying.


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