‘Vampire Diaries’ Interview: Paul Wesley On Stefan And Damon’s Next Step, Stelena’s Future, And The Ripper’s Return


What’s better than the return of The CW’s The Vampire Diaries tonight? How Paul Wesley exclusively let me in on some huge details on what to expect next for the series. How will Stefan and Damon’s relationship change after Caroline spilled the juicy news? What’s this new romance we hear with Rebekah’s return? And does Paul really want the ripper in all his dark glory to return once again?

Oh, and yes Stelena fans, he did chime in about Elena and Stefan’s future in season 4. He didn’t divulge too much, but if he did, what would be the fun in that? Besides, think again if you thought he’d have to keep tight-lipped about other story lines too. “You have no faith in me!” he jokingly reassured.

Just like his role as Stefan Salvatore, Wesley did not disappoint. Cue the swoons.

What was your initial reaction when you learned that Elena and Damon would be sired?
PAUL WESLEY: It was definitely pretty interesting in a sense where it keeps the fans sort of entertained and on the edge because it was sort of like, ‘Okay, Elena fell in love with Damon,’ and that sort of took the air out of the love triangle. And then we thought it out that maybe potentially she has genuine feelings. So it keeps the triangle going and it keeps the story going. I thought it was a nice way of giving the audience what they wanted, which is having these two people together, but adding a little twist to it.

What will the dynamic between Damon and Stefan be like in the next couple of episodes now that Caroline has told Stefan about them together?
Actually, surprisingly you’re going to see I think a little bit of bonding oddly enough because of some intense circumstances. We sort of team up in a way and sort of become close buddies I guess for the first time in a while. So our relationship as far as I’m concerned is one of the more interesting ones in the series because it’s sort of this love/hate and push/pull and I think it’s a really interesting way in telling a story. So, you’ll see a lot of the same, which is sort of a love for one another, brotherly love, but also a hint of resentment.

You originally auditioned for the role of Damon. Do you ever wonder what it would have been like if you got that role?
Yes. [Laughs] I never really thought about it after I got Stefan, but I definitely didn’t think—I thought Stefan was going to be really young and I think they did too. I just didn’t think I was age appropriate for Stefan, but I secretly preferred the role of Stefan. I just didn’t think it was going to happen. So when I read for Damon they didn’t think that was a match, but then I got a call like a month later and they were like, ‘Do you want to read for Stefan?’ I was actually relieved. I was so thrilled about it because I preferred it. So I hadn’t really looked back since.


There are so many layers to Stefan. Would you mind if the ripper returned?
I mean quite truthfully, I’m not very shy about it so it shouldn’t be so shocking. I prefer Stefan as the ripper. It’s more exciting. I love going into work. When you play a character that’s sort of careless in his behaviors and he’s just reckless and instinctual, it’s less work as an actor in a way. I hate to say that, but it’s kind of like you go in and you really just have fun. And sometimes when you’re playing Stefan as he’s contemplating and sort of agonized and depressed. It can become a little bit where that can translate a little bit into real life, so selfishly as a person I prefer it [the ripper]. I also find it to be a much more interesting character. I think Stefan has so much more backstory. It’s fascinating when he explores his dark side. And I think the fans agree. But you know, everything has a push and pull and I think Stefan was dark last year, he’s a little lighter this year, and I really hope that things go back to the darkness again.

What’s been a favorite episode of yours while filming out in Atlanta?
I think the ripper in the 1920s episode was the most fun for me as an actor. I really enjoy getting into the wardrobe. I enjoy the cars from the 1920s. We had some original cars from the 1920s! The sets and the energy, you know? It’s a much different disposition and we all sort of treat it like we’re actually making—when we are actually shooting in a contemporary sense we obviously take it very seriously, but it’s a little bit more like we say ‘Cut!’ and we’re all back to sort of being ourselves. [Laughs] With the characters in this wardrobe we say ‘Cut!’ but you still feel like you’re in that character. You feel like you’re really that guy and you can’t really snap out of it. So it’s really exciting to do that.

Now there are rumors about Stefan and Rebekah. What can fans expect from that relationship?
I love it! I love Claire Holt as a friend and as an actor so for me to work with her was a lot of fun. I really enjoy her personality and I love her as an actress as well. So for me it was enjoyable to shoot those scenes. And yeah, there’s definitely flirtation. There’s something—there’s definitely something going on and I’ll just leave it at that. [Laughs]

Will there be a chance for Stefan and Elena again this season?
I think it’s always one of those things that it’s just going to sort of be there and percolate. And they’re always going to have a thing for one another. I think that they are never really going to go back to where they were or see more of, but it’s definitely one of those things where there’s still feelings on both ends on a genuine level. I don’t know if I can really answer that—you’re right, because I really don’t know!



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