‘Superbad’ Scoop: Martha MacIsaac Looks Back On Her Breakout Role As Becca


Superbad is a lot of things. It’s raunchy, hilarious, and gave audiences worldwide new sayings like “blood brothers” and “McLovin.” But even more than that, the 2007 hit starring Michael Cera and Jonah Hill also helped fellow actors Martha MacIsaac and Emma Stone breakout in the film industry. While discussing her new role to me as first daughter on the NBC series 1600 Penn, MacIsaac looked back on her role as Becca and the comedy that instantly became a classic for today’s generation.

You’re known mainly for comedy. Are you mostly drawn to that genre?
Well, really Superbad was my first comedy I had done. I was always working in and out of theater and TV movies and the series I did growing up was a drama. So I never really had done that before and I immediately loved it. I love the improv part of it and it’s better than crying in front of the camera every day! [Laughs] It’s a nice pace, but I love still doing drama and it’s important and dear to me so I hope I can continue to do it. I’m so thrilled that I get the opportunity to do both. I feel very lucky.

Would you consider Superbad to be your big breakout role?
Oh, most definitely! Yes, of course. [Laughs] It was definitely my breakout role.

What was that whole experience like? When did you realize it was such a hit?
I didn’t know while we were shooting it at all. I don’t think you ever know you are going to make something that becomes like a pop icon. So I don’t think any of us knew that going in. I mean while we were filming we knew we were making a really funny movie that made all of us laugh and that we would all want to watch, but I don’t think we had any idea.

Are any of you still close?
Yeah! Emma and I are still very close. We lived together for a few years after we finished shooting. She’s one of my very best friends so she and I really keep in contact. I see Seth [Rogen] and Evan Goldberg too, who wrote it. I see him quite a bit. I don’t see Jonah and Michael as much, but yeah, we sometimes run into one another. It was wonderful. They are all wonderful people and still dear friends of mine.

What was your favorite moment on set?
I would go to set even on days that I wasn’t working. Even when you weren’t working, you were there to hangout and watch what was going on. So that was really a wonderful experience to me. It was the first thing I ever worked on here in Los Angeles. I made some fast friends and relationships. I never worked on a comedy before so I was just kind of learning and taking it all in as I went, which was amazing.


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