10 Television Show Changes That Need To Happen In 2013


The holiday hiatus from some of your favorite television shows is finally over, and that means a lot more new episodes from here on out! With the new year comes some new beginnings, and that’s exactly what we’re hoping for. Can you blame us? After all, we are the ones who rearrange our nightly schedules just to see if so and so hookups this week, or if a certain pair of lawyers will look as dapper as always.

Though all the shows listed below are definite favorites, there’s changes that need to happen in 2013 for some. From The Office to Revenge and Suits, a change doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong. Sometimes, it’s just a storyline that we’ve been dying to see. And at other times, it’s a forbidden affair that we can’t help but root for week after week.

1. The Office 

What Needs To Happen: Michael Scott needs to stop by for one last time.
Status: The Office is finishing up its ninth season, and it looks like fans will finally have to give up on Steve Carell possibly stopping in to Dunder Mifflin before the series wraps. NBC Chairman Bob Greenblatt gave an update on the rumors recently. “I don’t think he will,” Greenblatt said at the TCA winter press tour Sunday. “There’s maybe a little Hail Mary pass on a cameo, but I think the decision is that it will go out without him sort of compromising his exit.” The creators remain “hopeful” though. Let’s hope this is just a ploy to throw off audiences, and we all get a big Michael Scott surprise during the May finale.

2. Scandal

What Needs To Happen: Fitz and Olivia need to heat up the Oval office more.
Status: [Spoil!] President Fitz is still held up in the hospital, and Olivia has put herself in charge at the White House once again. The flashback episode of their steamy moments held us fans over, but Fitz needs to get better as soon as possible in order to get scandalous with Olivia Pope once again. Those scenes are. so. hot. The shooting just better not pull the president away from the affair even more though.

3. New Girl

What Needs To Happen: Jess and Nick need to get closer.
Status: New Girl snags great actors to guest, but that doesn’t mean we like them playing the love interests of Jess and Nick. Granted, the FOX series is doing something right by not giving viewers a Jess and Nick relationship right away, but the past few episodes haven’t given us anything to hold on to. No lingering glances? No yelling at each other’s bums? No fluffer pep talks? We need more!


4. Parenthood 

What Needs To Happen: Parenthood needs to get some award recognition.
Status: How good has season 4 been so far? And finally, the critics have finally noticed! Maybe people didn’t latch on right away because they assumed it was just another family drama, but finally viewers are starting to realize how loveable, realistic, and heartwarming this series is. Peter Krause and Monica Potter knock out Emmy performances each week, and the storylines have taken audiences to an emotional level that deserves an additional tissue box every Tuesday night.

5. Suits

What Needs To Happen: Harvey and Mike’s chemistry needs to continue.
Status: If you’ve been watching USA Network’s Suits, you’ve fallen for both Harvey Specter and Mike Ross at different times for different reasons. But what’s just as good as the cases, comedic timing, and the ladies we hope they end up with (Rachel and Donna), is that we just can’t get over how good these men look. Like, all the time. Harvey with his big tie, and Mike with his skinny, you can’t help but fangirl over these two.


6. Nashville

What Needs To Happen: Drop the wedding, and get to the tour.
Status: Rayna James and Juliette Barnes bring the jealousy, love triangles, and scandals. Not to mention, the music that can make just about anyone can fall in love with country. But, do the upcoming promos deter from all of this? The Juliette wedding needs to end within one episode, and the show needs to focus on the tour now. The whole shibang. Get on the bus, play some shows, and transition the series to an on the road experience for fans. The hookups and competivieness between these two divas will surely follow.

7. Teen Wolf

What Needs To Happen: Stiles and Derek need to keep up with the bromance, and Jackson’s exit can’t be awkward. 
Status: What’s better than human Stiles throwing out the jokes every episode? Human Stiles quickly becoming Derek’s sidekick. Dylan O’Brien is flawless, but let’s hope the first episode of season 3 comes off the same way. During hiatus, fans of the MTV series found out that Colton Haynes would not be coming back. How will the show make a clean break? Will there even be any mention of Jackson? Whatever happens, let’s hope it isn’t awkward. And more importantly, let’s hope that his departure doesn’t affect how the rest of the season is supposed to play out.

8. Revenge

What Needs To Happen: Jack needs to find out that Emily is really Amanda.
Status: Up to this point, Jack and Emily have been battling completely separate storylines. Who cares if Amanda is still getting ready to wed our favorite Porter? The fact is, Emily is off with Aiden and Nolan trying to take down the Grayson’s, while Jack has been battling the two brothers (Mr. Cooper from One Tree Hill andTeen Wolf’s Mr. Argent) down by his bar. Daniel needs to get back into the picture as a love interest for Emily, and Jack needed a new storyline, but we’re still hoping that Jack and Emily will come together again soon! Not next season, and not in the final season. By the end of this season. The moment Jack finds out who Emily really is will be like the Daniel beach shooting reveal–shocking and explosive.

9. The Vampire Diaries

What Needs To Happen: Absolutely nothing. The twists are just that good.
Status: Okay, so maybe Elena could put us out of our misery, but TVD is a show that’s worth being in misery for. The choosing between Stefan and Damon will always be there, and the twists that follow have been insanely fantastic. Wait. So Elena finally chooses Damon, but now we find out that she’s been sired to him? Wait. Klause just up and drowned Tyler’s mom? Wait. Jeremy now has to be locked away so he doesn’t kill his big sis? The series is so addicting that even though it’s currently airing new episodes, you still want to go back and re-watch the other seasons over and over again.

10. Dawson’s Creek 

What Needs To Happen: A reunion, of course.
Status: Though it’s been off the air since 2003, every television year needs a memorable reunion. Right? That’s where the kids from Capeside come in. You know what’s been more annoying than hearing Joey Potter sing “On My Own” on repeat to ease the absence? Hearing for the past year that a Dawson’s Creekreunion is a possibility, yet nothing comes of it. Seriously, is Michelle Williams (the one character that died!) the only one that is up for reconnecting? James Van Der Beek is on Apt. 23, but Joshua Jackson’s stay onFringe and Katie Holmes’ broadway work is over. Let’s get a move on, because this may be the only somewhat free time these four actors will have ever again.

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