‘Battle Of The Seasons’ Exit Interview: Jasmine Looks Back At When CT Owned Johnny Bananas


Nothing like a little CT and Johnny Bananas flashback during an arena on MTV’s Battle of the Seasons. Before Jasmine and CJ’s shocking departure after heading up against Team San Diego’s Zach and Sam, CJ basically knocked Zach down in the first few matches, basically reminding all fans of that fatefull day when Johnny got owned. But during my recent chat with Jasmine about her stay in Turkey, we also discussed her favorite Challenge couple of all-time, and how other teams would have rather seen Jonna go into the arena.

What were your thoughts coming back to the Challenge knowing that you’d be working with Cancun?
JASMINE REYNAUD: Knowing that I would be working with my original cast, I was really excited about it! I mean they know me better than anybody. I think half the time they know me better than I know myself! So I was really excited to work with them and it was the right group of people I needed to work with! I knew we had a really great chance of going far in this game.

How would you break down this huge alliance? It’s portrayed a lot that Zach, Frank, and CJ led it.
I definitely think that Zach, Frank, and CJ are definitely the voices of the alliance, but they don’t make all of the decisions and all of the calls. We definitely would have a lot of alliance meetings on our room because we all shared a room together. So all of our alliance was in one room. We would always know – definitely discuss everything. They just definitely brought up some good points. They always discussed every decision that was made, and whoever led the Power Team, it was always their choice.

Who was your biggest threat?
We definitely knew that San Diego was going to be a really big threat. We also knew Vegas was too, because, I mean, Alton just beats every competitor. He can do just about anything, he’s not afraid of anything, and is just a natural-born leader. And, I mean, you have two really strong guys like that…San Diego was our friend. We never wanted to go against San Diego at any point in this game. We always felt more comfortable against Vegas.

What was one of your favorite memories while in Turkey?
I guess I would have to say that my favorite moment from being in Turkey was—our house is really huge and really out there, and we had this upstairs bar-like area, sitting room with pillows and all kinds of stuff. That’s where we’d all go and sit, and have fun, and drink, and play all kinds of games.

It seems like a great place for all that downtime you have.
We have a lot of downtime. That’s why there is a lot of strategy talk, and drama, and drinking. There’s a lot of downtime between games and eliminations. It seems so short to you guys, but for us it’s so long to be out there. There’s a lot more downtime than there is playing games.

All that time definitely would help with bringing out drama and even hookups. Did any situation ever surprise you during your stay?
I was definitely surprised by Devyn and Big Easy hooking up. I – that came out of nowhere! I kind of heard rumors around the house that they were hanging out and seeing each other, and I happened to be in the lounge and I saw them over on the other side all up under a pillow. I was like, ‘did I drink too much wine? Am I seeing what I’m seeing right now?’ It was definitely a shocker! Because Devyn’s a beauty queen, a pageant girl, and Big Easy’s like…Big Easy! It was definitely different but I was all for it. It was definitely a shocker! I didn’t see that one happening at all.

These Challenges always leave behind memorable hookups! As a huge fan of these games yourself, who would you consider your favorite couple of all-time?
Oh man, that is suuuuuch a hard one! I’d probably have to say CT and Diem! They were definitely my favorite. I think when they were doing – I think when they were in the Dual they had to be in a pit of blood and be blindfolded and catch these big balls and stuff, and Diem didn’t want to take off her wig. She was so afraid of it, and she finally did…I think that was my favorite thing, just watching those two. And they’re both individually just two really great people, and I love them both. Especially Diem. I just love her. She’s just so cool and I just love her to death.

Diem and CT are definitely my favorite! Now, we have to talk about this food competition. Is that the grossest game you’ve ever done?
That was the grossest thing I have ever had to do in my life! I’m from the backwoods of Texas, my dad’s from the backwoods of Louisiana, I’ve eaten some weird things in my life, but that was by far the worst food I have ever eaten in my life! When we were filming, I asked one of the PAs who’s from Turkey, and she said that’s a delicacy in their country. They eat stuff like that. I said that’s so gross! They enjoy it and we hate it. We are literally gagging at it. It was the worst thing ever. I never want to do it again!

And how was it going up against Zach and Sam in the arena?
Going into the arena, it was definitely hard. A lot of people were not happy to see CJ and I go in at all. Especially a lot of the girls were not happy to see me go in whatsoever. Before I went to the arena Devyn pulled me to the side to the bathroom and said, ‘Hey look, I don’t think you need to go into the arena. Just say you won’t go because Brooklyn has your back, and we’ll vote Jonna in for you. You don’t need to vote.’ And a few minutes later, Sarah comes into the kitchen and tells me the exact same thing. ‘Don’t vote. We’ll vote for you. It’s okay, we have your back.’ I was really toying with that, and I could’ve just not said anything about Brooklyn’s vote, but I’m a woman of my word. I have to do this for my team. I knew that if I didn’t vote myself in than I would be doing it for the other teams, and the other team isn’t going to win my team’s fight. My team is going to win our fight. So I needed to step up and do this.

Jonna clearly wasn’t thrilled on going in. Was there more of a discussion about the decision than what viewers got to see?
We had this discussion in the very beginning when we first got to Turkey, and we were talking about what the games were like – you know, the physical, mental, strategy, endurance – who would do what. Jonna said she would do physical and I said, ‘I’m not the greatest at any of these games. I’ll do it, but I don’t see physical as one I think I should do.’ And Jonna was like, ‘Of course! I wouldn’t let you do that. I’m bigger than you are. That would be my game to go into.’ And so that was always the plan that Jonna would do physical and strategy, and I would do mental and endurance. That was always what we had discussed. And then once we thought we were going into the arena – we actually had two days before the arena—and we went back and forth about this is going to play, and Jonna didn’t want to go in…[Later on] she comes to talk, ‘Okay, well, if we have to go down in a two-player team, who are the better people to go down in this game, and win the money, and then we can split the money later on in the long run? It came down to the fact that they thought it would be best if I go in no matter what. I was like, ‘You know what, that’s how my team feels, I’ll go in, I’ll do this for the team, I’m not afraid of elimination. Anything can happen, you know?’

Well, you gave a great fight. But let’s be serious, did that CJ and Zach match not remind you of when CT basically owned Johnny Bananas?
It definitely brought back memories from that! I mean this was the elimination of all eliminations. A lot of the morning crew and stuff they came to watch the arena. They wanted to see this! It was the main event. Everybody wanted to see this! I mean I knew this was going to be a really good elimination, two football players going against each other.


It looked like you were about to win, too. It was just really intense.
It was really intense! Once the coin toss was done – I was so confused about the coin toss! I was like, ‘Pleasedon’t let me go in! Please don’t let me go in! Let me see what I can do – no, let’s not.’ So, I was really glad when the guys went again, and I told CJ, ‘He knows you’re gonna go low. You’re not gonna go head-to-head with someone this way. It’s gonna come down to it.’ CJ did so great. He worked so hard! I’m so proud of him. He literally had a whole team on his back, and he was so close. He almost won, but hey, things happen.

Are you up for another Challenge?
I don’t think so. I’m done. I’m done. I think I kind of want to take a break. I want to retire. I’ve had a great time doing it, I always said that I would either do three or win one. I haven’t won, but I don’t have the energy anymore to do these. I’m starting to maybe think that maybe I’m not built to ever really win a Challenge, because I’ve never won one! I can never do it. So, I don’t know…I’m going to say I don’t know, but if they called me right now and said, ‘Hey, pack your bags, you’re going to do another Challenge,’ I would say no. I don’t know. People take breaks from these things and then come back. We’ll see what happens!

Do you get a sense other people set a time limit on how many Challenges they’ll do too?
Oh, yeah! When you’re in that house you threaten to quit. You threaten to leave all the time. I was just talking to Marie from St. Thomas just last week, and she was like, ‘I’m never doing another Challenge again, I am done!’ Frank told me two months ago that he’s done, but now he’s really not. The day gets so tiring. Physically, emotionally, it is so draining. And you have to prepare yourself to be in that crazy challenge bubble. And when we come back from these things it’s really stressful. I tell my friends and family, ‘don’t talk to me for two days. I just lost. I’m on a rampage. I will bite your head off. I will bite your head off over the last apple because that’s how I am right now. I need a break.’

That’s too funny. If this really is your last Challenge, what will you miss most?
If this does happen to be my last Challenge, I will miss the first day in the house. I love the first night in the house, it’s so much fun. Everyone’s drinking and having fun and playing games, and we’re like, ‘We think he’s cute.’ We like everyone in the beginning.


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