Top 10 Films Of 2012


James Bond, some men in thongs, and a college acapella group that actually turned out to be hilarious and unforgettable. There’s been a ton of films to hit theaters this year, but only a few have left us ending up at the local store to pick up the DVD on release day instead of just catching it on Netflix later down the road. Some of the best of the year include long-awaited endingd to an epic series, book adaptations, and a reboot of a famous television show. Though not every film could make it on the list, honorable mentions go to Silver Linings Playbook, Lincoln, Wreck-It Ralph, Chronicle, and Les Miserables, which already has a ton of Oscar buzz.

Check out our top 10 film choices of the year, and let us know below what movies would have made it to your list!

10. Skyfall


9. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 2


8. Magic Mike


7. Perks of Being a Walflower


6. 21 Jump Street


5. Pitch Perfect


4. The Avengers


3. The Hunger Games


2. Argo


1. The Dark Knight Rises


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