‘Ted’ Star Jessica Barth Chats About Working With Seth MacFarlane, A Possible Sequel


What’s better than getting a teddy bear this holiday season? Receiving the Blu-ray of a cursing and smoking teddy bear that just so happens to hang out with actors like Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis. Seth MacFarlane’s hit of a talking bear Ted made him a household name (if he wasn’t already) this year. After creating hits like Family Guy, hosting Saturday Night Live, and being announced as the next host for the 2013 Oscars, the actor and comedian has shown that he can do just about anything. Just in time for the release ofTed, I got the chance to chat with Jessica Barth, who had the hilarious opportunity to play the girlfriend of a stuffed animal.

Playing Tami-Lynn, Barth dishes to me about why Wahlberg’s rapper past probably helped him out in a certain scene, and why she and MacFarlane got pretty embarrassed on set one day. Plus, stay tuned you Tedlovers. Looks like a sequel is on the way!


You’ve worked on Family Guy before with Seth MacFarlane. Is that how you your relationship with him began? How you were introduced to the role of Tami-Lynn?
JESSICA BARTH: It did! My relationship started there and I got to ready an early version of the script and I read Tami-Lynn and I really, really wanted to play her. At first I don’t think he thought of me as her. I had to convince him. It was a process for me getting this part. I had to work with him just to make sure. He said, ‘your acting is perfect. We just need you to work on the dialect and make sure you are 100%.’ So I worked my ass off! [Laughs] And I got it!

Ted is just hilarious. What was it like filming with Seth and a teddy bear?
It was so interesting! [Laughs] It was real interesting. Seth is awesome. I love and adore him. He’s a perfectionist. He knows exactly what he wants so I think that provides a really calm and fun atmosphere, but he allows us to improv and kind of do our own thing. And at the same time bringing us back where we needed to be. As far as filming with a teddy bear, I loved it! It was such a cool experience. We rehearsed with a stuffed animal and then after we would take the stuffed animal out and there would be nothing there. But Seth was giving us lines off camera. He was 100% in character so that made it so much easier.

As far as the physicality, [laughs] that was a little challenging with the sex scene and make out scene I had. Like, where do I put my tongue here and where do I put my mouth? That was a little challenging. And then the grocery scene Seth was just standing there and he was like, ‘Okay, so now he’s doing this…’ And then I had to react. It was just a lot of fun. That was a lot of firsts for me!

Sounds like such unique experience for an actor! What was it like working with Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis?
It couldn’t have been any better, really. And Mark Wahlberg is a doll. I have a huge, huge crush on him that I told him. [Laughs] He was just awesome. He’s so nice and so down to earth, yet he’s this huge movie star. He’s there 100% to give you whatever you need in a scene. He was great. And Mila, she’s so funny. It was interesting because her personality is so big, and the dinner scene we had to make sure that she was more modest and I was the more vulgar one. It was fun! We had a really fun interaction.

Your character name Tami-Lynn is very memorable alone just because of the scene where Wahlberg’s character John had to rattle off all these names to Ted. Did a lot of bloopers happen?
Yeah, and I think it helps that Mark used to be a rapper! So, I think that helped him out a lot in that scene. They did do it quite a bit.

What was your favorite moment on set?
Yeah, it was amazing. I just wanted to pinch myself. It was just so fun working with these amazing people. I think the most interesting was probably the sex scene that we filmed in the back of the grocery store because literally—I’m friends with Seth so he was telling me like, ‘Okay, now just sort of lie down a little bit more, and do it more rhythmically.’ He was dying! And then when we had to do the sound effects together we had to do sex sounds and we were both purple! It was hysterical to shoot that with your friend!

Seth is so busy these days. He’s hosted Saturday Night Live and is now getting ready for the Oscars. Do you think there will be a Ted sequel?
Yeah, it hasn’t been announced, but I have been told it will return. I’m pretty sure that there will be! Fingers crossed. I’m pretty sure that there will be, but it hasn’t been announced for sure. Maybe Tami-Lynn and Ted will have a bunch of babies!


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