‘Battle Of The Seasons’ Exit Interview: Nany Calls Out Trishelle For Lying In The House


The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons was made up of a huge alliance this year, but one team that didn’t care to follow suit just so happened to be one of our favorites. Team Las Vegas brought a lot of drama this season, and not just with the rest of the house. During a recent chat with Nany, she revealed a ton of reasons why the relationship went sour, and how she was actually friends with Frank before the games began.

What fans probably love most about Nany is not just how outspoken she is, but how she won’t let anyone bring her down. Though she explained to me that the house was filled with cliques and she basically just stood by Dustin’s side during her last two weeks, she’ll be back. Come on now, there is money on the line here.

Plus, do you really think Nany is still friends with Trishelle after that arena? Not a chance. Nany explains what she was really feeling when Trishelle didn’t volunteer, how Trishelle lied in a prior game, and what people said about Alton’s performance as the two headed home after elimination.

Your team dynamic was very different than the rest. What was it like working with Tristan and Alton from the other Vegas season?
NANY GONZALEZ: Well, the thing is that I had never seen the first Real World: Vegas. As far as competition goes, I had heard that Alton was a great competitor. He did awesome at challenges, so I was pretty happy that I was put with him. And as far as Trishelle goes, I looked at it almost like Trishelle was really down to earth, really cool. We got along well and we were both on the same understanding that we were there to win. So, I can’t really expect anything else from a partner other than wanting to win just as much as I do. So, I mean, all in all, I wasn’t upset with it. I really wasn’t. I think it would have been better if I had been there with two people from my season as contestants, but you have to work with what you’re dealt with and that’s really what it was.

If you could choose two people from your season to replace Alton and Trishelle, who would it be?
I would definitely choose Leroy and Heather [Cooke] from my season. Leroy’s a great competitor and Cooke is awesome too, and I think the four of us would have worked really well together.

A lot of the time it definitely seemed like it was Vegas Vs. San Diego. What team was your biggest threat, and who were you closest to?
At the beginning, honestly, what they didn’t show was that the first week we were there Trishelle and Zach we were kind of like – I don’t want to say hooking up because they probably made out, like, twice – they were having fun together. And then, on top of that, Frank and I went into the Challenge pretty good friends. I had never met Frank before, but I had seen his season of Real World, and we had talked all the time, but we had never met. So, you know, when we found out we were both going on The Challenge together, he had told me, ‘You know what, I’ll have your back, you have my back, and we’ll be good.’ I was like, ‘That’s fine.’ And we go into The Challenge and like I said, Vegas was probably closest to San Diego from day one, but of course that all changed. I would have to say our biggest competition was probably San Diego.

What was that exact moment when your team started to break away from the huge alliance?
What happened was our alliance was Vegas, Cancun, San Diego, New Orleans, and St. Thomas. Why five teams are going to align is ridiculous. Like, that is the most bizarre crap I’ve ever heard. Like, five teams? There were eight teams total! It just makes no sense. So, whatever! So, five teams in the alliance, and what I think what really happened was it started with the whole Alton situation with Vegas when we won Power Team. Me and Trishelle wanted to stick with our alliance, and go with Cancun, and they were like, ‘Hey guys, we’re going with Brooklyn.’ And because Alton was dating Sarah, and Brooklyn was on a different alliance, once Alton started throwing a fit, that’s when San Diego was looking at us like, ‘Okay, what’s going on, guys? We feel like we can’t trust you.’ So, what happened with San Diego now was me and Trishelle were like, ‘No. We’re speaking for the alliance. We didn’t want that to happen. So that’s really what happened with them questioning our loyalty to them, and from then it stepped into the whole night throwing my suitcase into the pool, and all of that crap. So once they did that I was kind of like, ‘Eh, whatever.’

And then what really threw it away, is when Cancun sat down with St. Thomas, and they were like, ‘Alright, we’re going to throw you guys into elimination, blah blah blah.’ And at that point, I was looking at them like, ‘Okay, so you guys get mad at us for almost throwing in a team that’s part of our alliance, but now that you’re Power Team, you want to throw in somebody from our alliance, and you don’t care what anybody else says.’ So, at that point I was looking at them like, ‘you guys are a bunch of cowards. You are liars. I don’t trust any of you.’ I was so turned off and I was just like, ‘At this point I’m just gonna do what I have to do. This whole alliance thing is crap because at the end of the day, we’re just gonna go against each other anyway.’ So, there were a lot of factors that led to why that alliance broke up, but, for the most part, those three things were definitely the main reasons.

There’s so much drama in that alliance. Would you say that last fight between you, Frank, Marie, Dustin, and basically everyone in the house was the biggest all season?
[Laughs] Oh, God, yeah. Seriously, that fight went on for three hours or something. It didn’t go on for three hours, but it felt like three hours. I would say that fight went on for one hour, tops. I mean, an hour-long fight? That’s pretty crazy. What I want people to know is that fight started – yes, it started between Derek and me. If that fight – that argument – would have stayed between Derek and me none of that would have happened. But because Frank always has to chime in, Frank always has to jump in, and get involved in everything; Frank is the reason why everything got screwed up. Because if it wasn’t for him, honestly, mine and Derek’s argument would have lasted probably 10 minutes, and then we would have gone about our night. You know what I mean? It would have never escalated the way it did. But because Frank got involved, and he started getting in my face and I just wasn’t having it, that’s really, really, really what set the whole thing off. That was acrazy night. That was definitely the biggest fight in Turkey.

What’s the aftermath been like? Are you friends with any of them now?
It’s pretty funny because on The Challenge it would really get to me when I would see people and hear people be like, ‘Oh yeah, me and so-and-so are friends,’ and then two minutes later, I would hear that person talking crap about that person, and I’d be like, ‘Really? If that’s your friend, why are you the first person to talk crap about them when they’re not around?’ So, honestly to me, I’m not even gonna bullshit you, I look at a lot of those challengers like very fake people, and I wouldn’t consider any of them a friend. Are they somebody that I did the same TV show with? Absolutely. But I would never, ever, ever consider any of them my friends besides Dustin and besides Marie. That’s it. Anybody else, I feel like they wouldn’t care if I were freaking dying on the street, homeless. A lot of them are just really selfish people. And hey, come on, you can’t really blame them I guess because you are in a game atmosphere and it’s a challenge and when money’s involved, people become greedy, and they become ruthless, and that’s just really how it is.

Speaking of friendships though, Dustin really had your back.
Oh, absolutely.

He was so mad when Trishelle didn’t volunteer, and it was hilarious seeing Alton elbowing her to go in. What was going through your head?
Oh, God. So, basically what they don’t show is that the night that Frank and I got into it was obviously the night before elimination. So, when that was happening, Frank was screaming at Trishelle: ‘Trishelle, don’t put yourself in! We’ll send Nany in! We’ll let San Diego decide, and we’ll put Nany in.’ So, I don’t know if Frank or Trishelle knew that they had said that, but I did. I hear everything. So I kept that in the back of my head. And then the next day when Trishelle and I were talking about the elimination that night she was being really, really, really sketchy, being really weird to me, wasn’t really giving me a straight answer to whether or not she was going in. Like I said, I had that in the back of my head, and I kept thinking about that if this girl really lets San Diego decide, they’re putting me in no matter what. So, when we went to elimination and she just stood there I was disgusted. I really was. I know that I went into the arena with a smile on, like everything was all rainbows and butterflies, but in my head, I was pissed. I was so mad because we had agreed in the first arena that Dustin and I volunteered. We didn’t make a fuss about it at all. As soon as we got voted into the arena we were like, ‘Okay, we’re the rookies here on the team. We’ll go in.’ And Trishelle and Alton were like, ‘oh, that’s good. Thanks guys. The next arena, we got it, no matter what.’ And I’m like, ‘Cool.’ So, this whole arena should have been Alton and Trishelle. That’s what we planned on, but in a game like this people change their minds last minute, and that’s really the name of the game. I was just standing there and I was waiting for her to just say something, and I knew that she wasn’t going to, and I was not letting San Diego put me in. I was not! Seriously, if I was going to go home by losing, I was going to go in on my own terms. I was not going to let somebody throw me in, and then watch me lose, and then get the satisfaction of watching you walk out of the arena. It was not happening.

That’s crazy. It must have been so frustrating not having any other option.
Absolutely. At that point, I did not have an option. I have a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to Trishelle now because she made it seem like she really did have my back. She would tell me all the time, ‘Oh, Nany, you are like a little sister to me, blah blah blah blah blah.’ And honestly, I had Trishelle’s back no matter what in that game. No matter what, I was there for her. I remember the first week we were there she was depressed. She literally did not leave her bed for the first few days. She’s like, ‘Nany, I’m 32 years old. All you guys are 21 years old. All you guys want to do is party, and that’s not who I am anymore. I feel so uncomfortable.’ Basically, she had a really rough time, because she had another challenge before, but now it’s with a bunch of kids. So she had a really rough time. So, I made it a point to pull her to the side to talk to her and be like, ‘Listen, I don’t want you to have these feelings right now, because these feelings are going to affect how you perform in a challenge, and we’re a team.’ So, I was there for her a lot of the time. You know, just watching this season, everything was about strategy with Trishelle. Everything. Everything was a game with her. And I guess that’s what pisses me off when I watch it. That it was never really anything genuine with her. It was strategic. It was all a game. And I mean, it’s whatever, you know? That’s what I mean when I say that you can’t count on any of these people as your friends, because in a game like that you have no friends. People screw each other over left and right.

Also, one last thing as to why I have that experience with Trishelle. I’ve listened to some podcasts that she’s done since the show has aired, and the trivia challenge – where Trishelle went to the hospital for dehydration or whatever. She admits in the podcast that she wasn’t dehydrated. She didn’t want to fall into the water, so she faked it and went to the hospital.

No way!
Yeah! And it pissed me off because you should’ve just heard the way she was talking about it! She was laughing! She was like, ‘Yeah! Screw them! I’m not going in! Blah blah blah blah blah.’ And then whoever interviewed her was like, ‘Well, what would you have done if Nany didn’t save your team from elimination and you did go straight into the arena? What would you have done? Would you have volunteered yourself?’ And she was like, ‘Um, I would have argued my way out of that. There was no way I was going into any arena.’ And I was just thinking to myself, ‘You are just a shitty person!’ I don’t know. It’s whatever. Like I said, I thought on the Challenge she and I were pretty close, but as of now, I’m looking at her and the rest of them just like people I did a TV show with; nothing more than that.

Alton wasn’t one for drama, and people definitely thought he just wanted to go home at times. Do you think he tried the best he could in the arena?
Yeah. Well, you know what, and that’s the thing too, I didn’t know. After I got sent home and everything, you kind of sit back and you just think about everything. And for me, I just knew that Alton was ready to go home. I knew he was. So, I didn’t know if he threw it or not but because I’m not paying attention to him. I’m doing my own thing. I’m trying to get as many balls over as possible. [But] people who were watching the other challengers told me afterwards, ‘Nany, he totally threw that. He wasn’t trying at all.’ But you know, I don’t know. I don’t know to this day if he really threw it.

That’s such a bummer. Were there any good memories you’ll take away from Turkey at least?
My favorite moments I guess would be everybody just hanging out. Can I be honest with you? I mean there were fun times, but I’m gonna be honest, there was a fight every single day. These alliances in that house – it was literally like high school all over again. These alliances were cliques. And if you’re not on the same alliance, you do not talk to the other team. That’s how it was. It’s not like a team atmosphere…and once theChallenge is over everybody can get together. It was not like that. It was literally cliques. If you weren’t in that alliance, you didn’t hang out with them. It was just so weird. The best times would probably be the first two weeks we were there. Everybody was cool. Everybody was fun. Honestly, I’m not gonna lie, the last two weeks I was there I stayed in that room with Dustin. We had breakfast, lunch and dinner in that room, just him and me. We didn’t really talk to anybody because after San Diego started attacking us every single day we were fed up with it. We didn’t want to do anything with anybody. We literally just stayed in our room.

Would you ever be up for another Challenge then?
Oh! See, that’s the thing. I know I went through a lot of drama on this challenge, and I kind of had a rough time, but I would definitely do another challenge. I love competing. I grew up playing sports. I grew up a competitive athlete, and that is just what I like to do. So, if I have to go in and deal with a bunch of drama to deal with something that I love, and it’s competing, then I’ll do it! And you know how much money’s on the line? I definitely want to go into this next challenge, and I want to win.

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