‘Vampire Diaries’ Poll: What Did You Think Of Damon And Elena’s [Spoiler!] Shocker?


Gahhh, Julie Plec, what are you doing to us?! The Vampire Diaries definitely gave its fans a HUGE shocker Thursday night that left us (and will leave Damon and Elena) questioning everything! Here’s to some spoilers folks, so look away if you haven’t seen the “My Brother’s Keeper” episode yet! As first expected, Damon and Elena DID have sex, but that’s not all. On top of that, the biggest twist came at the very same time. (We should have known!) Turns out, Caroline and Stefan figured out that Elena may actually be sired to Damon. She drank from his blood, and has been agreeing with him about everything since turning.


Sure, this is a fantastic twist, but it’s no surprise if Delena fans took the moment as very bittersweet. Does this really mean that Elena really would choose Stefan as a vampire as well? Does this mean she basically was influenced into having sex with Damon? There’s always been a little spark there even when she was a human, but will be enough after the sire becomes broken?

So many questions. So much time to go back and re-watch the episode over and over again!

Check out the Damon and Elena sex scene without Caroline and Stefan’s commentary! Plus, take the poll below on what you think of the Damon and Elena shocker!


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